Do Bigfoot have paranormal abilities? ALL Bigfoot? What can they do? What about ground glyphs, and a written language? Do they use letters or symbols? These questions and many more are answered herein by todays guests, who have a combined total of nearly a century of interaction with the Sasquatch. Also includes a breakdown of a recent field video from Rick Wells/Woodbooger Farm, and another clip from Researcher X's horse ranch in Florida. Most pics from Robin and Janice, additional from Pat McCray and Kevin Laing. Music by SWAMP RITUAL. This show is VIEWER FUNDED, To help, make contributions at: PAYPAL.ME/WORLDBIGFOOTCENTRAL T-Shirts, Hoodies and mugs available at: TEESPRING.COM/STORES/WORLD-BIGFOOT-CENTRAL
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A follow-up to episode #97, "7 Teens chased by Enraged Sasquatch", Travis Bowen joins us to relate all the incidents he had happen in the same area as the previous guest, Michael Patterson did, White Oak Mountain, Virginia. Those who pay close attention will remember that a FLIR video Travis shot was included in that video, and is shown in it's entirety here, as well as additional videos and pictures from the area.
World Bigfoot Radio is also available at: World Bigfoot Radio IF YOU CAN AFFORD IT, PLEASE consider helping to fund this channel, it is ENTIRELY VIEWER SUPPORTED! PAYPAL.ME/WORLDBIGFOOTCENTRAL Contact DUKE at [email protected] Cryptid report hotline # 503-662-2678 if you had a bad incident and need someone to talk to! CBD products available for what ails you, go to DUKESULLIVAN.MYCTFO.COM 60 day money back guarantee on all products. Cover art by RobRoy Menzies, interior art by RobRoy Menzies and Devin King, music by SWAMP RITUAL Most video/pictures from Travis Bowen and Michael Patterson.

It's the Big one, #100! With the head of the department of Hominology in Moscow, Russia, Dr. Igor Burtsev as our featured guest, but also aboard we have Janice Carter (50 years of Bigfoot) as well as Robin McCray, who you all remember from her recent first visit to the show. We go in depth discussing WHAT BIGFOOT ARE, research, DNA tests, Dr Melba Ketchum, Bigfoot research around the World with Igor, and quick cameos Dr. Boris Porshnev, Dmitri Bayanov, Dr, Koffman as well as fromRich Soule (Nox Gigas), Barry Webster (Rez Squatching) Randy "Caveman" Yazzie (Hastiin Dzil Tloi), Kevin Laing, and a cavalcade of famous (and infamous) researchers from around the planet! Can YOU name them all, in order of appearance, from the beginning? GO! SUPPORT THE SHOW! Send help to: PAYPAL.ME/WORLDBIGFOOTCENTRAL OFFICIAL WORLD BIGFOOT RADIO T-Shirts, Hoodies and Mugs available at TEESPRINGS.COM/STORES/WORLD-BIGFOOT-CENTRAL Contact DUKE at: [email protected] Had a bad encounter and need to talk to someone? Call the CRYPTID REPORT HOTLINE @ 503-662-2678.
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The Director of the North American division of International Hominology of Forest People, Robin McCray, joins us for a discussion about things which are NOT Bigfoot, but try and con trusting humans into thinking that they are. These things then go on to terrorize and psychologically destroy their victims, potentially leading to suicide or other grisly ends for them. This show lets you know how to tell the difference and what to do to stop these extraterrestrial/hyperdimensional invaders. THIS SHOW and all other episodes are entirely VIEWER FUNDED, help this show continue and become a producer of WBR by donating to PAYPAL.ME/WORLDBIGFOOTCENTRAL. or get your WBR Swag, shirts, hoodies, hats, phone cases, posters, mugs, etc, at: TEESPRING.COM/STORES/WORLD-BIGFOOT-RADIO Thanks and GOD BLESS YOU!

