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29 years ago today June 17th a very bizarre story started to unfold in my life after the slow-speed chase and arrest of O.J. Simpson. O.J. passed my sister and me during the famous getaway, and two weeks later Nicole's sister Denise randomly walked into a restaurant where Sis and I were performing, twice. This was the beginning of a magical adventure ya could never make up.

Joe Biden tries to snatch baby as he's watch by secret service

The deep state had already capitulated to Trump. We're watching a real-life WAKE-UP movie.

As the world goes mad, Sun Jun 12th @ 7-9pm light a candle for Nicole/Ron and all victims of violence. Rituals fight evil so be part of this love fest.

FOX news broadcasts the criminal Biden family is NOW being arrested.

For more info on the satanic enemy humanity is fighting and the bright future ahead visit

I added my artistics to this amazing message from the Galactic Federation Of Light (You heard of them in Star Wars, Star Trek, etc.) They really exist and the governments of our realm have been hiding it from us. The computer voice is GF text converted. The music is mine, and I spun the Crop Circles. Pretty cool huh?

Also, visit

Trump was dirty until Yoko (Miho) made Trump white again.

Message Mon explains the current situation humanity faces, the criminals, and the "Q" operation currently taking down an evil cabal that's been jackin' humanity for thousands of years.

Hear more of the interview using the link below.

Here's what really happened after the election was stolen and why potato Joe has never stepped foot in the White House as fake president.

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Guest at Obama's Bday party get high on the blood of children.

There is no one working in our capital. All buildings closed in Washington as Pedo Joe gets creepier and creepier. Mainstream media implodes as reporters blow the whistle of fake news ON-AIR! Visit for more truth.

Here's all the proof I needed to never eat at McDonald's again. There's nothing "Happy" about what's in their meals.

A clip from a 2-hour video explaining the pure evil that was under Donald Trump's feet for 4 years..... and he knew nothing about it. He knows about it now.

Watch the entire show with the link below

Calling All Angels to join the fight in saving the children from these sick twisted satanic monsters,


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