The Peoples Bank of China introduced a new lending device that lowers interest rates for corporations. I read a CNN article describing it and respond.

Italy's Economy has not been doing well for a long time. I read an article from Bloomberg discussing the causes of this, react, and give my thoughts.

There's been bad noises coming out of China's economy I read an article talking about the bad numbers from china and give my thoughts.

I read an article in the New York times talking about the slowing world economy and possible reasons for the slowdown

I've started my new YouTube channel and I discuss everything that's happening with it. The link to my new YouTube channel is,

Germany's economy officially contracted in the second quarter. I read an article from the BBC and comment on whats making the countries economy do so badly

China is redirecting its exports toward Europe and that's having a big impact on Europe's economy. I discuss what's going on and read and react to an article from Forbes.

This is an explanation of the phenomena of Commodity Dependence, how it occurs, and why this is important.


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My You Tube Channel was Taken Down. I talk about it.

More bad news for Germany, industrial growth numbers were horrible. I read and react to an article in the Guardian describing Germany's troubles and give my thoughts.

Disney is offering a discount price for consumers who purchase all 3 of thier Streaming Services together. I read an article from CNBC describing this and comment.

The US labels china a currency manipulator in response to the Yuan Devaluation leading to talk of the trade dispute escalating into a currency war. I read and respond to an article From CNBC and give my thoughts on the Topic.

European Bond Yields are Falling and going Evan More Negative. I Read and React to this article from sputnik news about these events.

I read and react to an article in the Financial Times discussing the extraordinary phenomena of negative interest rates, and give my thoughts.

I read and comment on an article from news stating that Germany is on the verge of crises and describing Germany's recent economic troubles. I Respond to the article and give my opinion as I react to it.

I talk about similar topics in my previews video that I reference

I speculate about when at what point in the future demand for labor will be completely eliminated due to automation and all jobs will be replaced.

The part of the Marxism video I'm referring to is at point 6:09

I read of the IMF list of the 20 richest countries in the world on Wikipedia and give my explanation for how each of them became so successful.

I discuss the topic about what Government Spending As a Proportion of GDP could have to do with Economic Growth Rates.
I analyze various facets of the issue from multiple angles to try to give a comprehensive picture of the topic.

Links to Previous video mentioned in this one

I Discuses the Progress of my channel and the current state of my channels. I also talk about my new channel I recently started.

The Link to my first video on my new channel is here
The Bitchute link to my new channel is here

I discuss upcoming issues with my Bitchute channel

I Discuss upcoming issues with my Bitchute Channel

I'm announcing the creation of my new channel; Anicide

I'm announcing the creation of my new channel; Anicide

I describe the visual reasons why elements of the the anime art style make it look the way it does.

Why does anime look the way it does? What is it about the anime art style that makes it look so distinct and different from anything else. I describe the visual reasons why elements of the the anime art style make it look the way it does.

I decided on my new channel's name, Anicide.


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