Pastor Eli James of Eurofolk Radio explains the difference between Edomites and Israelites. The Jewish people are descended from Edom. Jesus was descended from Judah, as the Bible clearly states

Continuation of the proof that the American Revolution was a profoundly Christian rejection of globalist tyranny.

Explanation of how the American Revolution was led by the armed Christian Pastors, who fought against the tyranny the British banksters. The American Revolution was a profoundly Christian rebelliion against tyranny.

Continuation of the explanation of how the German language is derived from Hebrew, with multiple proofs

The linguistic evidence that the German language is largely derived from Hebrew is rigorously examined

Explanation of how Jacob is actually The Caucasian People and how we are in BIG TROUBLE, thanks to the concerted effort to systematically wipe us out by Mystery Babylon


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Eurofolkradio is an educational platform that examines the history of Christianity versus Judaism, in all of its religious and historical developments. It also includes analyses of Biblical prophecies and who actually fulfills them: Jews or Christians. The knowledge of this 2,000-year-old conflict is crucial to understanding current political, military, economic and religious affairs that affect every person in the world today. In short, if you ignore this history, you cannot understand the Bible or current events. - Pastor Eli James