This is exactly what real humans be about, not the Unified Division of the human species. I know the volume is shit, bare with me. And as I've been watching the Doogie Howser MD show with my wife lately, I've noticed that this show completely shows the reptilians. Just look up an episode, have a good internet connection and just watch all their eyes. Even Doogs. It was this episode and the dude in the hospital bed that really showed me how they used to get away with it and it makes me wonder, just how many shows from back in the day, actually show the reptilians. This is also a very touching episode about racial disparities and the idiocies of the so called racial disparities that all Americans face in America and this was 30 fkn years ago. Now not everything in this episode do I agree with, when it comes to their depictions of what this so called racial disparity thing actually is, because as you see, to me it's all just some made up bullshit, used and enforced upon us as humans, just to divide us.

Just an FYi for you folks-
I've always felt some type of way about Opie's death scene.

When thy was young, Rex just wished that I'd-
Just curle up somewhere & die, die, die!
& yet I am still here, just look into my eyes...
I can tell ye no lies...

When I was conceived the Gods, God & the Godyes, knelt over me & said-
Yee shall never forget 9-11, when they burned down the brewery o' when-
They shot up the bowery. Yee shall never waiver.
No, not e'n when the red coats come again.
No, not e'n when the devils' pussy az friends attack.
Yeah, I grew up- day dreaming about hunting dinos who-
Disguise themselves in human form.
I watched old world wars being fought in the sky, but only in my mind.
But was it really all just in my mind?
I see time through a whole different clock, just hoping my own clock-
Don't get cleaned. So slip'n into death's bed, look'n fo' a lil bit 'o redeption, I watch them cover my head w-the sheet, feel'n the dirt-
Being heaped over me, as an EMT whispers, I knew who you were cKc...
Ugh, listening to my eulogy being played in reverse-
As I enter into heaven, the tall tales of my mortal man's life-
Just puts me to sleep & yet as another life of mine-
That I've lived, gets put to rest, all I can see is foes before me.
And just exactly what was before me, cause waking up & living
Through the heart & eyes of a mortal man in this sad-
Sad world, as God's last scribe, embeds this mission deep w-in me.
Deeper than a tatoo, making it so that I can't e'r wanna go back.
No, not even for a moment, not even if it fixed everything-
That's been broken w-in me & yet here I am, still watching-
Old world wars, going off up in the sky, but has it all?!
Really only been, in my mind, all this time, if I've always been-
Able to see reality cracking?! Gone & tell my mama-
I wasn't e'r the one to blame. That I don't e'r need to hear her call my name. In the end maybe Death'll give me the peace that the rest-
Of the world thinks that I so desperately need.
Sh, the world doesn't really know sh about me.
Maybe Death's just afraid of me. Maybe Death's just a name that you get-
Once the heaven's says your name, o'maybe all life is, is just a fkn dream.

When thy was young, Rex just wished that I'd-
Just curle up somewhere & die, die, die!
& yet I am still here, just look into my eyes...
I can tell ye no lies...

Oh no, Liberty's ne'r been able to tempt o' fool me-
Being that she's been so used & abused, shamed and gullied.
& she's been just drive'n us, right into ruins yet once again.
Sh, you think know'n all of this has e'r once give'n me-
An ounce of saticfaction, let alone peace?!
Yes, this fine-fine land of ours, is just stocked full of slaves-
Slaves whom've been shelved & don't e'n know it & if they do, they dare not show it. So says who, that I've got to pay o' play into a plantation-
Of puppet massas', thats' run by j'paedos'?!
You all should know by now that if & when ye steps out of line-
We're sold fo' shiny trinkets, toys, imaginary freedoms & worthless az paychecks & that's how all of ye now owe the devil, mo' than just-
Yo' souls, mo' than all yo' hard earned graces & salvations.
Salivate at this emculate speech. There wasn't e'r any real Vicor.
We're deceived by a double headed, one winged, eagle eye'd-
Room full of crooks. sh- ye wanna crush them so got damned bad-
Go out & find you, find you a lady who's rightiously full of order.
& then put yo' best foot forward & lead yo' own lives.
Cause in order for any human to make it to the next stage-
Of human evolution, ye need to be braver than William Wallace-
Or else you'll just fold like a dollar in a wallet.
& that, that ye can take to the bank.

When thy was young, Rex just wished that I'd-
Just curle up somewhere & die, die, die!
& yet I am still here, just look into my eyes...
I can tell ye no lies...

o1. Abductions (My Nuka Remake) o2. Best I Ever (Truth Is) o3. Confessions of Razeal o4. o5. Fo'get'bout'it (Diss Any Man) o6. Heaven Knows o7. Is It Just Me o8. Kill'n Time Thinking About You (Intermission) o9. Lil Drummer 1o. Move'n On Up (Augusta Dr) 11. No Look'n Back 12. Ore' Eye'd Intel (Uno) 13. Radio Play 14. Stupid, Dumb, Blind & Deaf (Woke) 15. The Definition of Beast Slayer 16. Victory (Skit) 17. Walk w- Me

I guess it's time to be honest about this track. I DID NOT MAKE THIS TRACK! This piece of music was made by Razeal Galazure, in another dimension. Razeal re-wrote 3 tracks from mainstream rap music. The only things I did was act as the spirit box for Razeal to speak and produced the track. I am not a rapper, I just own a mic and produce music from another dimension.
I just love when I play a new record for a earth man and his exact reaction is this- "You made this?!"

This would have to be one of my most favorite Eps.
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Okay folks, if you don't like the way a track sounds, it could be the upload, visit my website and look for the song, it could be a better sound quality than what Bitchute uploads. Then if that particular track still doesn't sound right then well hey, it is what it is.
o1. An Introduction of Sorts (Skinnie Life)
o2. Best Just Stay Away (Warning Signs)
o3. Deffinately Gone (So Gone & Gossip)
o4. Eulogies & Me (F*ck Society)
o5. Forgive Me (Anglelic Alien Half Breed)
o6. Headstone (Prophet, I'm Already Dead)
o7. Intermission (Marshal Law Coming)
o8. Jerkovski (Notorious Outlaw)
o9. Key's of Cosmic Intention Ft Ana Cameron
1o. Mirfak Addict (Nerrelly Tunnel Vision)
11. No Tell'n (iWax900ZooBoi)
12. Princesses (A Better Dad)
13. Quit Ask'n (Skit)
14. Reyna Bonita (Queen of Aztec Fire)
15. Self Destruction (Death of a Bastard)
16. True Conffessions of an Ex-Con (Blessings)
17. Victorious (Hot Box w the Godyes)
18. You Wouldn't Be (So Jaded)

As you see, I look at things. I used to traverse the United States looking for the lost pieces of history that I seen in my mind and still couldn't really find anything as relavent as the subject of Stolen/Rewritten/Erased or more commonly known as Alternative history. And if none of this is in fact, real then just what the f is REALITY for?


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