The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) is a national database in the United States that allows anyone to report adverse events following vaccination. It includes reports of various adverse events, including deaths, that occur after vaccination.

Mutilating children is indeed barbaric. Please watch this video and learn more about what they are doing to children.

Imagine the chaos that would ensue if the criminals cut us off from the Internet.

Karen summarizes all the evidence that shows the injections are weapons.

Everyone who cares about humanity's freedom, please watch this movie, starting with the trailer.

Our children are the future of humanity. Please protect children from the horrifying predators shown in this film.

Unless we the people stop the psychopaths from destroying our human DNA humanity will vanish.

The FBI is a terrorist organization that must be stopped.

This was posted earlier by someone else, but the subject is so important that we are sharing it everywhere. Hospitals have become executioners and they are paid for it.

The psychopaths in charge are contaminating everything including dental anesthetics. Beware!

This man could be one of the greatest psychopaths that ever existed and he seems to have bribed millions of followers regardless of the atrocities he funds.
This video shows a glimpse of the evil incarnate this man is.

Listen to six minutes of truth telling about the crimes committed by the health agencies that exist to protect the people. Such agencies became executioners for money, like hit men and assassins.

Thank you Stew Peters for doing something about this horror that most people in society ignore or are so deeply brain washed that they do not see the genocide that is taking place every minute of every hour. Wake Up!

Our children are our future as a species and they are killed routinely to satisfy horrific perversions. Save the family as a fundamental institution from imminent destruction. Wake Up, we are at war!

They intimidate doctors to clear the way for murder.

What they have done to some people is beyond evil. Think about the type of mind that can inject millions of innocent people with these horrifying ingredients. The worst part is that most people still believe that the people pushing this poison mean well and is for our safety. Wake up!

We are enslaved and don't know it. This video shows clearly who owns everything and we must WAKE UP!

Narrated by David Icke

This video provides the viewer with the details of the charges against the agencies like the CDC who kill people without repercussions.

Dr. Young clearly states why the virus scare is another medical SCAM!

No virus has ever been isolated.

A verbal description of what it takes to prove the existence of a virus. What if virology was another scam perpetrated by the same individuals who brought down the planet with unnecessary lockdowns? Imagine, there never was a covid virus. It was all and continues to be a scam started decades ago.

This attack is more important than any of the distractions and fake news to making the rounds to keep people in a trance, like robots.

This short video is in Spanish with translation and delivers an important Message to all, share this everywhere.

Secrets of the United Nations

How to make Chlorine Dioxide
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