A proper bottom needs Professional bars active at the Lows. At 9am we hadn't had that, so we were likely to retest the early Low.

The Emini gapped up and broke out of congestion today. But we've got employment numbers out on Friday, so let's see if we keep going.

Didn't catch the reversal Low but there was a nice mid-trend entry point signalled by the Professionals.

For now the US Dollar Index has maxed out, as it's run into cyclical resistance. But it's not all over for the USD.

Got a little knocked about first then the real trend showed itself.

This video shows the charts for China, Brazil, Indonesia, the Philippines, Poland and South Africa. China’s not quite there yet, but setting up. The others are on their way.

First two Emini day trades of the New Year for me. Don't be afraid of Triples - they often mean big moves are ahead. In this case we'd not seen blue Professional bars at the Highs, so once we broke above the triple Resistance we were off to an uptrend move that wouldn't end until we saw End of Trend signals.

With further equities weakness we could start to see the Japanese Yen Carry Trade unwind. I'm watching my Yen futures chart for a break above the 90 cents level. If we get that then it's game on for a little rally in the Yen (and more weakness in equities).


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