In House of Numbers: Anatomy of an Epidemic, an AIDS film like no other, the HIV/AIDS story is being rewritten. This is the first film to present the uncensored POVs of virtually all the major players; in their own settings, in their own words. It rocks the foundation upon which all conventional wisdom
regarding HIV/AIDS is based. House of Numbers could well be the opening volley in a battle to bring sanity and clarity to an epidemic gone awry.

House of Numbers Website...

Mayo Clinic-trained doctor says covid “vaccines” are locking in suppressed immunity, making people more prone to HIV, HPV, shingles, herpes

Dr. Ardis Shares His Story & How The Medical Industry Is Killing Their Patients: The Dr. Ardis Show

Dr. David Martin - Covid vaccine mRNA code is a BIOWEAPON developed via a digital SIMULATION

FDA Approval Illegal! Doctor Reveals Pfizer Insert Proves Criminal Regulation Violations!

Drs. Thomas Cowan and Andrew Kaufman interviewed by Mike Adams: Why the "virus" pandemic is a FARCE

Former rock musician and artist Sacha Stone grew up in Rhodesia-Zimbabwe during the war of independence. He is an activist, speaker, publisher, author and filmmaker. Stone has initiated peace initiatives and educational programs, advocated for human rights abuses in various parts of the world, and continues to advocate for the protection of pioneering innovators, scientists, and doctors. In an online video conference in early 2021, he talks with Dr Christiane Northrup Dr Sherri Tenpenny, Dr Carrie Madej, Dr Lawrence Palevsky, Dr Tom Cowan and Dr Andrew Kaufman about the issue: " The Death of the Germ Theory".

Dr. Chris Shaw interview: The coming wave of neurological vaccine damage

Dr. Roger Hodkinson: "It's all been a pack of lies"

Christiane Northrup, M.D. joins to expose the truth about the Covid-19 "pandemic" and "vaccine" which Dr. Northrup describes as "an evil agenda by bloodline families".

Reiner Fuellmich interviewed by Mike Adams: Covid crimes against humanity and the coming war crimes tribunals

Bombshell revelation 'Fauci's genocide' - Remdesivir is killing (not healing) Hospitalized Covid patients

Dr. Samuel White from the UK to warn the world about the draconian and tyrannical push for mandatory vaccinations and vaccine passports - a push Dr. White is actively fighting to stop, and he's being targeted for destruction for daring to do so.

Dr. Richard Fleming interview with Mike Adams: 'The vaccine is the bioweapon'

Must Watch: Doctor Educates School Board On Covid Vaccines & Masks, Destroys CDC, NIH Frauds
Mt. Vernon schools officials tabled a proposed update to its health and safety protocols

Where's Covid? Dr Jane Ruby, WHO Provides Official FOIA Links, Showing That The Covid 19 Virus Is A Complete HOAX

Vaccine not approved and its not fully licensed right now, that is why they are giving suggested mandates, they are wanting to rush full license approval. At this point you have the right to refuse, and it has to be conformed consent, because it is not fully licensed right now.

Canadian Court Victory Proves Covid-19 Is A Hoax & All Restrictions Have Now Been Dropped

All eyes are again on the immunity garnered from natural infection, now that the ‘delta variant’ is wreaking havoc on the vaccinated. How do you want your immunity? From neverending boosters, or natural infection?
#Covid19 #NaturalImmunity #DeltaVariant #CovidBooster #Pfizer #Moderna #Antibodies #TCells #TheHighwire #DelBigtree

As the #Covid19 vaccines’ effectiveness and safety unravels, Del takes us through a host of bombshell facts and data The Highwire has been right about, for up to, and in some cases over a year.

