This may have been a terrible idea. live stream twitch 9/21/2019

So my screen capture tool crapped out on us again. we are missing about 40 min of footage. Basically i was waiting for the parts to be completed. So we could assemble the super computer.. Then buy out all of our competition. finally sell off all of their assets and pay off out debt. we win.. hindsight i should have waited to purchase the factory it cost 312000 a month even not operating

This was by far the best run.. some terrible micro led me to a premature death. This could have been a good build to counter the flag ship

Had some pretty decent weapons.. Again some bad decisions led to a short run.

If you want to skip go ahead I'm just ploughing through game time a little longer. This is the last instance

We were doing well. but i let my stupid pride get in the way. My decision means the crew, paid the ultimate price..

we are very close to building the prototype
this 50 million dollar factory is just another expense.

--side note i'm having issues with my computer.. so i have to reduce the amount of uploads. will be resolved soon


all of my video captures corrupted sooo.
i have some new developments!
bought out some competition. sold off their assets and re-developed
next stop every one else..

So last time was a trial run.. this time will work. i think.

ok so that was painful and extremely close, we almost lost everything might have to dramatically change the strategy..

strong start.. i developed too quickly too soon..

So, this was and is extremely painful we are racking up loads of debt just to stay afloat. i think we can pull through but we wont like the price tag.

ok so resources are getting very tight. i think i might have to bed the rules so i don't loose the entire colony.

cloaking.. awesome

We are expanding to different markets with these new things call Boats. We can finally start putting direct pressure on competitors in more cities!

So building The appropriate infrastructure for Buttons production. It is bitter sweet because of... Trains

Finally getting around to optimizing the Panels assembly line. Also preparing to distribute some good that I've been researching.

ok so my recording became corrupted so we are missing alot of progress. rest assure you can see how far we have come!

If you want to skip go ahead I'm just ploughing through game time.

If you want to skip go ahead Im just ploughing through game time a little longer.

we lost a member. they will not be-forgotten, who was it again?

This is extremely hard, we are running out of life support..

the fresh start seems to be going well ish.. the labour bottle neck is kinda screwing up plans.. this is gonna be a long game..

leveraging up and investing seems the have some dividends. i.e. investing money in tier 2 research and then upgrading the town. so i can sell more valuable products, you know how the game works.

here we go again. getting heavily indebted very early on. this has never failed before. i promise :)


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