I list what are my most important videos on my channel and describe them. That way visitors can be better directed to the more important content and get the most out of my channel.

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I read an article from slate discussing how people are moving out of cities, and what might the consequences of this be.

I read an article from talking about the rise of remote work and its affect on were people live. As well as an increase in people moving away from cities.

I read an article from NPR describing how people are leaving New York for other locations.

I discuss measures that would solve the problems with police forces

I read an article from the Hill talking about how there's a large number of people leaving cities.

In order to formally join Bitchute I had to get a SubscribeStar account. Now that I have a subscribe star account I thought it would be a good time to launch a subscribestar service for my channel.


I make my second video updating my gardening. Full grown snap peas, cucumber and tomato seedlings.

I read an article from the New York Times discussing the extent to which work from home is continuing despite the official reopening of New York.

I read an article from Forbs disusing the increase in work from home employment in the wake of the virus.

The fallout from the virus threatens New York with peril as people move out due to remote working from home and the tax base

I read an article listing sever structural issues and behavior patterns that will hurt the economy after all restriction are lifted and respond

I find the most popular video on Bitchute in the business & finance section watch it and react.

The Virus is causing an increase in online shopping I read an article describing this and respond

The Virus is accelerating trends in the decline of cable TV I read an article describing this and respond

I list the proportion of the population that does not belong to any religion in various European countries.

I react to a video where Tim Pool discusses the possibility of food shortages and give my thoughts on the topic.

I describe how the process of technological innovation occurs and what conditions are necessary for it to take place in.

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Last year in 2019 Sweden's economy grew slower than its population meaning the economy shank in per capita terms

A link to one of my videos on Germany

The world faces huge unprecedented deficits on top of already high debt levels as countries face Coronavirus

I talk about how I'm starting to make videos again

I decided to make videos documenting my gardening.

I read two articles from CNN and the New York Times describing Europe's recent bad growth numbers and speculating on the impact of the Coronavirus, and respond to them.

I talk about my thoughts on the new virus epidemic and aspects of the outbreak

I talk about whats going on with my life


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