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Blue Marsh Lake as seen in 2019 . Three differnet parts of the lake.

In October/ November fishing slows down here in S.E.Pa, I fished 3 lakes take a look.

I am fishing from a kayak on the Schuylkill river for catfish with cut bait and chicken liver in October.

Do you like fishing ? catfish are easy to catch I'll show you how

Is this the last day in a kayak on the river to catch catfish ?

I think this flathead catfish was my bigest one caught from a kayak on the Schuylkill river.

I'm fishing from a kayak for catfish and take a look at what I caught besides a large Flat head catfish.

This is a lake I go to if I only have a few hours to fish, see how i catch carp and a few surprise fish .

One of my biggest Flathead catfish on cut bait from a kayak on the Schuylkill river.

I am on the Schuylkill river in a kayak fishing for flathead catfish. When I make a video I like to tell the whole story any questonsl put it under comments.

Labor day 2019 carp fishing at Green Lane Park

I was the most popular guy in the park with the kids that day,,,,,, take a look,

August look at the lake , marsh creek lake.

Do fish bite better in the rain, before the rain or after the rain?

Just a fun video, what fishing is about when you fish from the bank.

A spot on the Perkiomen creek bank fishing

2nd part of fishing on the Schuylkill River for catfish 2 nd week of August .

Schuylkill river it was hot wt.80 and low, let see what I can catch,

End of July Schuylikill River catfishing from a kayak part 2

End of July fishing for catfish on the Schuylkill river for catfish ,,, it was hot.

I am fishing for carp with pva , camera lenze cover ,and I don't know when to quit.

Kayak bass fishing is it a social thing? not Kayaking. There are some tips and tricks for fishing on here.

What to do when the BASS Season CLOSES.

Bank fishing on the Schuylkill River for Flatheads ,,,,,,, BUT Take what you can get,

Come fishing with me from a kayak for catfish in the Schuylkill River.


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I fish at Marsh Creek Lake Nockamixon Blue Marsh in Schuylkill River