Had enough of Del Bigtree's football stratagem sketch analogies on how your T Cells and Killer Cells fight these invasive viruses from bats and monkeys or wherever these so-called mist encapsulated viruses spring from? Dr Sam and Mark Baily host Andrew Kaufman and Thomas Cowan to describe the waning, dance-step, explanations that spew from Del's mouth, like so much foam oozing out of a Wolfgang's rabid dog, only inspired through former Bill Gates Foundation's Scientists like Geert Vanden Bossche and other germ theory advocators attempting damage control that the germ theory has endured since 2020 and beyond. CIA advocated misdirection and nonsense featuring Dancing Del Bigtree!

X-CIA, Man in Black operative Joseph Spenser spills his testimony of lethal injections administered to the public and mass depopulation utilizing a phony holographic Alien Invasion in 2024 designed to put everyone in panic mode, welcoming a One World Government that will be offering protection using FEMA camps and like facilities to herd in the masses. Once herded and locked in to these so called safe designated areas, Mass extermination will follow. We have all seen the evidence of detainment camps and centers being constructed or revamped and legislated in 2020 -2021. Pay particular attention to the similarities to the CIA produced Men in Black movies, IE, the Electrical Pen. Spooky as it may be, we have to face the facts and resist anything the governments of this world spew out of their perjurious mouths. Also in this vid, Joseph tells us about the 1487 secret underground facilities used by aliens to perform experiments on 1/3 of the 8,000,000 children abducted every year. That means our governments are responsible for 2,666.666 children disapearing (killed) per year.

Mary Lou? she'd be at @ 10:51. Harry Vox clarifies where Climate Controls really leads. This is the real agenda of the 1 percent, Larry Fink, Blackrock Vanguard, and world banks dominated by Jewish Control and think tanks designed to rip the guts out of North America and enslave us to carbon controls whilst large corporations, China's Industrial complex get to pollute as much as they like, at your expense of course, because, you might want to take a trip to see your mother someday... but will not have enough carbon credits. Covid 19 was just a primer to distract you just enough to miss what they really have planned. The total demise of your freedoms and any society that harbors freedom..

The Bermuda Triangle, home of the White Room, where all the decisions are made, as in fate awaits the controllers wheedle.

All who is complicit, pushing these vaxxes and coercing these crimes against humanity will pay the price in the end. If you need a refresher, watch this vid and read the Nuremberg Code. All employers, managers, union officials, doctors, nurses, administrators, government officials, FDA, WEF, anyone guilty of this coercion and are pushing these "Crimes Against Humanity" by mandating these vaccines are guilty. Do you really want to be in those cement shoes when Judgement comes down? And remember, the smaller you are, the easier it will be to prosecute you. So wise up and get on the right side.

Face Masks are a symbol of submission. If you are slave, you will comply. Have respect for yourself and others by not complying to the slave master. When the New lockdowns come, will you roll over, or will you stand up?

Listen to this border patrol officer explain what you can do when travelling border to border on a plane and where the ArriveCan App belongs, in the recycle bin. Not rocket science, just stand up and be somebody, or go running home to your mama.

The destruction of the Georgia Guide Stones was a fatal blow to Monarchy, globalism, Masonry, elitists and the Illuminati. Or was it self inflicted to draw sympathy to their failing agenda, or to hide what was in that time capsule? Who cares, they are gone. There are too many people that comply, and secretly, in their closets, protest the governmental overreach perpetuated in the last 2 years. They took the vaxx or are submitting to PCR/ANTIGEN tests to work. That is not protest, that is Closet Activism. There is nothing new here, only now they want your soul.

If you go back to ancient history in 2021, you will be surprised to find out that these vaccines are still lethal and will destroy fertility and human life, not to mention self organizing circuits and transhumanism. It is not about pro choice, it is about common sense and not pumping your veins with poisons (Covid vaccines) which still contain graphene oxide and dioxide..

Download link for the Illuminatiam First Testament- https://www.academia.edu/26040675/ILLUMINATIAM_The_First_testament_of_the_Illuminati


We are being taken down from within. All of the Nations of the World. For the GREED of a very few. If you have belief, don't compromise that belief for a couple of bucks.