This channel is viewer funded, if you can help, please contribute at, and God bless you for your help! IN THIS EPISODE, we discuss Centaurs, The Lionmen of Moab, GMO monsters, Tiamat the mother of monsters, Manticores, Anunnaki, secret societies, Nephilim bloodlines, Nordic Giants, Nazi Saucers, Base 211, Operation High Jump, Vril, Jotuns, the gene-of-Isis, St Patrick, Reptoids, Dragons, feathered serpents, the Ohio serpent mound, ancient North American copper mines, Reptilian shapeshifters, even MORE lionmen, and a tour of the Lovelock cave, thanks to Sir James the Giant Hunter for the pictures! Music by Swamp Ritual. This episode may have some content too strong for children.

Biblical and historical scholar, Gary Wayne joins the show to discuss what the giants are, and what he thinks Bigfoot may be. Also includes the Paracus skulls, Egyptian Pharaohs, Giants in North America, Gilgamesh and Enkidu, Anunnaki, Nephilim and Rephaim, Dinosaur ranching, Vlad the Impaler... and much, much, more. Some content may be too strong for children. YOU can help the show directly if you enjoy it, World Bigfoot Radio is completely viewer funded! Send donations to Contact Duke at [email protected], check out the website at SWAMP RITUAL 2nd CD available for download from CD Baby.

World Bigfoot Radio #98 ~
Gary Wayne is back for another break-neck pace rundown on the little people, what are they, where did they originate, whose side are they on and what to do about them. Also, Giants, Bigfoot, Vampires, Secret Nazi tech, Megaliths, Dolmens, Aliens and Much, Much More! AWESOME NEW "DO NOT FEED THE SASQUATCH" Hilarious T-shirt design now available from CONTACT DUKE at [email protected] CRYPTID REPORT HOTLINE: 503-662-2678 HELP THE SHOW: PLEASE donate to PAYPAL.ME/WORLDBIGFOOTCENTRAL, this program is STILL ENTIRELY funded through the contributions of viewers like YOU! THANK YOU for your kind support! Music, as always, by SWAMP RITUAL (Available for download at CD Baby).

WBR #97
Michael Patterson joins us to recount the blood-chilling encounter he and 6 teenage friends had with an enraged Bigfoot which chased them out of the woods one hot summer evening! This epsiode is also dedicated to the memory of a sadly departed friend, Grand Poobah Tobin Carlson, R.I.P. World Bigfoot Radio is also available at: & Bigfoot Radio IF YOU CAN AFFORD IT, PLEASE consider helping to fund this channel, it is ENTIRELY VIEWER SUPPORTED! PAYPAL.ME/WORLDBIGFOOTCENTRAL Contact DUKE at [email protected] Cryptid report hotline # 503-662-2678 if you had a bad incident and need someone to talk to! Cover art by RobRoy Menzies, interior art by RobRoy Menzies and Devin King, music by SWAMP RITUAL

We start out in Alaska, getting updates from Sunny who has not been with us since episode #32, talk about the Valley of the Headless Men (Nahanni), Aggresive Hairyman encounters, and the Monster of Lake Iliamna (Illie) and the Mountain Giants who live in a valley nearby. Then, we head south to catch up with Brent and get updates of the worsening situation with the marauding Pukwudgies in well as some other thing, perhaps a Woodbooger? Music by Swamp Ritual. Contact Duke at [email protected]. CRYPTID REPORT HOTLINE 1-503-662-2678. If you need to talk with someone about an encounter you have had. THIS SHOW IS 100% VIEWER FUNDED, YOU can help it continue by donating at PAYPAL.ME/WORLDBIGFOOTCENTRAL and my most heartfelt gratitude to those who are already helping this show, GOD BLESS YOU! T-shirts, mugs and Hoodies are also available, many different colors and 2 different designs, it's another way you can help the show. Go to TEESPRINGS.COM/STORES/WORLD-BIGFOOT-CENTRAL to check it out!

