Roquetas de Mar, España.

Welcome to Britain, have a kebab. Now Home Office orders 3,000 £14.50 chicken shish meals from local Turkish takeaways and Domino's pizzas to feed migrants at Dover processing site. Staff said that they were rushed off their feet trying to prepare the huge order for morning and evening meals.
It comes as a record 1,185 illegal migrants reached the UK Thursday on small boats in the Channel.

Italian authorities have allowed 306 illegal migrants on board the Ocean Viking to disembark in Sicily’s east coast port of Augusta.
Meanwhile the Italian coast guard rescued 396 illegal migrants from a wooden fishing boat which had run aground off the southern coast of Sicily.
Over 700 illegal migrants arrived in Sicily in just a few days.

33-year-old Chechen national who was shot in Oslo on Tuesday after attempting to carry out a knife attack on random bystanders was also behind a similar attack that took place in 2019.
In just over the last week, several western European countries have seen similar knife attacks or attack attempts by migrants yelling 'allahu akbar.'

In the street with a machete in search of the roommate, another Bengali migrant, who set the house on fire.

In a bid to encourage individuals to get vaccinated, Fun Palast, a Viennese brothel is offering a free 30-minute session with a ‘lady of their choice’ in exchange for a jab at their on-site clinic. After losing approximately 50 per cent of its clientele due to the pandemic and lockdown measures throughout the year, Fun Palast is also allowing women and boys over the age of 14, provided they are accompanied by adults, to get vaccinated at the clinic.
Austrian authorities will be increasing police checks to enforce new rules for unvaccinated people.

A new boat for the mass smuggling. The Catalan NGO Proactiva Open Arms has presented this Wednesday in Burriana, Spain, the new member of its fleet, the ‘Open Arms UNO’, with the capacity to accommodate up to 1,000 illegal migrants, although it will still have to remain moored in port for several weeks while some details are finalized technicians and the pertinent administrative procedures are managed so that the ship can go out to sea, something that will foreseeably arrive before Christmas.

Absolutamente todos los medios taparon esta información sobre el inmigrante de 53 años.

Norwegian police said they shot and killed a man wielding a knife who threatened several people early Tuesday in central Oslo before attacking a patrol car that arrived on the scene. A policeman was also injured as the officers tried to arrest the attacker in the capital’s Bislett neighbourhood. The man was rushed to hospital but died of his injuries.
According to Norwegian media, the knifeman was convicted in December 2020 of committing another semi-naked knife attack on June 4, 2019. The attacker, who reportedly shouted ‘allahu akbar’ during the 2019 attack, was stunned by a police gun and arrested. He was sentenced to compulsory mental health care and a fine. The man grew up in Russia’s southern republic of Chechnya.

Right in the center of Florence Italy at 5:00pm.

Poland-Belarus border.

The attack took place early Monday morning as four police officers outside Cannes police station were preparing to go on patrol.
The Algerian migrant, named as Lakhdar Benrabah, approached the officers asking for information before opening the door of the vehicle they were in and stabbing one of the officers in the chest with a knife.
Lakhdar Benrabah then attempted to stab a second officer before he was neutralized.

An Algerian migrant at about 06:30 attacked three police officers who were sitting in a car in front of the building of the commissariat.
Opening the car door, he stabbed the police officer who was driving several times with a knife. He then went around the car to attack another patrolman.
The third policeman managed to open fire from his service weapon and neutralized the criminal, now he is in critical condition. At the same time, none of the law enforcement officers was injured.
The attacker pronounced the name of the Prophet Muhammad, so the police do not rule out a terrorist motive for the attack.
The publication clarifies that the attacker’s name is Lakhdar Benrabah, he was born in Algeria in 1984 and has a residence permit in Italy.

Nearly 55,000 illegal migrants have landed in Italy since the start of the year, compared to just under 30,000 in 2020, according to data from the Ministry of the Interior.

Spanish authorities on Saturday were investigating the unauthorized disembarkment of 21 people from a plane that made an emergency medical landing on the island of Mallorca.
The incident under investigation occurred late Friday when an Air Arabia flight from Casablanca to Istanbul made an emergency landing to attend a passenger. On landing, 21 people forced their way off the plane, prompting security officials to temporarily close the airport.
12 people had been detained by police and were in custody. Those included 9 who illegally left the plane, the person who was said to be sick, the person’s companion, and a person who was arrested for fighting with an official on the plane.
Police are still looking for 12 more on the loose.
Investigators are considering the hypothesis that the passenger who provoked the emergency landing was not actually ill.

Several people were injured in a knife attack on an express train between the south German cities of Regensburg and Nuremberg on Saturday.
Abdalrahman A., a 27-year-old Syrian migrant who came to Germany in 2014 has been arrested.
The attack happened at 8.30am near Neumarkt and the train had been halted at Seubersdorf, southeast of Nuremberg.
A large police operation was deployed to the site.

It happened around 10am this morning. Spanish Police have killed a black thug who has threatened several passers-by with a large kitchen knife at the gates of the health centre in the Madrid town of San Cristobal de los Angeles, in the Villaverde district.
The assailant, a 35-year-old sub-Saharan migrant, pounced on one of the policemen with the knife, causing the officer to shoot him.
The migrant continued to try and attack the officer, causing his colleagues to also fire shots which then caused the death of the aggressor.
Several African residents of the neighbourhood have rebuked the police and accused the officers of racism.
He had a record of violence against police.

Eurabia is coming.

30-year-old Turkish migrant in Germany rams intentionally his car into a group of school children and kills a 8-year-old kid in Witzenhausen.

A 32-year-old Egyptian, Hissam Habdul Mahmud, he sowed panic in the city of Piacenza by brandishing a knife shouting "allah akbar".
The events took place in the city center and the person responsible is a man already known to the police.
In fact, a few days ago, on October 27, he had already been arrested in via Manzoni at the Farnesiana after attacking the police and damaging parked cars.

The attacker was identified as 24-year-old Kyota Hattori.
While three were critically injured, authorities said not all of them were stabbed and most of the injuries were not serious.
Investigating authorities later reported that he told them he wanted to kill people and get the death penalty.
Nippon Television said he used an earlier train stabbing case as inspiration for carrying out the crime.
According to NPR, this is the second knife-involving incident on a Tokyo train in the past three months.


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