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Rest Stop Radio Interview 2016

RSR: He definitely was making that documentary about living the nomadic life. He created an indiegogo campaign and asked people to donate. He raised more than $5000 dollars and commenters want to know, where did that money go? That's another thing we asked in the follow up interview.

Eric Jacobs: Right, right, I mean i guess that's a good point. There are several people out there that would be like you know, hey i think we gave you this money to do the documentary and where is it and you are a fraudster you know, you're a scammer, you know you didn't do what you said...but in the end as far as the L-L-Legality issue i mean, i didn't give a time frame, i never gave a finish date, i never said what would inquire for it to be finished...so, the point is once you make a donation of any kind there's no requirement and you don't own a piece of the documentary.

RSR: Some would call that deceit.

Eric Jacobs known as the Nomadic Fanatic on YouTube needs Jesus.


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