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Dawson put out some good info, but I lost interest in this POS around '14 or '15 when he banned me from his "youtube" channel for stating it was "da joos".
War by Deception (about 9/11), and More than Taboo (about the holohoax) are two good videos of his, but overall, I do not promote, or even like this faggot looking/acting POS!

I highly recommend looking further in to Whitney Webb's research concerning Epstein!
Whitney's MintPress News link- https://www.mintpressnews.com/author/whitney-webb/

When you actually do the research- You learn that "israel", and (((their))) "useful idiots", fingerprints are all over 9/11!
The ((("us government"))) doesn't care about the 3,000 Americans Murdered on 9/11, do you really think (((it/they))) care about you?
I am a Service Connected US Army Veteran, and this is what I have personally learned/experienced, as to how the ((("us government"))) actually thinks of/treats US Troops/Veterans,
US Troops=Cannon Fodder/Pawns for Foreign Policy (mainly "israel's")!
US Veterans=An Inconvenience/Damaged Goods!
US Veterans who know/speak the truth=Disgruntled/Possible Lone Wolf Terrorists-that need to be silenced (reps smeared, or even killed)!
In 2011, after I threatened to release documents online about the crimes the "va system" was committing against me/other US Veterans (nearly all "va's" own docs.), the "St. Louis VA Medical Centers" had the BORN OF TREASON "dept. of homeland security" pay me a visit/try to intimidate me. Didn't work, but....
My name/reputation has been smeared by the criminal "va system", and they have turned nearly all of my family against me due to this- so again I ask- Do you actually think the ((("us government"))) really cares about you, the average American?

Sound familiar Folks?

Listen carefully Folks, Waffen SS General Leon Degrelle dispels several kosher myths about NSDAP Germany and WW2.

As you may know, Wikipedia is not considered a legitimate source for academic works, but many people still use it, and the "jews" do control it also!. It is supposed to be a platform for all to legitimately edit, but ask Dr. James Fetzer about not being able to correct the details about himself on his Wiki page. I heard this from others also.

ROTFLMFAO! Link to original jewtube video- https://youtu.be/KpRIBm7nQ-o Take note-the "jew" that owns this channel deletes comments. There were many more comments on this video earlier, all were against it!

What more can I say, other than-ROTFLMFAO!

This is yet another HUGE FUCK YOU to the Disinformation agent at the "DanTheOracle" channel here. The "person" behind this channel has claimed that WTC-7 was not a Controlled Demolition, among other complete bullshit about 9/11, including that a plane actually hit the Pentagon!
DISCLAIMER- At the very end of this video it states that it is a ludicrous conspiracy theory to think that the "media" played a part in 9/11 because it reported that WTC-7 was down beforehand, but knowing that "israel/jews" were directly behind 9/11, and that nearly all of the so called "mainstream media" is owned/run by "jews", I am positive that they played a huge role in 9/11!

This is another HUGE FUCK YOU to the Disinformation agent behind the "DanTheOracle" channel here. The "person" running that channel claims that WTC-7 was not a Controlled Demolition, a plane actually hit the Pentagon, they "have doubts" about "The Dancing israelis", etc.!

This video is another HUGE FUCK YOU to the Disinformation agent behind the "DanTheOracle" channel here. This "person" claims that a plane actually hit the Pentagon on 9/11, that WTC-7 was not a Controlled Demolition, they "have doubts" about "The Dancing israelis", etc.
DISCLAIMER-Jamie McIntyre would later change his tune about a plane at the Pentagon, or course, but the "damage" was already done!.

This video is a HUGE FUCK YOU to the Disinformation agent behind the "DanTheOracle" channel here that claims WTC-7 was not a Controlled Demolition, that a plane actually hit the Pentagon, that they "have doubts" about "The Dancing israelis", etc.!
More to come.
DISCLAIMER-This video is not meant as an endorsement of/for "RTR Truth Media".

This is a gem! I'd like to thank Rick Hesky for putting this out-where he got it from, I don't know.
I also highly recommend buying the book "The jewish Mafia" by Herve Ryssen, translated by Carlos W. Porter.

First- Disclaimer- The National Socialist's did not refer to themselves as "Nazis"! I sugest you learn the (((origins))) of this deliberate insult!
Second- If you can afford it, and it's still available for purchase, I suggest you support the makers of this video by buying a copy of the actual DVD. And no, I do not receive any money for promoting it, and I would not except any anyway. Unlike others, I am not in this fight for truth to make shekels!
Third- A few sources of information on WW2, Hitler, etc.
1. "Hellstorm, The Death of Nazi German, 1944-1947" by Thomas Goodrich.
2. "Other Losses" by James Bacque.
3. "Germany's War" by John Wear.
4. "The Bad War" by M. S. King.
5. "Mein Side Of The Story" by M. S. King.
6. "Mein Kampf" by Adolf Hitler ("The Ford Translation" or "The Stalag Edition" if you can't read German).
7. "Hitler, Legend, Myth & Reality" by Werner Maser.
8. "Germany's Hitler" by Heinz A. Heinz.
9. "Hitler on the jews" Edited, translated and introduced by Thomas Dalton, PhD.
10. "The Program of the Party of Hitler, the National Socialist German Worker's Party, and it's general conceptions" by Gottfried Feder, transcribed by E. T. S. Dugdale.
11. "What The World Rejected: Hitler's Peace Offers 1933-1940" by Dr. Friedrich Stieve.
12. "Adolf Hitler, The Greatest Story Never Told" by Dennis Wise.
13. Carolyn Yeager ("The Heritic's Hour", etc.).
14. Justice For Germans (website-may be under justice4germans).
15. Holocaust deprogramming course (website).
Fourth- I suggest you learn (((who))) really had a "Final Solution", ie: "Germany Must Perish" by Theodore N. Kaufman, "The Morganthau Plan", "The Hooton Plan", and "The Kalergi Plan"!
Then I suggest you learn about "Eisenhower's Rhine Meadows Death Camps", and how Eisenhower is refered to as "the terrible Swedish jew" in his West Point Yearbook!
Then I suggest you lean (((who))) the bolshevik/communists really were!
Then I suggest you lean about "Judea Declares War on Germany"-Front page of the March 24, 1933 London Daily Express. Later that year reinforced by Samual Untermeyer on WABC Radio in a speech from Madison Square Garden (the "jew" owned/run New York Times has a transcript in it's archives).
Then I suggest you learn about how a "jew" assassinated a German Official in Paris 1938, and it's direct ties to "Kristallknacht"-also referred to as "The night of broken glass", and how Hitler ordered the violence to be stopped!

