In this episode we discuss the levels of lies around Elite Drug use, and the mechanisms behind selfish behavior.

We talk about Wall Street Cheaters, Jay Leno's stingy, hoarding behaviors, and the pitfalls of drug use.

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Ronny Snellman joins the Highway Diary podcast for the second time to talk about his New Years Resolution to stop smoking in 2023. He's living in a fog of misery as he withdraws.

We talk about the differences between Southerners and Northerners in the USA, and how guns changed the social dynamics.

We talk about lessons from the boxing gym, DAVOS, and Eric's perpetual comedy beefs with gatekeepers of nepotism.

Vinny Eastwood returns to Highway Diary from Auckland, New Zealand.

We discuss his pending sentencing March 30th, 2023 around 10am, at the Auckland District Court 65-69 Albert Street, Auckland CBD, Auckland 1010, New Zealand. Vinny will be sentenced for having the audacity to peacefully protest the COVID-19 lock-downs.

Vinny's Music Video - Ja Ja Jacinda by Vinny & The Vendettas (Rasputin by Boney M Cover)

The horse-faced tyrannical WEF slave, Jacinda Ardern, explaining New Zealand's distopia as a two-tiered society, at threat of Directed Energy Weapons, by cowardly, drug-addicted, unhappy, technofaschists

2022 has been one of the hardest years of my life, but everything has just been resolved. Hang in there if things get tough.


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The Coldtowne Theater has just reopened in Austin Texas, and my joy quickly turned to horror as their COVID-19 policy required all students (and teachers) to be vaccinated to attend class.

Obviously, whatever money came in to save the two-year-bankrupt-from pandemic required vaccinations to "avoid" another closure without understanding the trap of mediocrity and compliance they fell into.

The same thing just happened to the UCB theater.

America relies on subversive performers to keep the ruling class afraid of open corruption. These moves by paranoid oligarchs mandate MRNA altering jabs to performers could result in a generation of obedient, toothless, performers. Enabling a generation of beta-male technocrats to run over America's last remaining freedoms.


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Due to irregular betting patterns at UFC fight night 64, UFC fighters are now banned from placing bets on any fights. Inside information of injury's can cause casino's to lose money.

A class of people left unencumbered by such restrictive laws are politicians. Politicians, like Nancy and Paul Pelosi benefit from the no-bid-contracts that cause certain stocks to surge.

And what do these politicians use the money on? DUI's and gay hookers on drugs, of course.


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Highway Diary again touches base with Dr. Joe Whitcomb on his journey through the Canary Islands in Spain. We talk about generational trauma, the Libs of TikTok and ghost/ghostself genders.

Connect with Joe
[email protected]


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Highway Diary is joined by both Charlie Robinson & Benjamin Fulford. We have a panel discussion about Q, Intelligence Agency Networks, Bloodline rulers, Kerry Cassidy, and Lizards.

Are their white hats, fighting black hats?


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My friend from UNO, Christa R joins the Highway Diary podcast. We talk about the differences between Germany and Austria. We talk about my family's recent trip.

Issues of the EU VS country sovereignty.


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Ronny Snellman Swapcast.  https://od

We talk about the history of the UCB, the WEF, and idol rich comedians.


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(Originally Aired Oct 21st, 2021 - But was Kicked off YouTube July of 2022. Reposted here.)

Stand-up comedian and host of “The Highway Diaries”, Eric Hollerbach, swings by to talk about how the detailed world of conspiracy research blends in with the loose structure of the comedy industry.

Fresh off his appearance in Las Vegas at the live Tin Foil Hat’s 500th Episode as his alter ego, Klaus Schwab Jr., Eric explains what the maniacs at the World Economic Forum might have in store for humanity in a way that simply has to be seen to believe.



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Refugee Reengage Psychiatrist, Dr. Joe Whitcomb joins the Highway Diary to talk about the ongoing war conflict in the Ukraine.

Find Dr. Joe here


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My University of New Orleans CWW buddy, Lauren Walter joins the Highway Diary podcast to talk about book publishing, academia, and the uncertain world of clout chasing.

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Eric Hollerbach


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My guest today is the Comedy Casonova of Costa Mesa, the CEO of the Fock Ya Nation podcast empire.

We talk about the indy movie "Pablo Steel," by Duke Fightmaster. We discuss navigating the volatility of ego's and changing venues of the comedy scene.

We also talk about the political stances of Evan's band, "Bongicide." And the Island Boys.


You can Find Evan at either:

La Cave - Costa Mesa, CA


Harp Inn - Costa Mesa, CA

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Benjamin Fulford joins the Highway Diary podcast to talk about AI Software, the Social Credit Score, John F. Kennedy Jr, Political Captors, and Political LARPING.

At the end, I issue a warning to the Baby Eating Leo Zagami. For the crime of stealing Highway Diary podcast prep intellectual property in 2019. A charge I can prove in a Court of Law.

NJ Comedian Josh Tinley joins the Highway Diary podcast to talk about the difference between Nepotism and Community. It's one thing to have colleagues and friends in the comedy scene, and it's another to limit the growth and potential of beginners.

We talk about pitfalls of established performers, and how to climb a ladder.

Josh Tinley hosts an Open mic Tuesdays in Bound Brook, NJ at the Lemongrass sports bar & Lounge with and Alex Amaya.

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Jimmy Shubert joins the Highway Diary podcast for the 2nd time. (First time was episode 70)

We talk about comedy in Texas. Changing landscapes. Filming Specials. And crime scene photos.
June 25th, 2022 @ 7:30pm - The Carlson in Rochester NY

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We talk about Drug Addiction, the World Economic Forum, and the Useless Class.
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Damien AJ Bostian joins the Highway Diary podcast to talk about his appearance on ABC's Nightline. Original Program can be found here:

We talk about the larger implications of US intervention in the conflict in the Ukraine. A debate ensues. Eric insists that there's plenty of creeps that should be handled in the USA before deploying marksmen abroad. For example, the most disgusting person in the world, Larry Silverstein.

We talk about the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab Jr., and dance around NDA's.

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Highway Diary catches up with Andrew Meyer. We talk about his infamous tazing after asking John Kerry 2 questions at the University of Florida in 2007.

We talk about the mysterious death of Tim Russert in 2004 for asking the same questions.

Don't Tase Me Bro! Real Questions, Fake News, And My Life As A Meme - Andrew Meyer - Banned by

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What is the Free Market when the best inventors have their inventions stolen, and their lives destroyed?

Produced by Eric Hollerbach
Edited By Ana Florit

The hilarious, talented, Arielle Isaac Norman joins the Highway Diary Podcast to talk about her most controversial podcast episode yet, "Trans Woman Pedophile (Non-Offending): There's a Problematic Solution to That" which can be found here:

We talk about creating healthy habits and being apart of an encouraging, positive community.

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Monkey Butler Alum Calder Holbrook joins the Highway Diary podcast to talk about our old project Damien Shadows PI and Debunken Mit Wilhelm Skeptisch. We talk about the rise and fall of the UCB. The rise and fall of the IO West, and the rise and fall of Monkey Butler.

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Vinny Eastwood joins the Highway Diary podcast to talk Scientology and it's ties to the Deep-State and Hollywood.

We talk about the Will Smith slap, and the dangers of Montessori Schools.

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Ole Dammegard joins the Highway Diary podcast to talk about his WAKE UP music video.

We talk about view manipulation. Prince Andrew, Nancy Pelosi, Satan Con, and the mysterious history of Ole's father.

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