Ending track: Nhato - Jupiter Junction

The way I see it, I'm 3 months ahead of schedule on this.

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Tracks (by order of appearance):

Limbo OST – The Spider Approaches
A Good Librarian Like a Good Shepherd OST – 羊が通る
Avatar: The Last Airbender OST – Ba Sing Se
Deadly Premonition OST – Comic Relief
Tujamo – Darth Theme
The Irregular At Magic High School OST – エリカとレオ
Blind Witness – All Alone
Carl Wheezer – Moon, Moon, Moon, Spoon, Spoon, Spoon
Baccano! OST – In the Speak Easy
Virtue’s Last Reward OST 2 – Clarification
My Hero Academia OST 2 – 閉会式的次回予告
Black Cat OST – Hungry Kitchen
Cuphead OST – Ruse Of An Ooze
Cuphead OST – Botanic Panic
Diddy Kong Racing OST – Everfrost Peak
Carl Wheezer – Star, Star, Star, You’ll Go Far, Far, Far
David Rose – The Stripper
Food Wars! OST – 不味くて最高のゲテモノ
Omnibus OST – Jaunty (On the Moon)
Future Diary OST Vol. 6 – Usagi Attack Fast
Baccano! OST – Ohiru no Gunman to Makka na Odoriko
Donkey Kong 64 OST – Mine Cart Carnage
A Good Librarian Like a Good Shepherd OST – ひとりBINGO
Accel World OST – Blues Pig
Kyousougiga OST – Grouch
Hot Ham N Cheese – Nah B*tch!
The Irregular At Magic High School OST – コミカル3
Assassination Classroom OST – Niramiai
Dunno who made it – some remix of the Oriental Riff
A Good Librarian Like a Good Shepherd OST – Bang-Bang-You
Blue Exorcist OST – IiMuRoYa-$. Feat 2nd-Mov.: CHaos + CHorus
Omnibus OST – Moon Chill
Zodiac War OST – Shikou
Assassination Classroom OST – Asano Gaku Mime
Assassination Classroom OST – Tadashi

I'm tired of reupping this video everywhere.


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