Why are Muslims running away from Muslim countries when Christians are the target of Islam?

The UK has taken ZERO Christian Syrian refugees this year according to New figures recently released by the Barnabas Fund charity which show that not a single Christian refugee from Syria was brought to the UK in 2018.

The figures show that out of 1,100 refugees, not a single one was Christian – and previous figures show a systematic discrimination against people from the Christian faith.

Even Barnabas admits that the government appears to be discriminating, and I have to ask — is this ideologically driven?

It seems to me like the British government is just hell bent on importing as many Muslim migrants as they can get away with…

This video by a Yazidi refugee who was bought for $100 dollars has exposed how her ISIS captor and abuser was ALSO given asylum in Germany where he subsequently tracked her down and confronted her! As she says on the video, this is by no means an isolated incident. Many incidents of crime, fighting and riots are a result of the feuds and conflicts having been imported from the Middle East into Europe. Maybe the V4 Claim that Poland and Hungary will have to defend themselves from Islamic Invasion from the West is not that far fetched after all?

The Yazidi teenager who was enslaved by Islamic State (ISIS) who had sought asylum in Germany has fled back to Iraq after being confronted by her former ISIS captor, who had also claimed and registered as a refugee in Stuttgart.
Ashwaq Ta’lo said that she was stopped by Abu Humam – a Syrian ISIS guard who had purchased her as a slave for $100 – while she was walking home in Stuttgart.

“I froze when I looked at his face carefully,” she told Bas News, a Kurdish agency. “It was Abu Humam, with the same scary beard and ugly face.”

She said that during her unexpected encounter with her former captor, Humam told her: “I am Abu Humam and you were with me for a while in Mosul. And I know where you live, with whom you live, and what you are doing.”

Ashwaq immediately told her brother about the incident and reported Humam to the German police, who were able to identify the man from CCTV footage. However, predictably, traitorous German authorities said they had no grounds for arrest, as Humam was also a registered refugee.

As a result the Yazidi teen was forced to flee Germany, believing that she would be safer back in Kurdistan, where her father lives. “I will never go back,” she said.

She recorded this video to witness the encounter.

How is that even possible?! How can an ISIS terrorist, clearly identified by one of his victims, walk around that freely in Germany and be left to walk around freely even after having been identified?

Don Murray

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