The "Big Cathú" is, the embarkment of fascism, the total amalgamation between Government and Conglomerations (Capitalism). The Free World is becoming the Demo Freedom; we are supposed to be free, in concept, but in reality, we are slaves. But you can "Buy" your Freedom back via a Passport?

The wiles of Capitalism and the deceit to keep you afraid of your own shadow. You think we are free but that is the fantasy.

Watch Jason interview the difiant of all difiants, only to lose his everlasting soul along with so many other fools.

Maui has burnt to the ground, as we step closer to oblivion and a Gray State. People are still dredging up the "Trump" card, as the Super Candidate of the next election. We would all be wise to vote for an independent party, ridding us of these political confidence representatives that are in the game for the money, nothing more. Instead of playing political Ping-Pong between the Democrats and Republicans, we should be rounding them up and locking them into Washington DC and calling that area the Autonomous Political Prison Zone. You check in and never check out, unless you are dead.

How could anyone listen to these shills now especially when they have been connected to all the usual suspects. Now they have joined hands, they are obviously controlled opposition. Wakey Wakey....

33 is the number they use to appease the Masonry Influences stacked in our monetized world. If we all reject their influences, we will proceed to the true meaning of being a human being.

If you are still confused on how they will corral billions of people into detainment camps, the method they will use is called: 15 Minute Cities, because they are detainment camps under the guise of Climate Change Controls. We are at the crucial stage. In order to stop the so-called Intelligence groups that are the heatsinks between the elitists, political corruption and us, we have to ask our governments for accountability. We cannot do this through their corrupt courts that protect them. We have to use our power of Insurgency and ask them to step down. Everything that has happened cannot be forgotten. They have to resign in dishonor.

A once in a lifetime opportunity to hear what Lucifer, the Light Bearer, has to say about the Pandemic and those who perpetrated this attempted Dominance of the World. Did young Jason have to exchange his soul for this opportunity? Perhaps...

Seeing many of these documentaries and clips showing people flopping from the vaxx seems strangely like a planned event, as to say, the flops are real, but exploited in a way, to make your fearful. They are leading you to the dry well of compliance, that will lead to your own extermination. Thus, fear is a powerful tool. Fear the Virus or fear the vaxx as an mRNA killer and not a medium to carry bio digital convergence onto the world. Once they have that inside your body, you will be their ghoul of compliance. Don't be fooled again and remain knowledgeable about their applied fear porn.

The Great Awakening features some of the most questionable characters and promotes shills like Alex Jones (Know CIA connected producer) and Robert Kennedy Jr (A player in the Biomass clean energy scam), and many others. When will the lies stop? When you stop believing them.

George Floyd is still alive, laughing his ass off at the masses. Is Shirley, Hilary, or is she a Nasty Bush, or perhaps an illegitimate child? One thing for sure is, the Ukraine war is a major dupe, and we are the marks.

The Sims procures the lockdowns in Sims 4, and a clever Transgender Addon Pack which will be available to kids, even if it gets rated. Murderna is plugging its mRNA technology as essential but in reality, it is a fiasco that has caused major death all over the world.

Testimonies of prominent players (Rocco Galati, John O'Looney, Tucker Carlson) of the opposition to Covid 19 and its unconstitutional lockdowns and coerced vaccinations, including vaccine death. They attempted to murder them to silence their bravery. Tucker Carlson reborn into a journalist with integrity, or is this a psyop to lead truthers yet into another direction because I am sure that walking away from a multi-million dollar contract on Fox was tough. You decide.

Covid 19 are the symptoms of Sars Covi II and 5G. Both symptoms from Sars Covi II and 5G (EMF Radiation) are very similar in characteristics. Research this and you will see the direct similarities. In the paper is says 5G combined with Sars Covi II causes the infamous vaccine side effects including the original symptoms like hypoxia and known myocarditis side effect from the vaccines mainly in young healthy adults and kids. In the end, you get an admission that 5G is harmful with or without Sars Covi II which has not been proven to exist. The conclusion anyone should draw from this paper is an admission that 5G cause damage to humans.

