The first section of the mine is the oldest where they open pit mined. The newer part goes underground actually beneath a lake!

My bad HHO gas not HH2 also some generators actually the main ones I worked on and with, operated and are driven by high pressure steam. 900psi/900deg the auxiliary ones were gas..cheers guys

Sorry about the sound quality folks rough roads ahead..peace

Tell me how does it feel? To be lied to all your life?

View of Montreal Qc

This is a re-up of one of my earlier vids. Seems MrCheswick neglected to watch this video 2 years ago before he decided to make a hit piece slanderous, full of everything I've clearly told all of my subs video! Well MrCheesdick..here's the PROOF YOU ARE A SLANDERING LYING SNAKE! Who EXPOSED NOTHING! You are a clown MrClown should be your new channel name if you decide to return to youtube! Just wanted to re-up this vid for my subs in case any of you happened to see him utterly bullshit hit piece on Celtic67 and myself..Bye MrCheswick..don't come back! please! please!


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