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DELAIN - Masters Of Destiny | LYRICS

I, I curse the morning star
And I, I curse the moonlit sky

I traced the stars and mapped them all and to my misery
Each single light up in the sky all pointed back to me
I can't escape my destiny
I can't escape

Like a deer, still as stone, on the road
As headlights approach

All the things we've said and done
All the things we have become
All the things we've said and done
We've said and done, we've said and done

Used to be sure that
It's me who sleeps, but can it be
Somewhere there's a life
That dreams of me

Used to be sure that
I roll the dice, but can it be
Is playing me

All the things we've said and done
All the things we have become
All the things we've said and done
We've said and done, we've said and done

Hold on
Chance is cruel but there's no one else
Keeping you down
If you don't bow to its will

I am the dreamer
I roll the dice and I'm alive
My hands aren't tied

We are the dreamers
We roll the dice, we're alive
We'll always be
Masters of destiny

Like a deer, brick to bone, on the road
Flesh picked on by crows

All the things we have become
All the things we've said and done
We've said and done
All the things we've said and done
All the things we have become
All the things we've said and done
We've said and done

Iceland, 1976. Six suspects confess to two violent crimes. This is the strangest criminal investigation you've never heard of.

Set within the stark Icelandic landscape, Out of Thin Air examines the 1976 police investigation into the disappearance of two men in the early 1970s. Iceland in the 1970s was a idyll; a farming community, pretty much cut off from the much of the rest of the world. Crime was rare, murder rarer still. Then two men disappear under suspicious circumstances and foul play is suspected. The country demands a resolution. Police launch the biggest criminal investigation Iceland has ever seen. Finally, six people confess to two violent murders and are sent to prison. It seems the nightmare is over. But in many ways the nightmare has just begun....

Billy Frietag is a free-spirited young man who spends the warmer months working the family farm, and travels when cold. Tragically, it's his openness and generosity that lead to strange set of events which culminate in his death.

A two-hour special examining the desperate love story of Gypsy Rose Blanchard and Nicholas Godejohn and their joint decision to kill Gypsy’s abusive mother, Claudine “Dee Dee” Blanchard. Features an exclusive prison interview with Nicholas Godejohn.

In the 1980s and 1990s a wave of murders bloodied the idyllic coastline of Sydney’s eastern suburbs in Australia. The victims: young homosexual men.

Television’s Nancy Grace thought she had seen it all until the wife of her colleague and frequent on-air opponent, Daniel Horowitz, was gruesomely murdered in 2005.

In this documentary, there is exclusive access to never seen before police tapes from the investigation into army sergeant Emile Cilliers, who attempted to murder his wife by tampering with her parachute.

On Easter Sunday 2015, Cilliers’ wife Victoria, a highly experienced parachuting instructor, jumped out of a plane at 4,000 feet, but both her main and reserve parachutes failed and she crashed to the ground, causing near-fatal injuries.

This documentary explores the phenomenon of a one punch kill, by examining three different assaults: single hits with dire consequences, but often in innocuous locations and circumstances.

An investigation into the murder of Sophie Lionnet, a nanny whose burned body was found in the garden of her employers’ South London home. Featuring the thoughts of friends, neighbours and journalists who covered the case.

Documentary examining how the infamous killer Ian Huntley was finally convicted.

A look at the evidence that convicted murderer Ian Huntley.

The story of Britain’s biggest ever food scandal. Mad cow disease has killed almost 200 people. It is an epidemic that was created through greed and political miscalculation.

The story of Britain’s biggest ever food scandal. Since 1996, almost 200 people have died from vCJD, whilst the cattle disease BSE has been responsible for the death of over four million cows. It has cost the NHS over a billion pounds and virtually destroyed the British beef industry in the 1990s. Beneath the statistics is a story of greed, corruption and catastrophic political misjudgement by the then Conservative government. With access to all of the politicians, scientists and families who have been defined by this epidemic, this film pieces together a forgotten chapter of our recent history.

At first, the fatal shooting of Linda Marie Brown seems like an open and shut case. Linda's teenage stepdaughter, Cinnamon is found comatose nearby clutching a suicide note that reads, "I didn't mean to hurt her."

When a retired detective from the Jacksonville Sheriffs Office, is found beaten and shot in a local cemetery, it will take covert surveillance and an undercover sting to bring his killer to justice.

When police investigate the murder of a Private Investigator the trail leads them to a wealthy woman who had affairs with both a father and his son.

Cruises aren't always plain sailing. As this documentary reveals, terrifying weather, emergency evacuations, collisions, sickness and crime can turn them into something you won't see in the brochure.

Zach Sanders is being pulled in two directions between the woman he loves and his mistress who refuses to let him go. Jealousy, obsession and news of a surprise engagement leads to a deadly case of road rage.

When Pastor Remington is gunned down in broad daylight at his church in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, police launch a massive manhunt to stop the shooter before he strikes again. Across town, the Odom family fear their own missing son is in grave danger.

Documentary examining the vital breakthroughs that helped police catch the killers of 60-year-old Sadie Hartley, who was immobilised with a stun gun and stabbed to death in her own home in January 2016. Detectives quickly identified two suspects, but only patient and thorough police work could uncover the evidence to secure a conviction.

Teen Michelle Carter's actions shocked a nation - but what really happened behind closed doors? This HBO special showcases the prosecution's point of view and alternately the defense's. Which side do you fall on?

In July 2014, 18-year-old Conrad Roy died by suicide in his car at a parking lot in Fairhaven, Mass. Police soon discovered a series of alarming text messages from his girlfriend, 17-year-old Michelle Carter, that seemed to encourage him to kill himself. This discovery sparked sensational headlines nationwide, leading to a trial that raised difficult questions about technology, social media and mental health, while asking if one person can be held responsible for the suicide of another.

In 2012, teens Michelle Carter and Conrad Roy fell in love. They lived hours apart and met in person no more than five times, but exchanged thousands of texts over a two-year period. After Roy was found dead in his car in July 2014, what appeared to be a standard case of suicide by carbon-monoxide intoxication took a shocking turn when investigators discovered alarming text messages on his phone. Carter, 17 at the time, had urged Roy to kill himself, even after he had second thoughts and removed himself from his car.

Ashlee and Emmett Corrigan seem to have it all true love, five beautiful children, and a growing business. But in March 2011, an explosive encounter blows their lives apart in an instant, revealing their marriage is not what it seemed.

In 2015 in Newaygo County, Michigan, Marty and Glenna Duram are found gunned down in their own home. At the heart of the crime is their marriage. Its a bizarre story that involves drugs, stolen money, and a pet parrot who becomes an eyewitness.

Two couples arrive on the same remote and uninhabited island in the Pacific looking for paradise. Soon, all that either of them find is trouble. When one couple emerges months later, the FBI will spend years deciphering exactly what happened.

Living near Lake Minnetonka, MN with his wife and daughter, Jeff Skelton thinks his life is perfect until rumors of infidelity surface. Everyone has their breaking point. Jeff will do whatever it takes to keep his family from being pulled apart.

Newlyweds set out for the adventure of a lifetime; their dream of sailing the world together. The honeymoon comes crashing into the dangers of reality for Don when he heads to the one remote island where a serial killer could be in hiding.

This special documentary heads to Ukraine to meet some of the people involved in dealing with the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in 1986.


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