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Hey guys don't forget to go in the comments section to decide Which one gets the 2nd spot:

Music Used: ?Megalovania Electro Remix?: ▶️https://youtu.be/TFvfiZy0-Rc
?Bayonetta 2 - Tomorrow is mine?

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Hey, guys did you like Splatoon Weapons Ideas 2. If you did comment down below your Ideas. I will also have a miiverse poll for more Ideas

Splatoon Weapons Ideas 1: https://www.bitchute.com/video/smySA3RnxVfL/ (YouTube: https://youtu.be/MdVwjtnWR8Q)

Channels featured: TheTrollPatrol2

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I just did this video in the morning so my commentary may be crappy. Splatoon Weapon Ideas 2 is coming very soon so you won't have to wait long

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Here is part one of the Splatoon weapons ideas series. Enjoy, Like and subscribe. Comment down below if you have any ideas.

Part 2: https://youtu.be/MMj7RZTYAf0

Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tlHXZfCBy7c
Info: Specials
Frost Ink Pillar: makes a pillar that can be used for climbing areas that could not be climbed normally

Ink Rain: Rains ink on an area for a period of time. For ranked 30 Secs, for Turf wars 10 Secs.

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Here is The showcase of the BMW M4 in Need For Speed. If you like my build comment down below. Please like and subscribe if you liked it. Also, comment on your Ideas For More Splatoon Weapon Ideas. Comment If you have any other Ideas of other Videos and you will be Featured in that video. Thanks and Peace out.

Quick Notes: This video was made before the abandoned cars update some time in January but due to my curse of having God tier procrastination (How do I fix this pls save meh) it's only out now.

Music used in this video: Ekstrak feat KNOW-1 Hard Drivers VIP Subuffer Remix, Need For Speed Most Wanted(2005) Cop Chase Themes, Egzod & Anna Yvette - My City (NCS Release), Capone - I Need Speed, Ekstrak - Belt, Ekstrak Induction Kit, Ekstrak - Carbon, Persona 5 Last Suprise (Sorry I had to do it for the meme), Sonic CD - Quartz Quadrant Late Night Remix, Persona 5 - Layer Cake Cover Mohmega


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