My thoughts on how police funds should be redirected but not defunding the police like the left wants. While also calling out the lie on the right that everything is fine and nothing should be done. Correction:I said police are Legislative. They are actually part of the Executive branch of the US Govt.

This video covers coronavirus and the death of George Floyd and the mysteries surrounding both topics.
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Woman on facebook defends Jacob Blake but she doesnt even know why he was shot or what he did for the police to even show up.

Watch this and you tell me what you think. OG video linked here and his youtube channel as well. GO SUPPORT DR TED NOEL he is doing what most doctors are afraid to nowadays!!
Dr Ted Noel Video (OG Upload):

Something about this seems oddly familiar....

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Originally posted to youtube but you know they hate free speech so im posting my mini series here on bitchute as well as my older stuff from youtube for yall to enjoy. Welcome to my channel!

Color Communism and Common Sense (Digital Copy FREE):

Young Pharaoh:The Presence Of Lucifer in the Black Community


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