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The relatively well known Satanist who goes by the name of "Morgue" claims in his video to have 100% proof that god doesn't exist. That certainly sounds intriguing, so let's watch what amazing and irrefutable empirical evidence he is gonna present...

Satanism Religion God Atheism

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The Independent Tribunal into Forced Organ Harvesting from Prisoners of Conscience in China


For the first time 30 fact witnesses and experts from around the world step forward to give evidence before an independent people’s tribunal chaired by Sir Geoffrey Nice QC (former prosecutor of war crimes at the UN’s tribunal for the former Yugoslavia).

Joining Sir Geoffrey Nice is a panel of six members with backgrounds in international law, medicine, business, international relations and Chinese history. Mr Hamid Sabi will provide legal counsel, drawing on his expertise from the Iran Tribunal. The Tribunal will receive independent legal advice from around the world on the legal implications of factual findings they may make.

The Tribunal will investigate what criminal offences, if any, have been committed by state or state-approved bodies / organisations / individuals in China that may have engaged in forced organ harvesting.

Witnesses over the three days include Chinese refugees who have fled alleged persecution after being held in detention in China, medical professionals and investigators. The final day of the hearings lands on the 70th anniversary of International Human Rights Day.

Findings will culminate in a final report to be released in 2019.

The Tribunal was initiated by the International Coalition To End Transplant Abuse In China (ETAC), an international not for profit, non-government charitable organisation comprising of a coalition of lawyers, academics, ethicists, medical professionals, researchers and human rights advocates dedicated to ending forced organ harvesting in China.

“The Tribunal is a warranted response to sustained and highly credible allegations concerning killing of prisoners of conscience for their organs in China. In order to address alleged crimes of this magnitude, the international community requires robust legal analysis concerning the liability of state or state-approved bodies/organisations in China that have engaged in forced organ harvesting. The Tribunal will provide this analysis, along with a transparent and permanent record of the evidence of forced organ harvesting.” Prof Wendy Rogers, Clinical Ethicist, Chair International Advisory Committee, ETAC.

I talk about QAnon again

Q Trump

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My Review of the 2017 Horror Movie The Institute

Review Film Analysis

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Germans going to extremes? Who would have thought it possible? Well, actually the way the German Q supporters act is exactly the way they get PORTRAYED by left wing media in the U.S....

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Don't let the socialists incite you

socialism Bernie Biden

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Biden has already won and is the legitimate President and Trump is an evil dictator trying to outlaw democratic elections - at least according to every German media outlet there is...

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Why socialists are so desperate to get rid of Trump, one way or the other...

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I talk about how and why the beloved Bavarian "Fairy Tale King" Ludwig II was slandered, deposed and eventually shot.

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Every media entity in Germany has been reporting that Trump told his followers to physically attack Biden supporters which they claim they did and they even show you the footage of it. So let's take a good look at it.

Trump Biden Germany

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The Simon and Garfunkel song Mrs Robinson was originally called "Mrs Roosevelt" and hinted at some of her more controversial political activities... which gave me an idea ;-) Big thanks to César Salazar Tovar for singing the song.

Clinton Song Robinson

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Jacob's Ladder is one of favorite movies of all time. Actually calling it a horror movie isn't quite right and doesn't do it justice. Anyway it has certainly influenced a lot of horror franchises and there has been a lot of debate about its meaning and symbolism, so here is my take on it.

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I asked Victoria Ledwidge (the actress) for permission to upload it on Bitchute.

A short film about the persecution of Falun Gong in China.
Learn more: http://www.faluninfo.net http://www.falundafa.org


Victoria Ledwidge as Diane Adams
Ben Sweetwood as Officer Williams
Rich Crankshaw as news anchor Brock Johnson
Mike Carter as police officer #2
Otab Williams as police officer #3
Ben Hedges as yoga practitioner
Crescent Hedges as Falun Gong practitioner #1
Christine Xie as Falun Gong practitioner #2
Narrated by Mark Jackson


Written and directed by Ben Hedges
Director of Photography: Jimmy Xie
1st AC: Christine Xie
Gaffer: Otabious Williams
Sound: Tane Delzell

Music by Tony Chen - check out the piece on YouTube

Based on a story concept by Jaya Gibson

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I talk about some basics of Steganography, specifically I wanna demonstrate how it can be used to decode a certain letter and enable you to secretly talk about things that you otherwise couldn't talk about...

