Just thought the moon looked odd sitting low in the western sky above the mountain at 6:15pm...

Just a track I put together for my new EP coming January 2020.

Just something I put together for my new Ep coming January 2020.


This is how the goolag works, bullsh*t content is still up and running and yet all other content creators are being threatened with the loss of their whole google account because of the content they create. I put spaces in the links because the censorship is complete garbage and shouldn't be allowed, since they only allow good slave bullsh*t but hey, free speech only goes so far, right. https:// www.you tube.com/ watch?v=Itt1nn9aWz0 https:/ /www.you tube.com/ watch?v=KIRXmoBlrvQ


Daring (Any & All Earth Man)
This is an LP that I created back in 2015


This is just a song that I made. If you want to listen to mainstream music the only label or recording artists I'll send you to listen to is Lace Leno of UndaTurfMuzik from out of sac town california.

I took this video walking to work, just thought I'd share it.

took this after i relocated to the mountains.

Just thought I'd begin my account with this video that I took years ago that face book just deleted for no apparent reason.


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