"Peaceful protest" lol

Pallet of Bricks Anyone?
This is happening all over the USA..

Eyewitness video shows looters taking items from a shoe store in the Wynwood area of Miami during protests late on Saturday (May 30) before gunshots are heard.

"Wynwood area in Miami during Saturday’s protests: A group of protestors broke into a shoe store and started stealing all the shoes. A man driving a car stopped in the middle and started shooting his gun and all the protestors fled the scene," the filmer said.

Karma at it's finest

Riots at all major cities were coordinated
Bricks were delivered to locations for the riots

Suspiciously organized

Typical behavior

Vandalism, Theft, and arson...how does this help your "cause"?

For obvious reasons

Actions of an oppressed, powerless, and marginalized people?

Prosecutors said that around 7:30 a.m. on Aug. 15 of that year, an elderly man was found in his room with a bruised lip. He later later told a day-shift caregiver he had been punched.

They said he then motioned to his face, chest, and groin. He soon became unresponsive and was taken to WellStar-Kennestone Hospital where he was found to have multiple rib fractures, a collapsed lung, and facial bruising.

He never regained consciousness and died just days later.

“Adam Bennett died from painful injuries. He suffered. And the person responsible for easing that suffering … did nothing,” Senior Assistant District Attorney Jason Marbutt said during sentencing.

This is elder abuse at this point.

A timeline of the corruption since trump took office.
How many corrupt officials are there in government?
Epstein must have compromised a few before he didn't himself.


The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office is seeking the public's assistance in identifying a man who stolen baskets of fruit and flowers from the Natural Farmer's Market in the Carrollwood area.

On May 18, 2020, at 1 a.m., an unidentified man jumped the exterior gate to the Natural Farmer's Market, 4441 Gunn Hwy. The suspect damaged the gate as he gained entry and stole two grocery baskets full of watermelon and flowers.

His theft and escape were recorded on a store surveillance camera.

"This man's crime may seem victimless, but it impacts the hard-working business owner who depends on this produce for income," said Sheriff Chad Chronister. "Thankfully, the security camera at this business was able to show us who committed this crime. We are confident someone will recognize him from this video."


Watch the video

No national media outrage. gee, I wonder why???

He has something that needs wiping

Typical democrats


Happy Mother's day

The radical left will stop at nothing to intimidate conservative students on college campuses. You can help expose them.

Footage courtesy of Eyewitness News ABC7NY

Dr. Judy Mikovits, PhD | Exposing Dr. Fauci “Plandemic The Movie


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