Explaining what body area networks are and function
This is human trafficking
I am biomedically trafficked by agencies - universities- clinics and doctors
Real estate development and Freemasons

Teaching on what Satan is doing using the allopathic death care system
Injecting animal dna into you

Eugene effect / 1300 hertz signal will be sent and the nano lipid particles will break open / rabies adjunct used and prefrontal cortex decision making will be affected
If it didn’t work another test Oct 11
2:22 pm eastern time turn off devices and get away from all smart devices / cars / smart meters /phones

Edenslivingtv.SUPERPATCH.com for vibrotactical technology helps the brain signals harmonize

Fair use act
Educational purposes only
Dr. Sherrie Tenpenny teaching on the spike protein and how monoclonal antibodies can’t be detoxed out of the body
Cancer is going through the roof


Dr Lindsey whistle blowing on all shots given to the public are contaminated
Up to 20 percent DNA is being found
Aids / synthetic
And works add nano dots and quantum dots with the graphene transcribing your dna to Transhuman
They had deaths in the clinic trails
It should of never been released

As a remote viewer STARGATE : The bottomless pit has been opened using CERN and frequency

Fair use act

The technology inside the SUPERPATCH has a uniquely arranged ridges that look like a QR code, when these ridges touch our skin, our cells transmit unique signals that interact with our body ‘s nervous system
To order Edenslivingtv.SUPERPATCH.com

Fair use act
Educational and entertainment purposes only
When they say peace and safety / utter destruction comes

Your gut health is your immune system
There is a connection between the gut -brain operating together for mental health and immunity
Serotonin is produced in the stomach
You have unhealthy bacteria levels in the gut and it Leaks- you will have health issues
Stay away from processed foods and gluten

Patents for Direct Energy Weapons being used on my property and home to murder
I am a CDC whistle blower and I won’t be SILENCED
fair use act educational purposes only

Our story of being biomedically trafficked and tortured

My truth so help me God

CDC doing surveys or profiling your family and children
They are coming for your children
Trafficking/ genocide / depopulation/Nazis

Eden’s Living is a biotech expert whistle blower interviewing a Louisiana grandmother dropping truth B O M B S to the CDC / centers of disease control or creation of disease PROFILING FAMILIES and looking for children under 4 years old

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Super patch is Edenslivingtv.superpatch.com for body organ and immune support

Edensliving@gmail,com and share but give ME CREDIT

Praising Jesus for saving me
I almost died

Fire is coming

Sending love and light
You are not guaranteed tomorrow
Enjoy every day with gratefulness and gratitude

Fair use act
Faraday bags / reflective insulation put in windows and high spray heat on doors
Blue has a frequency of 6.66 hertz
Dew can’t burn through it due to frequency programming

Teaching on the dangers of graphene which is in the jab- food - supplements = air thanks to Satanistsm BILL GATES, eugenics programs
Graphene makes the body electromagnetic to pair you with 5 g THE INTERNET OF BODIES _ THE SINGULARITY

Fair use act credit Jeremiah the messenger
Prince William is the Will I AM false CHRIST

My story of being a whistle blower against big tech and big pharma / being tortured by frequency RADIATION ( dew) lasers
1065 Wi-Fi devices found in and on my property ran by Spectrum / I don’t have internet service.
My family has crypto attached to my property
I am being murdered and biomedically trafficked
Those children in Maui were stolen
Over two hundred washed up on shore with bullet wounds / where are the CHILDREN 👧 MAUI needs HELP AND PRAYERS

Teaching on the truth of the bioweapon that ties you into google D wave computer Transhumanism
Eden is ex German biotech nanotechnology expert and certified in emf remediation
Whistle blower

New lights are weapon systems
Eyes on you 24 7

A direct energy weapon will be deployed to exterminate humanity
Your children are their goal / they want to traffick and steal your child BEWARE

Fair use act
Educating on nano particles in the COVID bioweapon
The nano encasement will break and all holy hell will break lose in the human body and mind ( zombies) look up Eugene effect
Eden is ex German biotech pharma whistle blower


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I also give Hope to those chronically ill through the Salvation and Grace of Jesus Christ.