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Young working-class Whites (mainly from the tough council estates that adjoin the city centre) took to the streets. The violence and destruction that followed led to an outcry from all the usual, predictable sources.

Another short report from our BM North West members, who have once again been hitting the streets with BM propaganda.

British Movement activists in the North West of England received a positive response from motorists after hanging their new '14 words' banner over the busy M6 motorway.

"Forward Youth of Buda(pest)" is an italian anti-communist song. In September 2019, the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, defined the song as "the most beautiful one ever composed about the 1956 revolution".

Islamists, pro-Palestinians and assorted left-wing activists assembled in Leeds city centre on Oct 21 2023. How many of those currently demonstrating on British streets in support of the Palestinians in Gaza would easily and readily mobilise against Britain, and not just against British Jews, if the call to jihad was declared worldwide?

Rudolf Hess was subjugated to 46 years behind bars before finally being done to death in a fake “suicide” plot in Spandau Prison, Berlin in 1987 to silence him forever from disclosing the truth behind his arrival at Floors Farm.

One of the most iconic sights in Northern Britain was the lone sycamore tree that sits next to Hadrian’s Wall. The tree, which had battled the elements in this bleak landscape for 300 years, was deliberately cut down early last Thursday.

White couple attacked outside of MacDonalds in Leeds City Centre.

A 'Zombie Punk' gets worked-up about British Movement stickers in Camden, North London.

A group of young BM members held an activity near Wigan in Lancashire last weekend. After staging a banner drop over the motorway, the activists then moved on to a nearby residential area to hand out British Movement 'Stop Immigration - Start Repatriation' leaflets.

The Great Replacement is ridiculed by the establishment as something that exists only in the minds of dangerous far-right extremists. In reality, ethno-Nationalists can see with their own eyes what is happening - the White population of Europe is being replaced by non-European immigrants. Nowhere is this replacement more apparent than in our capital city, London.

A Migrant drags French grandmother and granddaughter out of their house. The attack outside the young girl’s family home in Bordeaux has provoked indignation among those who oppose open borders.

British Movement members attended a demonstration in Leeds City Centre against the invasion of our land by fighting-age 'asylum seekers' and the betrayal of our people by the Westminster Government.

Calling all Nationalists to a march and rally in Leeds city centre on Saturday June 10th 2023.

The recent protests across Ireland opposing the policy of putting young economic migrants in hotels around the country has turned the spotlight on the organisation that has long pretended to be standing up for the working-class: Sinn Féin.

“Whoever had forgotten how to cry, learned again at the destruction of Dresden. I stand at the end of my life and envy my dead comrades, who were spared this experience.”
- Gerhard Hauptmann

This '16-year-old' boy lost his passport and ID when he fled his country, but miraculously saved his phone. Moaning because he hasn’t had his breakfast.

Mobile phone footage of disorder across Leicester as Hindus and Muslims violently clash in Belgrave and Spinney Hills.

For educational purposes only. A video collaboration by the Monday Club of the Conservative Party and the National Front from the early 1970's on how the ordinary man and woman felt about mass coloured immigration into England.

The illegal immigration crisis in the Channel, which has seen over 28,400 people come in the past year, and a total of 40,000 since 2018, is now hitting an all-time high. Some 1,295 people were detected on Monday (22nd August), beating the previous single-day record of 1,185 on November 11, 2021, the Ministry of Defence said.

WBC heavyweight boxing champion speaks out about homelessness in Britain and the madness of our immigration policy.

Racial Nationalists turned out in force in Leeds to protest against the indoctrination of children.

Another thought-provoking and moving video from the talented racial Nationalist poet Snow Shadow.

A man was stopped by police after objecting to being scanned by live facial recognition cameras and covering his face. He was surrounded by officers, and when he protested, he was given a £90 fine for an alleged public order offence.


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