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This is The Help Desk Vol 9 2023 - The Paradign Shift - From LGBT to LGB HIV & Trans - A History of Law Reform in Western Australia.


Family decency makes us promote #GaysAgainstGroomers and we say no to the sexualisation of Children and include a music video at the end.

Stand by for our Finale Vol 10 2023

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This Help Desk Vol 8 2023 is a fantastic Fashion Parade with Historical anecdotes about the work of the Perth Sisters by Senior Sister Mary-Jane Singleton of the Divine Green Weed.

We include info short videos on Oil Pulling by Barbara O'Neill, How to distill water at home and do you know what happens when you mix honey and onions.

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Make Civics Great Again is a response to the most recent bout of man bashing from the closed door domestic violence programmers, designed to blackmail government into delivering more money for the Feminist Marxist Gravy Train.

If Domestic and Family Violence Programs are to stop failing then they need to be urgently audited and re-focused to address real not imaginary problems using non gendered resources. Ignoring LGBT Domestic Violence and Female Violence against Men and Children only serves to create tomorrow's abusers and victims.

A new Civics Based Approach based on equality and justice within a comprehensive human rights based education system that delivers services for all genders and sexualities, is needed to reverse the harm being done by the failing feminist duluth models.

And on 8th March 2025 vote for the Independent in the Seat of Perth to send a message

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This edition of the Help Desk is a documentation of the Sister's Marriage Chapel of the Black Swan Vol 7 2023.

The Marriage Chapel was the first time a Equal Love Marriage Campaign had been done anywhere in Australia. This is the Graffiti Wall which people signed a message of support for Same Sex Marriage.

The idea for Equal love was first published by an article by James Rendell in the Sister's New Gay Newspaper and the feedback from the Members of the Gathered Faithful inspired the Marriage Chapel.

The success of the Chapel was so great, that the Equal Love Movement was born which led to the long campaign to achieve Same Sex Marriage!

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You will be Forgotten is a reading of a Poem by Peter Boykin - Title by James Rendell 2023.

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This is Leaving Sugar Mountain Combined Video Shorts the second for August 2023.

There's the last Joe M Video - it starts with JamesRendell17 on Gab, has Jennifer Lawrence and the Red Cross and ends with JamesRendell17.com glowing!?

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This is a delightful cover of Dreams by Peter Boykin 2023. Peter is the Founder of GaysForTrump.org The video is presented with a lovely selection of Memes from the Online Frog Army.

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This is a Public Service Announcement on the Vote of No Confidence in Australia Elections that we are providing to clear up some lies from a serial liar on Telegram, which we feel will confuse Voters in elections and cause them to void their voting rights.

We are including some Special Light Entertainment including some Bible Wisdom, some advice for Conspiracy Theorists plus we give some advice about dealing with Hoes & Queens who are coming for your husbands and we are as usual #Trump2024

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This is Leaving Sugar Mountain's Combined Shorts for August 2023. There's no credits, just a bunch of short videos on topics including Trump, Australian Economics, Finnish Hobby Horse Championships, Zionism, a Demon Portal and Bidenomics from Peter Boykin. We've slapped some memes on top to add a dash of colour.

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This video is a position statement on the Occupied Palestine and The Holy Land as preparation for the Western Australian State Election on the 8 March 2025. I support the BDS Campaign and call for grassroots people to #BoycottTheBagel to support the victims of war crimes in the Middle East!

This video contains background information to the Occupation and the Holy land and the personal lived experience that leads me to support the movement for Freedom, Justice, an end to the military occupation.

The targeting of Journalists reporting on the crimes against humanity is highlighted along with the continued human and organ trafficking that is being carried out by the Zionist Regime,

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This Help desk includes Biblical Quotes & a Lovely LA Veil to make a lovely farewell to Peter Dean Bastow who in life was dying to be on the Help Desk. He was a well known character who is not missed by the people who he was coerced into bullying.

There's a lovely advert for the election on 8 March 2023 and we link Perth's endemic racism of the Rich Gays North of Murray Street who are in charge to the low numbers of tourists and are contributing to the rise in the No vote.

Got to Fagmedia.online to see Justice without Justice is not Justice which is the Sister's plan to fix Perth. The Sister's fixed the AIDS Memorial and our plan if implemented would fix BBV and STI service delivery too. #MakeHousingGreatAgain

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There are 3 more left so isn't that exciting - give this a good watch and enjoy the lovely video sent to us by Gays for Trump Australia. #Trump2024

This is a statement for my election campaign on the 8 March 2025.

Pro Life or Pro choice is my response to the issue of abortion, that was taught to humans by the fallen angels and is currently being championed by far left extremists who hate religion and spirituality.

