Why are creative, smart individuals a threat to the government and why are they being Targeted and attacked? This is an alchemical journey into the conditions that supported TI internment within society. This short documentary explores why the individual is a threat within a new paradigm designed to weed out fundamental human traits such as creativity and empathy. The video also considers the potential effect AI will have on the future of humanity.
We take a brief look at the use of sacred symbology which is used to subvert the desire for self - actualisation. It's become prevalent within mainstream media which is flooded with esoteric occult symbols. Its up to us to empower and protect ourselves by re-claiming these ancient and magic symbols for the betterment of mankind.

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1. Even King - Guardians
2. 1984 - Instrumental by Homage Beats
3. Elevate - Instrumental by Homage Beats
4. Compassion - prod: By Marcus

I'm a TI and I strive to learn more about this phenomena and why innocent members of the public are being attacked by their governments.

TI’s (Targeted Individuals) and TTI's (Technologically Trafficked Individuals) are persecuted across the globe. This video looks at the framework which has allowed this 4th Reich of fascism to explode across the world causing unnecessary harassment and torture to members of public. It re-examines the warnings given by notable celebrities, public figures and whistle blowers. The video examines whether the new right-wing meme NPC (Non-Participatory Character) is designed to dehumanize victims of gang-stalking by perps in order to make it easier for them to commit their crimes. Dehumanization was a key ingredient for the escalation of violence towards the Jews in WW2 and is now being used against anyone ‘they’ consider a political or social threat to an elite agenda determined to entrench humans into total enslavement. By introducing TI’s and their survival strategies, the video intends to be one of hope for those suffering under this indiscriminate genocide of the people. To say that this wave of illegal violence is symptomatic of the denigration of our social fabric is an understatement. Now, more than ever, it’s apparent that we are moving towards a new technological dark age of the likes we have never seen. Greed is king and truth is a dirty word, it’s more than that, it’s a death sentence. An illegal sentence of torture held up by lies and secrecy. If you have just discovered that you are a TI and you need to learn more, here is an introduction featuring some of the most accomplished TI’s who have begun the work of networking and building platforms for victims of this global crime. This video focuses less on the fascists who instigate their crimes, and more on the people who have been victimised. For all those TI’s out there. Stay strong. #TargetedIndividuals #TargetedIndividual #GangStalking #TheProgram #TargetedFromBirth #Elect #TheElect #Technologically Trafficked Individuals #TTI

Who are Targeted Individuals, what is happening? Is this the final chessmove in the NWO agenda. Why are innocent people being pushed to suicide and taken down?

An adventure surely undertaken by Poseidon himself in his quest to protect the Trojans during their war. The Groundswell is an aqueous, shamanic voyage into the deep forests of northern Thailand. Water cracks rock in an eternal, timeless dance. They are the forest's lifeblood, with the power to quench my deep desire to get lost in nature. I actually did get lost in this forest for about 15 minutes, it got quite scary as the light began to fade. I didn't film it unfortunately, I was too busy trying to retrace my footsteps. I love that feeling of being so immersed. Sometimes I just need to fall into the cradle of nature, to remind myself of the truth of life. It breathes right through my skin into my soul and all trivialities become like bitter dusts lost to the warm winds and high-tides which wash in all the magic and memories of the previous week. Life is a gift, isn't it?

Every Sunday, as if by magic, an enormous night market grows and glows in the old town of Chiang Mai, Thailand. It's easy to get lost in its enchanted crush which runs like a maze in and around the old city walls. The Urban fuses with the traditional giving a weird and wonderful glimpse into the overgrown and underground crafts, culture and art of the city. A time for a hermit to reflect, and to explore the darkness in search of The Light.

"Roses" Instrumental by Homage https://www.youtube.com/user/homage253


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