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Latest update, you can now head over to the site and try it out with a gamepad. Also in this update configuration support for changing the keymapping for each key. I find writing this type of code extremely boring so it's far from polished but I hope you are not here because you have take pleasure in run of the mill CRUD applications. After all this is just a protype that will soon be scrapped for a new architecture! So be sure to stay tuned

For the mathematically inclined:

Here I do a comparison of two models of text input in a low button count setting. The applications for this would be in the areas of virtual reality, for people with disabilities or in rough settings such as on boats. Where a typical keyboard and mouse setup would be impractical or impossible to use.

head over to my site to test it out for yourself. Note that at the moment the gamepad is not published but it's only developed locally. I'll have a new release due for the next few days, where all of this and more will be included.

Test to write text using a gamepad. Long term this is a vision that would let the user write text comfortably from their coach, in situations where a keyboard is not viable say in VR or for people with disabilities.

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Head over to to try it out

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This is all independent and open source, if you want to help out please consider chipping in.

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