"Nation to Nation Collective Assimilation Nightmare". The easiest way to herd people into compliance is to control the food. This pdf, "Food Chain Reaction", based upon "The State of Food Insecurity in the World" published in 2010, by the United Nations. Don't fall for this Assimilation of our Nations into one collective NWO Micro-managed madness that will haunt us and our future generations for centuries via bio-digital convergence via vaccine, feeding us scraps only if we all become "good little serfs" using their "social credit score system". Just remember where you are in the food chain.
Download these pdf tales of madness here:
Food Chain Reaction: https://www.cna.org/archive/CNA_Files/pdf/iqr-2015-u-012427.pdf
The State of Food Insecurity in the World: https://www.fao.org/3/i1683e/i1683e.pdf

Only you can prevent Retroactive Feticide of our children's children. Political "degenderates" are making sure we develop a transgender state of sterility. Main Stream programming is attempting to normalize transgenderism as an acceptable mode of behavior to encourage retroactive feticide, The retro-depopulation of the masses. Or you can wait for Bill Gates to produce test tube babies and deliver the babies to you by stork, if you can afford one. which you won't because you will own nothing and be happy.

At this point, I would imagine that everyone would have to be zombified before people will wake up. But, it much too late for this with a mass number of all who befriended the Masonic Deception Slingers, having swallowed the blue pill, wallowing inside the Blue Lodge of nefarious false security, as if they would be saved by Satan? Satan is the Destructor, and your soul will be decimated and trapped into the Metaverse for eternity.

They Live Everywhere. That is how things have sunk to this level. We are wading with masonic bricks tied to our ankles. Just a matter of time before we drown... If you want proof, you can read it in the King James Bible, Why do you think Keefer Sutherland in a "Few Good Man" referenced the King James Bible" Because they are all freemasons and believe Lucifer is the Light Bearer. Lucifer is Satan. Read it for yourself...

It is all examples of grave corruption from the UN to all governments whether municipal, state of federal; are they all for sale? They all have 0 credibility. Will people do anything for money??? You be the judge... Significant number: 552

They are coming for your guns so you cannot fight back when they put the final squeeze on the Free World...

Download the manifesto here by clicking on video and then more... Notice the Black sun symbolism...Freemason all the way
The manifesto was probably the greatest tell that this was a complete setup. It has the scent of the CIA all over it and is purposely poorly written as in selectively researched as to the different so called truther synopsis as to the elitists (Jewish Communities) that are perpetrating the damage at the very core of the USA and North America. It is no secret whatsoever that these elitist money cartels are mostly Jewish investors like Blackrock, Bloomberg, Vanguard, just to name a few, however this manifesto's purpose is to strike fear into anyone that sees these truths, calling them Nazis. Mission accomplished. And anyone that might of suspected these financial groups as a major part of the problem will shy away or scribe around this truth because of the overused "race card" being pulled to push otherwise wise suspecting people into the shadows. Don't shy away. Read the Manifesto for yourself. Here: http://dynorex.com/manifesto.pdf

Got MILQ? Seems like another Obvious scam to push mothers away from formula milk (More Importantly, Real Breast Milk) to Bill's Lab Made Bio MILQ which includes of all the usual suspects and bought off capitalists...

When Renowned doctors, forensic experts and morticians are warning of Mysterious 4 foot blood clots resulting from the Vaxx, it is time to pay attention. Although this may not be new to some, it should not be discarded as invalid info. Time we all stood up to this Corrupt element being pushed on us by our Civil Servants and politicians, I mean, they work for us, not the other way around...

Even though this body of doctors promote the germ theory and stipulate there is a virus, this summit still has good intentions as to eliminate the power of organizations like the WHO , CDC, FDA, OSHA, and Big Pharma. Without these corrupted entities, the World Economic Forum and their Masonic Cronies have no power. They also want accountability from all who have perpetrated these crimes against humanity. Time to crush these entities into oblivion.

When it all happens for real, will you still be asleep listening to polarized fools? As they pull the daggers out of your children's back, what color will their blood be? Or will you be the one with the bloodied dagger in your hand?

The influences that are surrounding us promise nothing but slavery via bio-digital convergence. We must recognize that no corrupt political leader, not even Kennedy is going to save us. We have to do it ourselves and protect our young ones...

The Freemasonry is a poisonous thread that has become interwoven in the very fabric of our daily lives and institutions. But if you begin to recognize and confront these Masonic Influences who are the real enemies, these figure heads like Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Klaus Schwab and a multitude of other self elected imperialists will disappear like a duck fart in the wind. This also includes the celebrity whistleblowers that are just holding out for the Golden Parachute of Bribery. That is to say, you have to be very wealthy indeed to hold a significant position in the Masonic New World Order.

Watch if only for your own illuminance. The Illuminati may think so, but they do not have a monopoly on illuminance, and if they have any power it is because you have given it to them, willingly out of ignorance and manufactured fear.

The lockdowns in North America were severe, but not as bad as China's current lockdown, which is the same lockdown that is coming here if we continue to sleep... China is the model indicated in Lockstep, and that is the dung we are stepping into right now...

Powerful Deceptive measures utilized to grift the masses into suicide. You actually think any politician or certain celebrities even took a vaccine? Think again...


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