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This project aimed to show a possible scenario for mankind's return to the Moon, by using existing tech/concepts, build a Lunar Base there and to do so soon.

This animation was completed by students at Falmouth University for the International Space Development Conference 2018.

The concepts shown in this animation were meant to be a representation of the following concepts:

Trans-Formers for Lunar Extreme Environments:

Regolith Advanced Surface Systems Operations Robot (RASSOR) Excavator:

Lunar Surface Manipulation Systems (LSMS):

In-Situe Resource Utilization:

(Bigelow) BA-330, and NASA Inflatable Lunar Habitat concept: &

PISCES Robot Builder / LANCE Grading Blade:

Modified ATHELE Platform.

Lunar Greenhouses:
3D printing of Habitat Shells, as well as several other concepts.

Animation project commissioned by DSEA Group:

Animators were students from Falmouth University

A typical windy wet day on the shores of Loch Ness, Scotland.

NASA's Transformers concept: Storyboard of new moon animation.
A brief overview of the TF Concept, showing the deployment of TF Mirrors on a Crater's Rim.

The main concepts shown in this storyboard are
Lunar Comms Relay: Various concepts including LLCD:

NASA: TransFormers for Lunar Extreme Environments :

Music is by Stellardrone:

This is a storyboard for the first stage, of a larger animation project which aims to visualise various NASA and Commercial concepts which could be used to return humanity to the Moon.animation project with students from Edinburgh College of Art, and reused material from past GCU project

Imagine building a Space Elevator not on Earth, but on the Moon.
This animation shows a possible method of how a Lunar Space Elevator could be deployed and operated on the Moon.

In collaboration with LiftPort, animation students from Glasgow Caledonian University worked together to visualise this concept. The soundtrack to this Space Elevator animation was provided by Stellardrone.

The deployment and operation of LiftPort Group's Lunar Space Elevator Infrastructure.
A Collaboration between DSEA, GCU, and Liftport.
Stellardrone :

Animated by Final Year Students at Glasgow Caledonian University, School of Engineering and Built Environment:
Gavin Dunsire
Laura Rantanen
Ioana Tibuleac
Maja Wydrych

Supervising Lecturers:
Steven Anderson
Eddie Horn

Audio Courtesy of:
Stellardrone :

A Collaboration between LiftPort and DSEA

Special Thanks to:
Canaan Martin (LiftPort Group) :
David Evans (DSEA) :

For permission to reuse any material shown in this animation, please contact me via Youtube, Google+, or DSEA's facebook page.

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Welcome to the Adventures of Dave. A channel where I aim to upload videos from my various exploits from throughout the Globe.
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