You can't duu-doo the Frudeau. Handles baseless critique like a champ! - Recent footage

You thought Donald Trump handles his haters well? Watch this! - Recent footage


28 days in jail. How to survive. - Recent footage

Life in jail and a book review. - Recent footage

First rant after a hiatus in jail. - Recent footage

Frodo receives some cool goodies. An unboxing of vinyl 'gold' and a cool shirt. - Old footage

The tale of a lost friend. - Old footage

DLF shows how to cook tasty garlic bread. - Old footage

DLF cooks a haaawt quesadilla. - Old footage


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Long winded monologues and exciting live-streams about life and Lovejoy.

This is a fan channel of Michael Constantino, aka DragonLordFrodo or DLF or Frodo or Frudeau. Lately he has received harassment by YouTube, giving him strikes and cancelling his channel, for none nothing but being himself.

His current YouTube channel: https://bit.ly/2sKTToA