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Work in Progress. Today I made a proto background for the target cards to stick on.

Music by EAMusic

PClarke asked me if the PP750 in cal.177 was able to control small pest. I used the can instead of a rat.

What's in de box?

And an other tune. This time 21Joules of energy at the muzzle. Shooting the JSB King at 580fps.

I like the 13J tune but its trajectory was to curved. So upped the power.

Not the most accurate tune but good enough to have fun. Shooting with a reddot is not as easy as with a good scope on top of the weaver.

Slomo recording with scopecam.

One, two uhhh three

Well it seems possible to shoot in slomotion. Not perfect but a good start.

At the secret spot with Guus shooting the FX.

More shooting & more fun with my buddy Guus at the famous infamous secret spot.

Plinking with Guus

Extending the backyard with Guus. Shooting at night.

The can was 98% empty.

Water shooting!

First tests!

The last ricochet was quite some time ago while shooting with Guus at the secret spot. In fact we were producing them on purpose.

I did not see this one coming. And it made more noise on impact then the shot itself.

Welcome to my world!

The sound seems to be important. Don't ask me why!

Easy loading of the Carm magazines made by Darko.

Discover the Discovery ED

I thought using a scopecam was like add & go or plug & play. And basically thats true.

However it took me some time to get it all right. Having everything in focus. Big enough to see, small enough to stay sharp. Unlocking the phone and getting the screen I want without new adjustments. And to add my phone to the adapter to keep it easy and ergonomic.

I tried a lot and we are getting somewhere.

A big thank you to julez_nl for his feedback on my starting footage. After his tips I could level up!

Christmas gift from my buddy Guus.

Low power shooting of pellets. Short video.

Short demo on how the Carm mag works in the PP750.


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