Elon's Musk

Elon's Musk

This lengthy but very informative documentary was practically banned on YouTube. Once you watch it, you will be far more informed about the world, and if you are new to "conspiracy theories", it is a good way to "wake up".

This is a livestream hosted by Red Pill University on 28 December 2017, and can be found on Red Pill University's Facebook page (https://facebook.com/redpilluniversity/). It features a conversation with RPU's Alex Newman, Patrick Wood of Technocracy.News, and G. Edward Griffin on the current and (near) future state of the world, focusing on the authoritarian, technocratic policies that are presently being implemented all around the world.

Originally published on 11 November 2017 on the Sane Progressive's Facebook page (and elsewhere). Debbile Lusignan (the Sane Progressive), Tatsu Ikeda, Gerard Kenyatte Hay, and Holly Seeliger meet at Claudia Stauber's cabin in Vermont to reflect on the crazy state of the world right now.

This video was published many places on the Internet, including on the BitChute page of @CABIN TALK (Claudia).


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