Contrary to popular belief, the strange death of England is not a recent event. England was mortally wounded during the first world war and, unfortunately, the English failed to notice until it was too late. The country that had given democracy and civilisation to the modern world was left to rot like an unloved dog at the side of the road and what grew within that stinking bloated corpse after the Second World War was not honey.

In the first quarter of the 21st Century many good people tried to resuscitate the English dream but only succeeded in releasing a pox that has since infected the world. That pox was called national socialism.

Now in 2055, we can look back on the causes of the second English Civil War and see the steps that led to the United States of Europe.

It is 2055 and President 'for life' Thunberg rules over the One World Government with a hand of steel. After meat consumption was made illegal in 2025, all domestic and farm animals were slaughtered. Mass starvation and Islamic separatists in Britain led to the European Civil War and the rise of the National Socialist resistance.

This video traces the events that led to your enslavement and offers an alternative to the twin shibboleths: the cult of the individual and the cult of the collective.

Survivor and author, Antonio Sebastian highlights how the rise of anti-Semitism during the time of the great unlearning was a symptom of the horror that engulfed the world.

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Beware, when the corporate elite use emotion to control you. By using a child in the image of the Hitler youth, the Green Industrial Complex 'body-swerve' any analysis of the nonsense on which their industry is based.

They are using passionate and idealistic young women as an interlectual 'human shieild' - she will either grow up to hate them or she will become the greatest tyrant the world has ever seen.

How the corporate Marxist elites have subverted human civilisation for their own ends.

How the Corporate Marxist Elites have subverted social media in order to programme the masses!


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Over the last hundred years, the Marxist religion has killed over 100,000,000 people. From Russia, in 1917, to Venezuela in 2018; whenever we put the ‘Collective’ before the sanctity of the individual, innocent men, women and children die on an industrial scale.

Throughout recent history, this pernicious quasi-religious cult has had many names: Marxism, Communism, Socialism, Levellers, Diggers (to name but a few) but despite the inevitable egalitarian hyperbole, every time it has manifested itself it has only ever benefited its own elites.

Precisely because of that fact, it is always the intellectual elites who advocate for it.

In the late 1960s, Global Corporations set out to ride the left-wing wave created by the rise of Cultural Marxism and, its bastard child, Postmodernism in order to enslave, to themselves, the already brainwashed masses in a Marxist One World Government. This globalist project serves and benefits only the corporate elites.

The Anti Corporate Marxism Alliance is a worldwide forum and a resource for all of those who would take back their humanity and their freedom for themselves, for their families and for their countries. Only together can we fight the cancer that is killing our civilisation.