World Bigfoot Radio #95 pt 2 ~ Violent Sasquatch
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World Bigfoot Radio #95 pt. 1
In this episode we welcome Robin McCray, who has been having Bigfoot experiences for decades and currently resides in South Carolina. For most of this episode, we focus on experiences and pictures from when she used to live in Michigan. Part 2 available mid-week. HELP THIS SHOW, CONTRIBUTIONS TO: PAYPAL.ME/WORLDBIGFOOTCENTRAL Contact Duke @ [email protected]. Cryptid Report Hotline @ 503-662-2678 CBD products (60 day money back guarantee) DUKESULLIVAN.MYCTFO.COM T-shirts, Hoodies and mugs at TEESPRING.COM/STORES/WORLD-BIGFOOT-CENTRAL please LIKE AND SHARE with your friends, and THANK YOU to those whose support keeps this show coming to you!

World Bigfoot Radio 94 ~ Paranormal Mayhem in South Africa!/ Marielena B
The Tokoloshe, Hatman, Shadow people, portals, little people, grey aliens, UFO's, African Hyaenaman and the TANO GIANT are all discussed in this look at one South African family's struggles against Diabolic Cryptids and Crazed Witchdoctors! YOU can help bring this show to yourself and others by sharing and if you can, by supporting the show at PAYPAL.ME/WORLDBIGFOOTCENTRAL Contact DUKE at [email protected] Cryptid Report Hotline in case you need help, call: 503-662-2678 CBD available, 60 day money back guarantee, available at: DUKESULLIVAN.MYCTFO.COM Coffee Mugs, shirts, hoodies, etc., are available, several awesome designs, check out TEESPRINGS/STORES/WORLD-BIGFOOT-CENTRAL DON'T FORGET to LIKE n SHARE and THANK YOU to those who support the program~!

look at the summer 2020 expedition to the mountain-top ghost town of Coloma, Montana, by the MONTANA BIGFOOT PROJECT team and in conjunction with team PARANORMAL PORTAL, who were there ghost hunting. WE, on the other hand, were there to find signs of Sasquatch, and, as usual, we did! We also cover a trip i made to the same place a month previous to this trip, with Alaskan Sunny Nonyas (episode #32) who got a picture of a cloaked being on her cellphone while we were there! Contact DUKE at [email protected]. This show is 100% viewer funded, if you can afford to help me continue to bring these shows to you, please prayerfully consider doing so, and send help to PAYPAL.ME/WORLDBIGFOOTCENTRAL. GOD BLESS those who have helped out in the past, and giant THANK YOU to any new team members who step up to contribute. YOU are the ones who make this show happen!

World Bigfoot Radio #93 pt 1 ~ The Incredible Sasquatch art of RobRoy Menzies!/ RobRoy Menzies
WE are joined by top-flight Sasquatch and general wildlife artist, RobRoy Menzies on this episode, who shares a huge selection of his artwork with us, and also talks about how many of them were actually drawn to the exacting specifications of the eyewitnesses themselves! Part 2 coming soon. Make a report of YOUR cryptid sighting at 503-662-2678. Contact DUKE at [email protected]. Purchase CBD products for your aches and pains at MYCTFOCBD.COM/DUKESULLIVAN, 60 day money back guarantee. HELP FUND THIS SHOW at PAYPAL.ME/WORLDBIGFOOTCENTRAL and a special THANK YOU and GOD BLESS YOU to those who are keeping this show coming to all the rest of you....SALUTE!!!!

he second half of the interview with Barry, we discuss the ancient people and their interactions with Sasquatch, Why some Bigfoot clans may be dangerous and others just curious, and we discuss several hair-raising Bigfoot incidents as well! This channel is viewer funded, please consider helping at PAYPAL.ME/WORLDBIGFOOTCENTRAL. THANK YOU to those who already helping things proceed to the benefit of all~!! Contact DUKE at [email protected]. Cryptid Report Hotline # 503-662-2678. If you need CBD products, consider buying them here MYCTFOCBD.COM/DUKESULLIVAN. 60 day money back guarantee and a small portion goes to help fund this program. THANKS FOR WATCHING!

