Recorded April 26th 2020

My good friend and I meetup to hang out and ride... We got a few races in, some wheelie practice, and had a good time 😉

Music: Kedela - DISTANT ATTACK

Here's a short, fun ride on 2012 Yamaha R1. A mic was attached to the passenger pegs to record sound. No helmet audio

Went up to the ol' Racing Bridge hoping to get a couple pulls in and some sweet footage. Got there and things didn't go quite as planned 🤣 Still had a good time as always ✌

Lost the helmet audio for this one, had to revert to the GoPro audio.

Was just riding along with the homie CBO, when out of nowhere we got absolutely dusted by what looked like a Ford F-series Diesel (powerstroke?). Tried to speed up and catch it, and at 150mph I hadn't gotten much closer 😂

Curious how fast they were going, would be fun to hit it again!

Quarantine my ass, I'm going on a ride! That Aprilia V4 sounded so good... Oh and the woes of a high mileage bike, turns out I had a coil going out on me towards the end of this ride. All is well now though :)

Sorry about the bug on the lens :/

This winter has been rough! Finally has been warming up around here, and got to link up with my homie. Who wants to stay at home when you could be out riding??

Chuki Beats - Moon
Pacific - Youth

Slowly but surely getting familiar with the balance point of a wheelie... Long ways to go, but already seeing some progression!

Music by: Above & Beyond #ABGT250

Just getting that practice in, gradually getting comfortable with balance point. I notice that oil light, and have been making sure my oil is topped off every time I take her out :)

While the last wheelie practice sesh was fun, I ended up blowing out my fork seals :/ I finally replaced them the other day, and had to take the bike out for a ride..

I came across a nice 370Z and a Camaro, only the 370Z wanted to play I guess ;)

Practice practice practice.. Tipping that far back is hard to get used to, but trying to practice nonetheless. Ran about 27 cold psi, if I dropped down to 20 or so maybe that would give me a bit more stability. Seems to want to drift to the right, probably because I'm jerking the bars a bit when applying throttle during the clutch-up. Seem to be getting a bit better. Will definitely check the oil level, maybe run a little over to ensure there's no oil starvation

Snuck in some wheelie practice at the local racing bridge... Looks like some cars have been drag racing recently! If only we were there at the time

While out riding with my buddy, I think we spotted a SuperMax prison... The ~4 inch wide vertical windows kind of give it away. No getting out of that place.. I didn't have good audio for Codey, so I made some subtitles where appropriate. More to come next time!

I better be careful when and where I'm riding like this, my bro and I just had too much fun! Sun was shining and it was a warm 85F(29.4C) outside. That kind of day is just too good to pass up :)

While riding through the hood omw to the bank, a lady casually pulls out in front of me.. Whatever, wasn't really that bad. Just something to look out for on a motorcycle. Do as I say and not as I do.. Always wear your gear!

This is an old crash of mine, that I was able to dig up from my archives. There was a much more boring version posted a couple years ago, but I ended up taking it down because people on the internet said mean things.

It turns out it actually is pretty funny, so I decided to post it up for the lulz. Don't worry, this wreck was in February of 2017 so myself and the bike are fine! Enjoy :)


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Just riding around doing my thing on a motorcycle.

Current bike: 2005 Yamaha R6
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I like to ride track and street, especially like doing wheelies :) Somewhat partial towards Yamaha, but will ride anything. Would really like a dual-sport/enduro in the future. For now it's just the R6 though.