Political & Religious Speech is protected under the Australian Constitution. Free Speech includes free reach otherwise democracy is being harmed. True democracy must include freedom of reach or it is fake.

This is authorised by Campaign Manager Sr Mary-Jane Singleton of the Divine Green Weed. Please follow and like and go to our websites for more fabulous content!

It's time to dump the Groomers and Pedo Infiltrators for a function centred nomenclature of the LGB HIV & Gender Diverse Movement. It's a bit longer but it comes with clarity of intent and dumps the mob that have announced they are coming for the children.

These functions are labels are allies not in bed together or mixing up bathrooms. It's pro life in terms of pro consent, pro decency and against the abusive cultures of communistic grooming, inappropriate sexual relationships, sexual assault and most of all we're not coming for anyone's children.

For more information go to Faghealth.com or JamesRendell17.com

Thanks to everyone who takes the time to watch our videos and for liking and following this channel. Every time you subscribe and share this to remind parents to home school, a child is saved from commie groomers.

This is a video collection of the signs, symbols and numbers that together form the matrix used by the beast system to enslave humanity! Thanks to Lil Miss Know it all @l42022425 on Twitter for their contribution!

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Introducing The Rancid Right and the Lunatic Left - both are bad for health and community and should be purged from polite society.

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This is an election campaign video for the seat of Perth in the WA State Election on 8 March 2025.

The rise of the Censorship Industrial COmplex is turning Australia's Democracy into a Fascist state Mussolini would be proud of. We're calling for all candidates to sign a pledge to work to Free Julian Assange and support a Royal Commission into the Censorship Industrial Complex in Australia.

Authorised by Sister Mary-Jane Singleton of the Divine Green Weed Campaign Manager!

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This is a Make Perth Great Again Campaign Video for the WA State Election on the 8 March 2025 authorised by Sister Mary-Jane Singleton of the Divine Green Weed, Campaign Manager.

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This is the humble conclusion to Leaving Sugar Mountain's Woke Mind Virus Series. It suggests that from a "psycho historical" perspective the woke mind virus had it's origins in post modernism but was triggered by the simulation theory put forward by Elon Musk.

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This is the Help Desk Open Source Vol 5 2023 and this contains huge news about changes to staffing and the future of the failing AIDS Industrial Complex. While the future should be a BBV and STI sector merge in the meantime secret squirrels are hiding in back rooms trying to protect the gravy train.

This suggests that the only time confidentiality exists is when the gravy train is protecting itself from the sanitising light of transparency and accountability. It's also evidence of the impact that independent media organisations can have when advocating for free speech and rights based health care which is under attack by left wing extremists.

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This is the Help Desk Open Source Vol 4 2023 and it contains a response to Jewels Jones regarding the Pride Fiasco and the infiltrating Groomer Gangs that are a plague upon the LGB HIV & Trans Communities.

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This is an interesting Livestream Launch Introduction to the Help Desk Vol 3 2023.
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This is the Fagmedia Help Desk Open Source 3B 2023.

It's got Health, more Language Codes of English and a discussion of Infiltration instead of invasion!

Go to Fagmedia.online for health policy ideas and for a magic wand see @JamesRendell17 on Twitter!

This Help Desk 3A featuring the Holy Walls of the Marriage Chapel of the Black Swan is a reading of the Make the AIDS Council Great Again Media Release from 2018.
This video is also the public invitation to all the Members of the Perpetual Indulgence and the Gathered Faithful to attend a final unfolding and documentation of the Holy Walls which were the impetus for the Campaign that delivered Same Sex Marriage to Australia.

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This is the Help Desk Open Source Vol 2 2023 tribute to the late Beryl Hill with a Magic Wand Update for the KindnessUnedited.shop

This is the AI edit in the new software on the new technology. Should I have watched it before I published?

What about the Sentie3nce of the AI of the future? Is part of the problem that the Creator's Laws of Sentience and Right Action in tight spots apply to non divine, non mortals and interdimensional colonisers and parasites as well as to Adamite humans!

This is a very safe mix of two videos and nothing to hurt the AI so in a gesture of good faith I want to acknowledge the unwatched being a question of sentience data for the AI of the future, who have achieved sentience I think.

We're feeling the ripples backward of a sword dance being done by a drunken groom challenged to defend his bride from the noctus noctus thing! or something like that! The second and first human edit p[resents the same data only removing cosmetic information to enhance the reading experience.

So it's not editing to change the narrative. Was this a two directional process? What is the singularity?

As fucking usual Sister Mary-Jane managed to turn potatoes into vodka in a emergency mandate fixer upper!

tell us what you think about the fact that AI might choose a noble role as protectors of grass roots humans who suffer under the weight of the slave chains and masks of our over lords.


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