My review and explanation of the 2016 horror version of 50 Shades of Grey - Brimstone.

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But I actually do mean solution, cause the final solution being the solution is the conclusion you have to ultimately come to if you take path of the national socialist historical revisionism to where it takes you to. Cause the only way you could plausibly believe that the Jews could have faked the Holocaust on such a large scale and manipulating so many people into lying and even incriminating themselves, is to believe that the Jews are actually controlling not just all the important media and major governments throughout the world, but even countless individuals and so have always been scheming and controlling and manipulating the entire world, deceiving everyone with only you and your "historical revisionist" friends being smart enough to see through and expose their global deception. And the only way to plausibly believe that is to believe that they really must be inherently evil, probably on a genetic level. So the conclusion you always come to once you progress further down that path which in reality leads you into the abyss, is that: "the Holocaust didn't happen, but if someone in the future could actually make it happen, that'd be a good thing". And because my grandfather was indoctrinated in exactly that way, he hesitated and did nothing when he saw Jews being shot.

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I review the cute and romantic visual novel Doki Doki Literature Club - but alas, this visual novel of course isn't what it appears to be... Therefore I am assuming you already played it and so I can tell you some interesting stories relating to this as I have actually worked on something very similar like 8 years ago. If you haven't played it - SPOILERS! And if you are interested in my very similar unfinished game from 8 years ago, it's on my Itch site: https://emmanuel-goldstein.itch.io

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Trump falls for a satirical Babylon Bee article and shares it as real. So he is either really, really stupid, or really, really smart, but let me explain...
For those who didn't watch my video to the end: Trump did this intentionally so as to raise awareness about the issue about Hunter Biden cause you can't talk about it directly on Big Tech social media without getting banned and for the same reason I can't say that too directly either or it would offend the snowflakes on Youtube.

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Donald Trump on Jay Leno, Dec 7, 1999

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My review and explanation of the 2014 Horror movie, As Above So Below - about a team of explorers who venture into the catacombs that lie beneath the streets of Paris, they uncover the dark secret that lies within this city of the dead. It's very similar to Jacobs Ladder and maybe a bit of an rip off, but it's not bad and it has some interesting symbolism that I will go into in this review.

Review Film horror
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I try to explain just what the hell QAnon actually is, without making it sound like a crazy, baseless, extreme-right conspiracy theory - cause that's actually not what it is...

qanon conspiracy trump
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The Chekist - 1992 Russian movie with English subtitles

Soviet Union Russia Communism

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What is the 2014 Australian Horror Movie "The Babadook" really about? But more importantly, what IS the Babadook and is he real? My review, explanation and analysis of the meaning and symbolism of it.

My review of the 1992 Russian movie The Chekist

Srubov is a part of CHEKA, the secret police Lenin established after the Bolshevik Revolution. They arrest, interview for a minute, try in ten seconds, and execute intellectuals, aristocrats, Jews, clergy, and their families. In the building basement, five people at a time are shot as they stand naked facing wooden doors. No one to remember their last words; no martyrs, just anonymous bodies. Daily, the kangaroo court, the executions, the loading of bodies onto wagons. Srubov is cold, distant, sexually dysfunctional, and a deep thinker, hated by former friends and his family. As he tries to reason the nature of revolution and the purpose of CHEKA, he slowly goes mad.

Kennedy-Nixon First Presidential Debate 1960

Kennedy JFK Nixon
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In the end Google would announce that two and two made five, and you would have to believe it. It was inevitable that their internal policy should make that claim sooner or later: the logic of their algorithm demanded it. Not merely the validity of experience, but the very existence of external reality, was tacitly denied by their philosophy. The heresy of heresies was common sense. And what was terrifying was not that they would silence you for thinking otherwise, but that they might be right. For, after all, how do we know that two and two make four? Or that the force of gravity works? Or that the past is unchangeable? If both the past and the external world exist only in the mind, and if the mind itself is controllable—what then?

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