I would love to work for Coca-Cola, but I can't because of my skin color.

I don't mind if you're not a fan of Trump, but what did this guy just did is disgusting .

I am disgusted about what Netflix is going to be put on their streaming service. This movie shouldn't be on Netflix at all.
Link to the petition slip to take the movie down: https://www.change.org/p/parents-of-young-children-petition-to-remove-cuties-from-netflix?

Everybody knows that, Rice Krispies the cereal is very racist

I talked about why I think White guilt is stupid.

We went to an Arcade bar called DK Effect Bar & Arcade, and it's a lot of fun. We played so many arcade games.

I talked about why do I love making Vlog videos.

I talk about how I love wrestling, but hate the toxic fanbase

My friends and I went to HorrorHound Weekend in Indianapolis, Indiana at the Indiana Convention Center, and we had so much fun. We met a lot of great people.

This is my opinon on why I think people who stream games shouldn't talk about politics at all.

This is a video of me, talking about the Commentary Community and why I left, and just to say this, I was part of the commumity from 2012-2013. Also, I used to be know as twocooljoe87, and this video was original post on Youtube.


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