Happy Halloween! In this episode, part 2 of 3, we finish our updates with Rich Soule and welcome Barry Webster from Rez Squatching Research for his first visit to World Bigfoot Radio! Barry gives us an overview of his background, and shares a few of the many experiences he has had in his hundreds of trips into the field to find, interact with and document the local Bigfoot in Nebraska, the C'Tonga! There will be a 3rd part of this episode with Barry, since including all of it in this show would have made it too long. COFFEE MUGS (WBR and Wendigo designs) are NOW AVAILABLE from Teesprings ~ World Bigfoot Central! SHIRTS COMING SOON! Catch the NEW RADIO SHOW, World Bigfoot Central on TFR Live and simultaneously live streaming on TUNEIN, TALKSTREAM Live and IHEART RADIO, Archived on TFR Live if you miss the live show at 10pm pacific every Saturday. I AM IN CHAT on TFR Live during the show. If you need CBD products, 60 day money back guarantee available at MYCTFOCBD.COM/DUKESULLIVAN. Contct DUKE at [email protected]. If YOU had a bad encounter, the CRYPTID REPORT HOTLINE is available to help, call 503-662-2678. THIS SHOW IS VIEWER FUNDED, to help it continue, send what you can to help to PAYPAL.ME/WORLDBIGFOOTCENTRAL. Thanks for watching, please LIKE and SHARE the show with your friends!

We are once again visited by Rich Soule, who brings us up to speed on Bigfoot DNA studies, Sasquatch research in Nebraska, Michelangelo painting Bigfoot at the Vatican, Carl Linneas zoological classification of the Wildman, the oldest Bigfoot story ever reported, Bigfoot in the BIble, and the creation of the new science of Hominology by Russian scientists Dr. Dmitri Bayanov and Dr. Igor Burtsev! Also, The Indian army documents YETI tracks near Makalu and much, much more.... Contact Duke at [email protected]. Swag now available, AWESOME COFFEE MUGS! Check out the shop at Teesprings-World Bigfoot Central! For pain relief, CBD products, 60 day money-back guarantee available at MYCTFOCBD.COM/DUKESULLIVAN and to help keep these shows coming to you, send support to PAYPAL.ME/WORLDBIGFOOTCENTRAL. God bless and much love to those who are keeping the show going and bringing them to you!

World Bigfoot Radio #91, Pt 2 ~ Arkansas Gugwe and the Fouke Monster/ William Lunsford
We are once again joined by William Lunsford for the second part of his interview, this episode is packed full of pictures from his many years of research, and we discuss everything from Arkansas Gugwe's to the Fouke monster and much more. If you have had an encounter, call the CRYPTID REPORT HOTLINE @ 503-662-2678, Contact DUKE @ [email protected]. If you need CBD products with a 60 day money back guarantee, go to MYCTFOCBD.COM/DUKESULLIVAN and a portion of the purchase will go to help fund this show. If you would like to fund the show directly, GOD BLESS YOU...This show is entirely demonetized on You Tube.....send any help to PAYPAL.ME/WORLDBIGFOOTCENTRAL. Pictures by William, Duke, Michael Matt, Richard Williams, Rich Soule, Kevin Laing, Mary Bolin. Music by Swamp Ritual, available on CD Baby for download.

We are fortunate to have researcher of over 4 decades, William Lunsford, with us for this episode. He barely scratches the surface of all the events he has experienced, but he brought along a lot of pictures to share with us, and lets us in on a BIG SURPRISE as well! WBR is also now on Bitchute, Minds and LBRY! Support the show, it is ENTIRELY VIEWER FUNDED! Donations to PAYPAL.ME/WORLDBIGFOOTCENTRAL, and THANK YOU to the generous viewers who brought this episode to everyone! Contact DUKE at [email protected], Purchase efficacious CBD products, 60 day MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, at MYCTFOCBD.COM/DUKESULLIVAN, ....AND, if you had a terrifying cryptid encounter and need someone to talk to, call the CRYPTID REPORT HOTLINE 503-662-2678 for help. SWAMP RITUAL music available for download from CD Baby. Pictures and video from William Lunsford, Michael Matt, Jeff Schmautz, Rich Soule, Robyn Dale, Kevin Laing and Mary Bolin.

