A Quick Review of OMEALS Self Heating Meals

A quick Channel update, and gardening update

A Quick Review

A Quick MRE Challenge

A Quick Review, and Some lunch.

A Quick outdoor Launch with Guest

A Quick Knorr Side Review and Knorr Overview

A Quick Table Top Talk On Militia Supply.

A Quick Look On Some Basic Considerations for Starting A Militia.

A Quick Walk, and Talk on Perspectives.

A Talk on Tent Selection.

A Quick Urban Gardening Walk, And Talk.

A Quick talk.

A Quick Table Top Talk.

A Quick Review

A Quick Chat

A Quick review, and table top news.

A Quick look at knowing yourself.

A quick table top talk on 5 piece aluminum Coleman vs Honest Outfitters

A quick look at buying some military surplus gear.

A Quick look at a improvised budget bug-out bag.

A Quick Talk on the mobile suit concept, and Mobile Suit Gundam: Battle Operation 2.

A Quick Review of The Great Type 99 Arisaka.

A Quick Table Top Talk on Rimmed cartridges.


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