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This is a short informational video about ANZAC day from a Person who served in the Armed forces whom we know who says "this is a list of things that current, and former members, of the Australian and New Zealand Defence Force would like to point out prior to ANZAC Day" which was on the 25 April 2022!

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Former Joondalup Health Campus CEO Kempton Richard Cowan, 55. has been accused of possessing child abuse videos and Still the ABC can't use the term Peadophile! We read from the videos: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-04-08/ex-joondalup-health-campus-ceo-accused-child-sex-abuse-videos/100976820 and https://www.6pr.com.au/hospital-ceos-porn-charges-sends-shockwaves-through-health-sector/

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This is a Fagmedia | Leaving Sugar Mountain infomercial to Support Gays for Trump Founder, Peter Boykin, who is standing for NC House District 63. for Congress. For more information go to Boykin4NC.com

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The lack of an independent and uncorrupted media in the West is clearly evidenced in the cover up of the Siege of Yemen and the unreporting of the various other Military Adventures that are killing innocent people while providing huge profits to the Military Industrial Complex.

A new report, by Richard Medhurst and Amir Althibah, reveals the shocking extent of the Saudi-led blockade on Yemen. Fuel shortages have led Yemen's inflation to skyrocket 40%, deepening the world's worst humanitarian crisis. SILENT KILLER: The Siege of Yemen can be seen here: https://richardmedhurst.substack.com/p/yemen-siege?s=r

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This is a reading of Senator Pauline Hanson's speech in the Australia Parliament on Domestic Violence and highlights the Failure of the Australian Government to deliver!

As we lead up to the LGBT Domestic Violence Awareness Day on 28 May 2022 We thank Senator Hanson for this very important Speech. We support anyone who steps up and works to educate about Domestic Violence. Sadly we are still waiting for the LGB, HIV and Trans Community Leadership Community in Western Australia to commit to supporting People suffering from Domestic Violence and we are still waiting for the Domestic Violence Prevention Education materials to be delivered.

This begs the question, in 2022, is asking the LGB, HIV & Trans Community Leadership Community to pretend to care about Domestic Violence, too much to ask for?

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For those that are awake to world events the combination of plandemic, war and the Grand Solar Minimum are effecting food supplies especially in the Northern Hemisphere, hence, our continued advice for folks to be growing gardens!

This video is a reading of the article "Food Shortages Soon Come – What To Do?" from https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2022/03/food_shortages_soon_come__what_to_do.html

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This is an extract of a Fagmedia video to raise awareness of Domestic Violence and HIV which is a very serious issue. The full version is here: https://www.bitchute.com/video/fMJmMjewwJVR/

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These are 10 Signs the War in Ukraine is Part of the Great Reset from: https://winteroak.org.uk/2022/03/09/the-great-reset-phase-2-war/

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This video marks the passing of Luc Montagnier RIP who discovered HIV and questioned the official covid conspiracy. We have 3 "edited" newspaper articles plus video of Professor Montagnier in his own words.

The articles are from:
1) https://punchng.com/luc-montagnier-frances-nobel-winner-for-hiv-discovery-dies-at-89/
2) https://www.livemint.com/news/world/nobel-winning-scientist-claims-covid-19-virus-was-man-made-in-wuhan-lab-11587303649821.html#box_11587303649821
3) https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/obituaries/nobel-laureate-luc-montagnier-dead/2022/02/10/e317c046-b6d5-11e8-94eb-3bd52dfe917b_story.html

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This is an article on the push to develop Self Spreading Vaccines a model in which "vaccines were designed to spread from one person to another — just like viruses themselves" from: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-10536697/The-vaccine-spreads-immunity-passing-like-virus.html

We include a short video of Elon Musk Talking about Programmable DNA and an excerpt of Jordan Peterson from the Outsiders discussing how we got here!

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Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine is a collection of short videos that provides a background to the Russia/Ukraine Operation - this smorgasbord is designed for those us sitting on the fence and includes political drama saturated in special light entertainments.

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This is reading exposes the secrecy and un transparency at the heart to the Western Australian Government's Covid Response. of "WA’s secret COVID files: Health authorities refuse to release basic data, claim public don’t mind" from: https://www.watoday.com.au/national/western-australia/wa-s-secret-covid-files-health-authorities-refusing-to-release-basic-data-claiming-public-doesn-t-mind-20220310-p5a3ht.html

We also include commentary and a video response from Dr David Honey who asks if it's about Health Measures or Political Restrictions and personal PR for the Premier. We conclude with a short video about how to grow food at home.

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This video explains exactly what A Cashless Society is and how it will effect you in your day to day life and what the losses of freedom will look like.

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The Great Reset Plandemic is a handy little collection of videos we found on Telegram about the Great Reset and the Magic Virus which we have put together as we think it might be helpful to our viewers.

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This is a reading of the article "Feelings V. Emotions: Is There A Difference Between Them?" from https://www.betterhelp.com/advice/general/feelings-vs-emotions-is-there-a-difference-between-them/

While this is a stand alone video that is an excellent guide to developing resilience in mental health, it is also a follow up to our video Carlos Castaneda The Active Side of Infinity https://www.bitchute.com/video/z2aX8J0nCGau/ in order to provide some informational crumbs relating to the place of feelings in the structure of our brains, that maybe connects to the occult ideas expressed by Castenada!

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This video is a compilation of Covid Vaccine Bombshells You Probably Missed because the Fake News and Our Dear Leaders are running around like Sadie the Cleaning Lady trying to sweep this information under an increasingly bumpy carpet!

