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Short edit of backyard fun with a budget breakbarrel airpistol.

"🎯 Unlocking Precision: Adjusting Trigger Pull on Diana P-5/Snowpeak SP500 Air Pistol 🎥
In this video, I walk you through the process of fine-tuning the trigger pull on your Diana P-5/Snowpeak SP500 air pistol for ultimate accuracy. 🎯

Straight out of the box, I noticed that the trigger pull was set unrealistically high—four times heavier than the pistol itself! 😮 High trigger pull can negatively impact your shooting experience by affecting your aim, accuracy, and overall control.

Why is a light trigger essential for accuracy? 👇
🔹 Reduced Flinching: A light trigger minimizes the chance of flinching or jerking the gun upon firing, allowing for smoother and steadier shots.
🔹 Enhanced Control: With a lighter trigger, you'll experience better control over your shots, leading to tighter groupings and improved marksmanship.
🔹 Consistent Shots: A gentle trigger pull helps maintain consistency in your shooting technique, resulting in more predictable shot placement.

Before you start the adjustment process, remember these crucial steps:
1️⃣ Ensure the airgun is not loaded.
2️⃣ Safely decock the pistol.
3️⃣ Engage the safety mechanism.

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A lot of footage for a short video.

Short overview of my Snowpeak airgun and its mods.

Just love it.

An ornament

24.7gr did well

A flute


Eggs again.

Garden work with airgun

Water of Water


Today we shot a tulip.

Enjoying my setup.

Vlog 12

Boiled eggs

My guest from China at the trigger.

Today we shoot a mirror with the Daystate Red Wolf and JSB Exact Heavy18gr.

Story time.

When it comes to improving your marksmanship, one of the best ways to do so is by practicing with a springer airgun. Unlike PCP airguns, which rely on compressed air to power each shot, a springer airgun requires you to manually compress a spring to fire. This may sound like a disadvantage, but it actually offers several benefits that can make you a better marksman.

Firstly, shooting a springer airgun requires more skill and technique than shooting a PCP airgun. The springer airgun's recoil can be unpredictable, which means you need to focus on your grip, stance, and follow-through. This will help you to develop a more stable and consistent shooting technique, which will carry over when you switch to a PCP airgun.

Secondly, practicing with a springer airgun can help you to improve your accuracy. Because the recoil can be unpredictable, you need to pay close attention to where each shot lands and adjust your aim accordingly. This will help you to develop a more intuitive sense of where to aim in different situations, which can be invaluable when shooting with a PCP airgun.

Overall, practicing with a springer airgun can help you to become a better marksman in a variety of ways. So, if you want to improve your shooting skills, give a springer airgun a try!

Welcome to my world

Hello Airgunners,

In this video I am shooting the Daisy Model 25 BB gun. It is a low power, "cheap", spring driven airgun with a long history which goes as far back as 1914.

It shoots 4.5mm Ball Bearings at "low" speed. It is a great learning platform and still fun for expert shooters. I won't call this a toy as the BB's are still able to bring hurt.

The steel BB's are most likely to ricochette when shot at a solid target. So always wear eye protection.

When I was a little kid I had an Italian plinking air rifle and I never really used the open sights. I shot it so much in our backyard that the whole shooting became instinctive. Aim shoot, point shoot.

With my modern powerfull pcp airrifles like #weihrauch #daystate #brocock #fxairguns just shooting around is not that safe. A very good backstop is needed and the scopes make them a tad heavy. With the Daisy I can re-learn to shoot instinctive again.

The most famous brother of the Model 25 is the Daisy Red Rider.

When love plinking you cannot go wrong with this Daisy airguns.

Today we shoot a melon

InfiRay T2 Thermal camera unboxing. A review is coming up.

Water filled cans with the bullpup.


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