Original Article from 2021 NIH

La Quinta Columna produces this video for all to see, inconclusive proof of transhumanism and graphene oxide contained in the vaccines, Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson and Johnson and others. Transhumanism whether we agree or not has been accomplished via the covid vaccine.

Excerpts from Out of the Shadows. Anyone famous is controlled, Even Frank Zappa, Rest his Soul... The freedom movement of the 60's was a CIA Op. Your life is controlled. Break free from the indoctrination by turning off that dammed TV and social media channels. You know which ones.

Introduction 0:00 What is Brain Science 2:52 The Power of the Brain 5:15 Assessment Neuro Technologies 8:38 What Makes You Tick 12:23 Directed Energy 15:47 NeuroEnablement 23:09 Novel Neural Weapons (Combat Section) 29:03
Covid 34:00 Blood clots 38:00
Dr. James Giordano: The Brain is the Battlefield of the Future. This innocuous film has been sitting in YouTube for the last 4 years (2018). It basically shows intent as to the self-organizing circuitry (La Quinta Columna) found in the Pfizer and other manufacturers vaccines that was injected into a great majority of the planet's population. Explicitly, this film explains all the aspects, including the ill health effects (blood clots). It is very curious that this was focused upon before the pandemic, like a smoking gun prelude.

Did David Suzuki say Beum, or Bomb? Probably a case for Inspector Clouseau or a great script for a Blake Edwards' Pink Panther sequel. Just more theatrics 101 for idiots.

Media Platforms are attempting to bridge everyone back to their heirachy and huddled boorment of socialogical domination. They ruined this relationship by abusing our trust like an abusive spouse, and now wants, needs this trust back so they can continue their haughty torment of fear.

Anyone that has attempted to fight anything that has the "Globalist Label" affixed to it, innocuously, under the guise of our democracy, as in, SOGI 123 or LGBT that has infiltrated our schools like cockroaches infesting a seedy apartment building in the Bronx, will see this Cancel Culture Kangaroo Court Methodology firsthand. Almost as pathetic as these morons re-endorsing Trump after he initiated Operation Warp Speed, the program that started the plague of the 21st century, known as the "Vaccine".

The vaccine is so evident in its resultant side effects, everyone is starting to notice, like, the several extra pages of obituaries in your local newspapers. If you have not noticed this, then you are in denial with your head in the sand. Every week more and more obits are surfacing. They are in the light, a place they are not comfortable being, and it is only a matter of time before retribution is satisfied.

We are being destroyed within. They are masters of the game but if we just say no to their monetary schemes, we will beat them. We must keep them on the run and reject their bribes and payoffs. They lurk in the shadows, a place where we must eliminate and drag them into the light.

A satire about getting covid positive tests and staying home indefinitely...

Listen carefully to their beliefs and bewilderment forms, especially now with all that is happening. They own the mainstream and control most governments. They admit this and say that God wants them to enslave, exterminate and lead.

International Crimes Investigative Committee features Prof. Dr. med. Sucharit Bhakdi who walks us through how these mRNA vaccines damage your brain and your heart consistent to what the spike protein actually does via the vaccine. At best, this vaccine will damage our heart and modify your brain, if you survive. It shows where this spike protein via the vaccine will travel and how it attacks your vascular walls, causing clotting even in the smallest capillaries in our brains and heart which causes brain cell death and myocarditis, which is irreversible. It basically attacks all of your organ cells. The more mRNA vaccines you take, the worse you will get until death. Their goal is to exterminate or zombify you. Once zombified, that is where the nano-circuitry and graphene is the most useful so they can keep just intelligent enough to perform your slave duties, but not allowed to rebel, protest, or speak about your rights being abused because your brain will be controlled by the like of Bill Gates or Claus Schwab.


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