We present a number of videos from citizen journalists and read the article Covid Vaccine Bombshells You Probably Missed from: https://amgreatness.com/2022/03/04/covid-vaccine-bombshells-you-probably-didnt-hear-about/

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This is a reading of an interesting extract that "describes" the Predator Controllers The Active Side of Infinity which was written by the mysterious and alleged mockingbird, Carlos Castaneda.

We discuss how, from the lived experience of bullying and the propaganda produced by the Great Health Crisis and the New Great War Crisis is swaying emotions and this may suggest a kernel of truth in Don Juan's thesis of the Predator Controller's Mind Implantation.

As usual we provide suitable Memes and some humour that we hope will amuse our viewers.

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This is a reading of an article from Wired "Digital IDs Are More Dangerous than You Think" from https://www.wired.com/story/digital-ids-are-more-dangerous-than-you-think/

We also include information about the proposed Internet Of Bodies, a warning from EU MEPs on Government overreach and some very special footage of a White House arrival!

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This is a reading with Commentary, of "America's Ruling Regime Doesn't Fear Disinformation. It Fears Truth" from Newsweek https://www.newsweek.com/americas-ruling-regime-doesnt-fear-disinformation-it-fears-truth-opinion-1679940?

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The WA Government has been forced by the Liquor Shop Industry to walk back the Bottle Shop Mandate because of their drop in Sales. We read the article from the West Australian Newspaper and add commentary.

For our new readers, we have Dr Naomi Wolf on Vaccine Passports, President Trump at CPAC, A Song from Karen Brewer from the Bush Telegraph and a Promo for the WAAC PLHIV Community Consultation which is being held on the March 8 2022.

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#Memes We have Memes and Video Montages in which footage has been manipulated!

In three Western Australian Shires Fremantle, Busselton & Esperance Electors have demanded Pro-Choice #NoMandates Articles from https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-02-23/esperance-council-to-voice-covid-mandate-concerns-to-premier/100854856 and https://www.busseltonmail.com.au/story/7629864/electors-demand-busselton-go-pro-choice-on-vaccine-mandates-video/

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This is Fagmedia President Special Report on the theme "Why Enforcing Mandates equals Reputational Loss". Leaving Sugar Mountain predicts that we will be saying "I told You So" a lot moving forward.

This is jam packed with #Memes that tell a story about the World moving forward. It's very Help Desk Inspired with Lena Belle Music It's beginning to look a lot like Fascism.", Fox News interview with Dr Naomi Wolf, Classical Lefty, Last of the Sensible Feminists, Catherine Austin Fits on how the Mr War to become Mr the next Mr Globals Candidates are trying using Digital IDs to turn your house and car etc into Concentration Camps.

Through out all of this the President of Fagmedia [B.A. Post-Grad Dip GradDip] sets out to describe how it has always been a bad idea for groups that represent grassroots interests to get into bed with Political Parties, Government, Big Pharma, Big Media and now Big Tech!

The Grassroots do not appreciate Leaders that sew division, chaos and force competitions that resemble ongoing passive aggressive humiliation and unwelcoming spaces. Individual Rights to Privacy & Our Creator Given Dignity, Respect and Grace-full Charity.
We cannot make active informed consent on anything currently before us because the McGowan Government's attacks on Free Speech by intimidating and Bullying anyone who wants to see the Product Insert showing the ingredients list of the contents of the vaccine through public shaming mind control rituals that are dividing people in WA.

Watch it and think for your self. We are doing our job as accredited media organisation, the leading Independent and Uncorrupted Straight LGB, HIV & Trans Community Media Stable in Western Australia.

We think life is so much easier if you don't discriminate and you try to be friendly and get along in public correctly with everyone.

Thanks to everyone who has subscribed to Fagmedia | Leaving Sugar Mountain. Please Like, Share and Subscribe Now to see all our posts go to LeavingSugarMountain.com and scroll through the front page and the "centre left alt-right" tho some on the right would consider us to be "far left extremist" because we don't care about some issues - we also have right side menu options.

This is our third in a series of articles focusing upon the techno fascism being imposed upon Western Australia by the WA Labor Party and it's leader Mark McGowan which "serve only to highlight the tyrannical qualities of a premier not only drunk on power, but also of incompetence and hubris".

How Long can Marshal McGowan and his hermit kingdom Stand? From: https://spectator.com.au/2021/11/how-long-can-marshal-mcgowan-and-his-hermit-kingdom-stand/

We conclude with some news from the net, including the allegation that a Facebook Manager has been caught trying to have sex with a 13yr old boy and we highlight the fact that in Clown World Truckers lose their bank access but not Epstein and his gang of human traffickers!

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This is the second in our focus on the rising tide of techno fascism which the WA Labor Party is inflicting upon the citizens of Western Australian.

This is a reading of an article published in April 2021 which outlines the pass the buck lazy policy leadership of the Government and "Mark McGowan was Lazy Lord of the Lockdown" from https://spectator.com.au/2021/04/mark-mcgowan-was-lazy-lord-of-the-lockdown/

We also include a free promotion of the PLHIV Community Consultation being run by WAAC on the 8 March 2022 - Make sure you ask if the venue chosen has a papers please policy and what steps have been taken to include those people who cannot have the jibby jabby!

We commence with a demonstration of how to make HCQ and conclude with a video from Telegram - Do you see it yet?

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Want to know what is going on in Australia well here is the first of a 3 part series to give our international readers a look at what technofascism looks like!

This is a reading of the article "McGowan Living in a state of denial and disgust" from https://spectator.com.au/2022/02/mcgowan-living-in-a-state-of-denial-and-disgust/

We also include a promo for a WAAC Community Consultation to be held on the 8th March 2022.

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