Who are Targeted Individuals, what is happening? Is this the final chessmove in the NWO agenda. Why are innocent people being pushed to suicide and taken down?

An adventure surely undertaken by Poseidon himself in his quest to protect the Trojans during their war. The Groundswell is an aqueous, shamanic voyage into the deep forests of northern Thailand. Water cracks rock in an eternal, timeless dance. They are the forest's lifeblood, with the power to quench my deep desire to get lost in nature. I actually did get lost in this forest for about 15 minutes, it got quite scary as the light began to fade. I didn't film it unfortunately, I was too busy trying to retrace my footsteps. I love that feeling of being so immersed. Sometimes I just need to fall into the cradle of nature, to remind myself of the truth of life. It breathes right through my skin into my soul and all trivialities become like bitter dusts lost to the warm winds and high-tides which wash in all the magic and memories of the previous week. Life is a gift, isn't it?

Every Sunday, as if by magic, an enormous night market grows and glows in the old town of Chiang Mai, Thailand. It's easy to get lost in its enchanted crush which runs like a maze in and around the old city walls. The Urban fuses with the traditional giving a weird and wonderful glimpse into the overgrown and underground crafts, culture and art of the city. A time for a hermit to reflect, and to explore the darkness in search of The Light.

"Roses" Instrumental by Homage https://www.youtube.com/user/homage253


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