All roads to 9/11 lead to "israel", and it's Fifth Columnist "sayanim" and Traitors within the "us government"!

Gee, I wonder what the "us government" did about this? Did they question Milchon about this, or even deny IT further entry into The US, etc.? You tell me.

No description needed-ROTFLMFAO!

So now you should understand that when AOC actually spoke the truth about "AIPAC" being all about the Benjamins, etc. it was actually designed to make all us "Truthers" (if you will) look like fools! "The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves"- "jew" Vladimir Lenin.

This video is mainly for the owner of the BitChute channel here called "DanTheOracle" who has claimed that fire, and the (little) damage to the "façade" (outside) of WTC-7 brought it down, not explosives. This person has also claimed that WTC-7 did not come down into it's own footprint, nor at "Free Fall Speed"-something even "NIST" reluctantly admitted to.
I am good friends with 9/11 FDNY First Responder, Rudy Dent. Rudy personally witnessed the Controlled Demolition of WTC-7, and the "molten steel" at "ground zero". He has also stated to me, and others, that the fires in WTC-7 were all but out, and that the First Responders were out of WTC-7 hours before it was brought down!
Also notice in this video there is the "Lucky" (((Larry Silverstein))) "Pull It" quote from an interview (((IT))) did with PBS after 9/11. (((Silverstein))) WAS NOT referring to pulling out the First Responders as many (((hasbrats))) and (((their))) "useful idiots" try to claim!
"DanTheOracle" has several other false (junk science) claims about 9/11, but I will not go into them here. Over the years, since first learning of WTC-7 (2007), I have "fought" with too many other (((hasbrats))), and (((their))) "useful idiots", to continue addressing these idiotic "arguments" further!
I was an Engineer in the US Army, with explosive training/experience, and Arch., and other training/experince after the Army. I am not an "expert", but I know a Controlled Demolition when I see it. The Twins, and WTC-7 did not come down due to fires, nor due to damage from plane strikes!
Oh, and "DanTheOracle"-No plane hit the Pentagon either! All one has to do is see the damage to the building before the roof collapsed to know this!
Again-I have enough experience, and have done too much research into 9/11 to believe the "Official Version" of 9/11, or any of the junk science coming from such sites as (((Popular Mechanics)))!
By the way, when you actually do your homework, you learn that "israli/jew" hands are all over 9/11!

This is a complete version of the 4 part, Carl Cameron, 2001 Fox News Report on "israeli's" very aggressive spying on the US (government and civilians), and it's ties to 9/11, illegal drugs, etc.. As you can expect, this report was quickly taken down by Fox News.
Just imagine how much worse this spying/monitoring has become since 2001, especially now knowing that nearly every single high tech company (and "start-up's") has some kind of headquarters, and, or direct connection to "israel"! An example is-"Intel Inside"? No, it's actually "israel inside"! qualcomm/snapdragon, microsoft, yahoo, google/yt, etc. all located in "israel"!
When you do your homework, you also lean that "israel" is/has actually been STEALING US high tech (military and civilian), and taking it out of the US for years! Look in to "israel's" "Unit 8200" also! "Once we squeeze all we can out of the US, it can dry up and blow away"-Nut-n-Yahoo, 2001.
As the "jew" Traitor jonathan pollard stated-The US Government should never give security clearances to "jews" because when called upon we will do whatever is asked of us by "israel" (para).
"israel" is neither a friend, nor ally of the US Republic! It is nothing but a blood sucking leach that needs to be burned off!

David McCalden blows the lid off the Birkenau "Death Camp" story.

Revisionist David McCalden blows the lid off the Auschwitz Myth. Part 2 (coming next) blows the lid off Birkenau, which was part of the overall Auschwitz "Concentration Camp".

Having problems identifying the (((enemy)))? Evalion is here to help you with that.

Unfortunately this video does not delve in to the (((communist))) work stoppages, etc. during WW1, but one can find this information also. One can also learn that the event known as "Kristallnacht" ("The Night of Broken Glass") was the direct result of a "jew" assassinating a German Official in Paris 1938. I suggest you all start doing your homework, because you/your nations will never be "Free" until real history is realized, and the real (((war mongers/nation destroyers))), and their "shabezz goy" are exposed and charged for their deeds!
And for those who still do not know- communism is judaism! A more appropriate way to state it is- zionism is jew nationalism, while communism is jew internationalism!

Did the Nuremberg Trials serve justice, or were they just retaliation against the Germans? Do you really think the indoctrination centers ("schools/colleges") are teaching you the real facts?
Those who have done their homework know the answer to these questions. The truth will set you free!


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