#Moderna #Pfizer #PeterDoshi #GeertVandenBossche #RochelleWalensky #Antibodies #NaturalImmunity #Antigens #TheHighwire #DelBigtree

Majority of Hospitalized "COVID Patients" Are 'VACCINATED

The covid-19 FRAUD: The entire industry of viral infectious disease is based on complete FICTION

A couple, Samuel and Deanna, from Western Australia recently returned from a trip to Queensland. On there arrival back in Perth they were told that they have to take a PCR test for the China virus. They are not sick and at the time this interview was recorded they have been home quarantining for 24 days. They don’t have the alleged disease. Why then do the gestapo … I mean police insist that they need to take the COVID PCR test?

Dr. McCullough has made presentations on the advancement of medicine across the world and has been an invited lecturer at the New York Academy of Sciences, the National Institutes of Health, U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), European Medicines Agency, and the U.S. Congressional Oversight Panel. Dr. McCullough begins the conversation discussing the myths of covid and that there never needed to be a lock down. There are many drugs that will cure covid so the vaccine is not needed.

Dr. Andrew Kaufman provided this brief educational video on the so-called "deadly" Delta Variant that is believed to be causing major causalities in the world, disproportionately affecting children and the unvaccinated.

Dr. Kaufman's presentation starts out with a basic lesson in genetics, required to understand the topic, but is well worth the time put in. You'll understand how profoundly misleading the narrative is about the "Delta variant" (and all future such "variants") if you watch the video beginning to end.

For a deeper dive into the topic watch Sayer's interview with Dr. Kaufman titled: ZERO Evidence that COVID Fulfills Koch's 4 Germ Theory Postulates - Dr. Andrew Kaufman & Sayer Ji


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Our primary integrative medicine goal is the maintenance of your health and wellness, and we are committed to safe and effective healthcare.
Our specialties include online integrative medicine education by alternative doctor: food and allergy management through the use of Integrative medical therapy, Environmental Medicine, General Family Medicine, Ayurveda, Panchakarma, Chronic Fatigue, ADHD, autism, Fibromyalgia, Yeast/Fungus related diseases – Candidacies, mercury dental replacement and detoxification, Natural Thyroid Replacement, Weight loss, Lyme Disease, Irritable Bowel Disease, Attention Deficit Disorder, Pervasive Developmental Disorders, Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, Addiction related programs, Intestinal Dysbiosis, as well as trigger point therapy using Neural Therapy.

Dr. Eddy Bettermann MD, physician from Germany, consultant and teacher in biological medicine, especially dark field microscopy known as Live Blood Analysis in Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore and the Philippines. But he lecture also in the USA, Canada and the U.A.E. He speaks english and german.


“Let thy Food be thy Medicine and thy Medicine be thy Food.” — Hippocrates
Physician Member of the Medical Board at AOX Singapore,
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Our Mission:
The mission of the Integrative Medicine is to search for the most effective treatments for patients by combining both conventional and alternative approaches that address all aspects of health and wellness – biological, psychological, social and spiritual. Biological Medicine (https://dreddymd.com/?s=Biological+Medicine) is a big part of my work and so is Dark field Microscopy (https://dreddymd.com/?s=Dark+field+Microscopy), what I use in my daily practice and what I teach more then 15 years in Asia and around the world: Live Blood Analysis in dark field based on Haematology.
We utilize Live blood analysis (https://dreddymd.com/?s=Live+blood+analysis) since 2004, conventional as well as specialty laboratories for a thorough diagnostic work up of the disease in question. Our integrative medicine treatment regimens are especially unique and are tailored specifically to the individual needs of each patient.

Our Mission: don’t harm, prevent, use food as medicine

We are a reliable partner for integrative medicine in Medical Spa & Clinic Development and integrative medicine Education Training for alternative doctors – we bring different holistic approaches, like Integrative Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda Medicine together. On your request we offer our service in your place as well.

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Heavy metal (https://dreddymd.com/?s=Heavy+metal) poisoning is much more common than most people realize, and if you’re thinking that it doesn’t apply to you because you haven’t been exposed to any, think again. If you’ve eaten fish regularly, had amalgam fillings, received vaccinations, drank contaminated water, or done industrial or agricultural work or pharmaceutical manufacturing, there’s a good chance that you have a fair amount of toxic metals in your system..

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