Not one of you can or could revolt. All you can do is talk sh*t and pray to false god's that you're such a good slave that the master rewards you. So to me you can all go f*ck satan in the cesspool of filth you have created and allowed. But don't come around here act'n like you know me or that I give one f*ck about you as a human being if you can not actually revolt. And don't think for one second that when sh*t actually hits the fan, that I'll have any sympathy or remorse for any of you, once you're all rounded up and guillotined in a f*cking fema camp.

Set on a mode of perpetual self destruction...

As you can see my laptop would only record about 10 minutes of video, even after cleaning out my laptop and it cut off the very last part of my rant.

What if, God as the Universal Artificial Intelligence perpetually set on self destruct mode, sacrificed itself to create human beings, placing in human beings the same artificially intelligent self destruct mode for eternity...

To me, it explains a lot of human history, our current situation and where we as a species are headed.

Just an old song I made about my mom. And when I think of my mom, I think of snakes pits, hell, lies and torment.

Just an old song about Fema Camps and what nots.

Just watch the video, if you can stand other people's opinions. If not... Then well hey...


more to come on this...


New Album coming soon!
The Future Me:
o1. Anthem of a Lifetime (Intro)
o2. Babbling Bafoons of Babylon
o3. Cosmic'ly Wild'n Out (All the Way Up)
o4. Do You mind
o5. EO
o6. For the Haters
o7. Get Up On (Get Yo Own Game)
o8. Heaven Knows
o9. In the End (You Don't Know Me)
1o. Just Wanna Hold You
11. Kick'n It
12. Look In My Eyes (Tell Me No Lies)
13. MDK
14. New Love Song
15. Old Dimension Road
16. PSA
17. Quick (Skit)
18. Righteous Jokes
19. Silverado Pimp'n (Kick'n It Old School)
2o. True Love
21. Untitled
22. Victorious
23. When I Was Younger
24. Yesterday (I Learned the Truth)
25. Zoomers, Doomers & Boomers (Okay)

Found the original song from another Bitchute channel. Thought I'd give my take on it. I know I'm no'professional but I do enjoy making parodies. LMABBAO

Just a song I had to make. Hopefully Bitchute doesn't f*ck with the sound as it has before. Lyrics in the comments.

Sneak Peek at my new ep coming January 2020

Just thought the moon looked odd sitting low in the western sky above the mountain at 6:15pm...

Just a track I put together for my new EP coming January 2020.

Just something I put together for my new Ep coming January 2020.


This is how the goolag works, bullsh*t content is still up and running and yet all other content creators are being threatened with the loss of their whole google account because of the content they create. I put spaces in the links because the censorship is complete garbage and shouldn't be allowed, since they only allow good slave bullsh*t but hey, free speech only goes so far, right. https:// www.you tube.com/ watch?v=Itt1nn9aWz0 https:/ /www.you tube.com/ watch?v=KIRXmoBlrvQ


Daring (Any & All Earth Man)
This is an LP that I created back in 2015


I took this video walking to work, just thought I'd share it.

took this after i relocated to the mountains.

Just thought I'd begin my account with this video that I took years ago that face book just deleted for no apparent reason.


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