I read the first chapter of the new Viz release of Urusei Yatsura and give my reaction.

I read the first chapter of Rumiko Takahashi's new Manga Series in English for the fist time, and give my reactions.

I view the raw untranslated first chapter of MAO for the first time and give my initial reaction to Rumiko Takahashis latest series as I view it.

The Release Date for Rumiko Takahashi's new Manga has been announced, along with other information. I talk about what we know and give my thoughts.

The Irony of this situation is too rich not to comment on, I talk about how the temporary loss of this models Instagram account has just given her a ton of free publicity and a vastly larger following on YouTube.

I compare the economic growth rates in the United States and France

I describe what profit is, why it exist and how it works

I talk about how I feel my life's been going recently

Median Income in the United States declined slightly in February,
I discuss the factors leading to the slowing economy.

sorry for the extra dead space at the end to fix it I'd have to re-upload the video

I describe why the Theories of Karl Marx were incorrect

I discuss my views on higher education and describe aspects of higher education today.

I decided to compare Medan Income for Blacks with Median Income for Non-Hispanic Whites. I discuss how income for these groups compared over time.

I discuss the sizes of different Eastern European countries Muslim population and their demographics.

I go over the sizes of Western European countries Muslim populations and discuss their demographics.

Median Income rises 3 percent year over year in January 2019 Median income hasn't grown this much in over 20 years.

I compare Median Personal Income and Median Household Income and explain the reasons for the difference in performance of the two indicators

I describe my Experience on the BitChute so far and how I have performed

I compare the most recent economic growth rates from France, Germany, and Italy.

Sorry this video has so much extra dead space, I haven't been able to trim it. I highly suggest you watch my Germany Recession video for more on this topic.

I compare changes in the median household income overtime with per-capita economic growth.

Germany's economy failed to grow in the fourth quarter after shrinking .2 percent in the third, barely avoiding recession.
I discuss Germany's growth problems.

I Discuss my theories for who will end up as couples by the end of Black Clover.

I talk about how much more illegal immigration we might get from Latin America.

This is an explanation of the phenomena of Commodity Dependence, how it occurs, and why the issue is important.


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Hulu and Funimation just made a huge new Deal, I give my thoughts on it

Are Finral from Black Clover and Shaggy from Scooby-Doo the same? What do black clover and Scooby-Doo have to do with each other.


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