Classic 50's SciFi Doomsday Full Length Movie.

The original Indiana Jones...Charlton Heston. Classic 50's full length movie.

Classic 50's SciFi. Full length movie.

Music Video (Released 1978)

SciFi Classic - Full Length Movie

Classic 50's Sci Fi. Full length movie.

Music Video. (Released 1973)

Music Video. Released (1969)

Music Video. Released (1965)

Classic 50's SciFi/Horror. Full Length Movie.

Classic 60's SciFi. Full Length Movie.

Music Video (Released 1988)

Bangs & kicks door while screaming. Pushes woman German police officer in face, then club bouncers come out and deliver discipline.

Music Video (Released 1985)

Music Video (Released 1988)

Music Video (Released 1980)

Movie Music Video (1984)

Music Video (Released 1984)

Music Video (Released 1984)

Music Video (Released 1982)

Music Video - Brightman & Banderas perform live on stage.

Music Video - Song done to timed Christmas lights on house & yard.

Music Video - Funny, Political. Set to the Billy Idol tune Mony Mony.

Music Video (Released 2013)


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