There are times when a person feels controlled by a sexual fetish, or sexual behavior that feels like an addiction. Dr. Dawn Michael talks about some sexual fetishes like cuckolding, negative attractions, or unhealthy sexual behavior in this video.

In this informative video Dr. Dawn Michael talks about the idea that some people think that they are born with pediophillic tendencies.
Pedophilia is a mental disorder (paraphilia) wherein the primary sexual object is a person below the age of puberty (generally 13 years). If those feelings are physically acted upon with a child, it is a crime.

In this episode we delve deeper into why sex in marriage can dwindle for some couples over time. Dr. Dawn Michael goes over more proven tips that a man can use to have increased sexual relations with his wife and how many times a month couples have sex.
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Sex in marriage can dwindle for some couples over time. Usually it is the man that is wanting to have more sex then his wife and this can be extremely frustrating for him. In this video Dr. Dawn Michael goes over some proven tips that men can use to have increased sexual relations with their wife.

Some people marry for love and sexual attraction, and others marry for their families, cultural or religion. When the latter happens it may not always turn out to be a happy union. Dr. Dawn Michael explores the topic of marrying the wrong person for the right reasons in this informative video.

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Yes, some marriages can survive cheating and these are the reasons why those marriage work through it as opposed to others that break apart. In this important video Dr. Dawn Michael talks about why some marriages survive cheating while others don't and what you can do about it, if you have been cheated on.

Why do some men shut down or get upset when they see their wife or girlfriend cry? It may surprise you to find out that there are some biological reasons why a woman shedding tears may cause him to back away. Dr. Dawn Michael explains these reasons and more in this educational video.
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As we advance into the unknown of technology, pornography is advancing with it creating new sexual issues and possibly new fetishes. Dr. Dawn Michael relationship expert gives her opinion on how porn may be affecting you sexually and interfering in your relationship with your spouse and what you can do about it. Is your cuckold sexual fantasy because of porn or did you have it before you started watching


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Hello and welcome. My belief in family values is always at the forefront for helping people work through complex sexual issues. For many people, family, religion and values play a role in life that can complicate sexual problems I will post weekly videos that delve into those topics and much more.

Dr. Dawn Michael is co-owner of The Sexual Health and Wellness Center in California. She has a B.A. in Communications, M.A. in Marriage Family Child Therapy and a PhD in Human Sexuality. Dr. Dawn has published hundreds of articles and has been featured on national television, radio and in magazines such as Cosmopolitan, NBC News, Fox News, Shape, Self, Brides, Bride and Groom, Women's Health, Men's Health, AskMen, Bustle, Popsugar, Cafemom, Prevention, SheKnows, Yourtango, and Huffington Post . She has two published books "My Husband Wont Have Sex With Me" and "Ultimate Intimacy Guide for Passionate People"

Her Motto "Everyone Deserves to Have a Healthy Sex Life and So Do You"