Median Income in the United States increased to a record high in august 2019 I read an article from seeking alpha detailing this and comment.

There is more bad news coming out of Germany's economy. I read an article by Bloomberg describing this, react, and give my thoughts.

Whats happening with China's economy, why is it getting worse? I read an article from Business Insider discussing what could be causing china's weakening performance. I react to it and give my opinion.

I briefly describe the progress of my BitChute channel over the past few months.

Why is Argentina's Economy in Crises. I read an article from Brooking describing what handicap and give my response.

There is more bad Economic news comming out of China I read an article talking about it, and respond.

Argentina's economy is facing crises once again. I read an article from the financial times discussing what's going on, react to it, and give my opinion.

I Made this Video in November 2018 .
I'm uploading this older video from my previous channel, like I said I would in my other video, to show that I did say Disney was a good buy.

I describe why I think companies and good investments that will rise in value.

Eventually as the platform grows there is the likelihood that Bitchute will be forced to change and deal with how it handles copyrighted content. You're channels should be in a position to handle that.

How might Germany's recent poor economic performance affect Europe. I read and react to an article from the New York Times speculating on the topic, and give my thoughts.

There has been recent good news from US consumers, in contrast to the recent US slowdown or recession fears prevalent. I read an article detailing these new figures and give my thoughts on this topic.

I read two articles saying there will be an increase in self employment. I read and react to these articles, and then comment with my own thoughts.

The Peoples Bank of China introduced a new lending device that lowers interest rates for corporations. I read a CNN article describing it and respond.

Italy's Economy has not been doing well for a long time. I read an article from Bloomberg discussing the causes of this, react, and give my thoughts.

There's been bad noises coming out of China's economy I read an article talking about the bad numbers from china and give my thoughts.

I read an article in the New York times talking about the slowing world economy and possible reasons for the slowdown

I've started my new YouTube channel and I discuss everything that's happening with it. The link to my new YouTube channel is,

Germany's economy officially contracted in the second quarter. I read an article from the BBC and comment on whats making the countries economy do so badly

China is redirecting its exports toward Europe and that's having a big impact on Europe's economy. I discuss what's going on and read and react to an article from Forbes.

This is an explanation of the phenomena of Commodity Dependence, how it occurs, and why this is important.


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My You Tube Channel was Taken Down. I talk about it.

More bad news for Germany, industrial growth numbers were horrible. I read and react to an article in the Guardian describing Germany's troubles and give my thoughts.

Disney is offering a discount price for consumers who purchase all 3 of thier Streaming Services together. I read an article from CNBC describing this and comment.

The US labels china a currency manipulator in response to the Yuan Devaluation leading to talk of the trade dispute escalating into a currency war. I read and respond to an article From CNBC and give my thoughts on the Topic.


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