We pick up where part 1 left off, Blayne and Duke finish their discussion of the Freeman Film and comparison to the P/G FILM, as well as techniques used by both to succeed in filming their elusive subject. Then, we switch over to showing some of the Sasquatch evidence Blayne has recently captured, including plenty of tracks and several stunning photos of Bigfoot, including the "Marsh Sasquatch" and the "Lord of the Dunes" video, with possible new evidence! All video and pics courtesy of Blayne Tyler,( check out his You Tube channel!) except the Freeman Film, Patterson Gimlin Film and the Skalkaho Super X. Music by SWAMP RITUAL. THIS SHOW IS VIEWER FUNDED! Join the World Bigfoot Team and send your support to PAYPAL.ME/WORLDBIGFOOTCENTRAL. OR you can help yourself AND the show by purchasing pain-relieving CBD products at MYCTFOCBD.COM/DUKESULLIVAN. REPORT your CRYPTID ENCOUNTERS at 1-503-662-2678 and contact DUKE at [email protected]. SPECIAL THANKS to all those who have given the support to bring these shows to everyone. GOD BLESS YOU!

World Bigfoot Radio #90, Pt 1 ~ Freeman Bigfoot Video 25th Anniversary/ Blayne Tyler
Blayne Tyler joins us for this episode to commemorate and discuss the 25th anniversary of Paul Freeman filming Bigfoot in the blue mountains of WASHINGTON STATE. Video and pics from Paul Freeman, Blayne Tyler and others. CONTACT DUKE AT: [email protected]. Purchase CBD products to help yourself AND the show at MYCTFOCBD.COM/DUKESULLIVAN, 60 day money-back guarantee. CRYPTID REPORT HOTLINE # 503-662-2678 to talk with someone about your sighting/encounter. PLEASE HELP FUND THIS SHOW! Donations to PAYPAL.ME/WORLDBIGFOOTCENTRAL. Music by SWAMP RITUAL, The Outer Rim and Whiskey Wizard.

A quick look at a piece of video of a Sasquatch running away from a researcher in the woods, filmed in 2018 in Nova Scotia by Leo Frank. Full length interview, additional pics and backstory coming this fall!

World Bigfoot Radio #54 ~ THE TROLL / Leo Frank
We are once again joined by Leo Frank to tell us about the 4 years of research he has done on a lone Bigfoot in Nova Scotia, a Bigfoot which he has named "Karl", and may actually be a TROLL! Pictures from Leo, Duke, artwork by Devin King, Eric Baart and David Schlosser and others. Music by Swamp Ritual. This show is NOT MONETIZED, you can help it continue by donating to PAYPAL.ME/WORLDBIGFOOTCENTRAL

World Bigfoot Radio #89 ~ Moose hunt interrupted by Sasquatch/ Scott
Scott is here to share the events, pics and video of last weekend. More Sasquatch tracks and structures than you can imagine! Contact DUKE at [email protected]. Contribute to help the show continue at PAYPAL.ME/WORLDBIGFOOTCENTRAL. CBD product store at MYCTFOCBD.COM/DUKESULLIVAN. Art by RobRoy Menzies, pictures by Scott and Duke, Music by Swamp Ritual/ .................Scott adds: "I wanted to add also, there’s a couple video clips where we’re pointing at tracks with a rifle that are clearly brown Bear prints. We were pointing out the bear tracks and the differences between them and the BF tracks. I purposely took pictures and video of bear tracks to compare and contrast. In a few cases there were a combination of both types."

World Bigfoot Radio #89 ~ Moose hunt interrupted by Sasquatch!/ BONUS SHORT: Scott
WBR viewer Scott had an unusual occurence last week, and called me while it was going on. They were moose hunting and reconing an area when they apparently ran into the Hairy Man! ENTIRE STORY and lots of video in the full episode, up soon! Contact DUKE at [email protected]. CALL IN CRYPTID REPORT HOTLINE NUMBER: 503-662-2678. Purchase CBD products at my online store, MYCTFOCBD.COM/DUKESULLIVAN to help yourself and the show, and to DIRECTLY HELP THE SHOW, send donations to PAYPAL.ME/WORLDBIGFOOTCENTRAL. Video and narration by Scott, music by Swamp Ritual.


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