Shot 2/19/21. Me and William ventured out to Stamford this past winter to do some railfanning. We normally go to New York City during this time of year but due to the circumstances of the pandemic we decided that Stamford would be a better place to go this year. We got a lot of good action here including a lot of wrong railing action! I believe this was either due to construction or weather conditions since it was snowing while we were here. We even got quite a bit of diesel train action here as well which was awesome since we were only expecting to see the one diesel train to Danbury. Enjoy this railfanning video on the Metro North New Haven Line and Amtrak Northeast Corridor!

Shot 1/9/21. Featuring Chris Cronin. This was the last elevator I showed Chris during the January meetup. The elevator I rode last time was broken so this was a perfect opportunity to ride the other elevator. This is indeed a 3300. Not a 5500 which is what I said last time. Enjoy!

Shot 3/21/21. Featuring The Vertical Transportation Channel. While me and my Dad quick came here to obtain our elevator panel, Nolan also came here to collect the old call station fixtures from these elevators as well. A huge thank you to Nolan and Kone Elevator for saving the old elevator panel for us! Anyway we decided to quick meet and pick up our parts and ride the new elevator. We only rode the right elevator since the left elevator was in the progress of being modernized. This is a very nice modernization! The floor indicator is interesting since the floor indicator is a Kone KSS 570 Floor indicator. Which isn't common to see with Innovation Bruiser Fixtures. I wonder why carpet was put in the floor? Other than that the new cab is very nice! Enjoy this video!

Shot 1/9/21. I decided to show Chris this elevator after riding the Lord & Taylor elevator. This used to be the Borders Bookstore.

Shot 1/9/21. Featuring Chris Cronin. We made it to this store before it closed so I took a last ride on this elevator during our meetup back in January. Enjoy!

Shot on 4/2/21 featuring Garden State Railfan. For my 21st birthday I wanted to go to New Jersey to do some railfanning on New Jersey Transit. Adam was railfanning at Ridgefield Park but sadly by the time I met up with him there was no freight trains going through that portion of the CSX River Line. So me, dad, Big Butt Bear and Adam relocated to the nearest passenger train station which was Teterboro. This was Adam's first time railfanning on the Pascack Valley Line as well as my first time to get a full railfanning video on the Pascack Valley Line. As long as your on this line on a weekday which we were then the action is good during rush hour. We saw only the single level trains but we saw a variety of diesel locomotives which was totally worth filming! Enjoy some railfanning on New Jersey Transit!

Shot 1/9/21. Featuring Chris Cronin. These elevators serve the mall and all of the parking. These were pretty busy when we filmed these but I managed to get a non stop ride to the top floor once I joined Chris Cronin in the elevator.

Shot 1/9/21. This elevator was modernized by Excel according to Chris Cronin. He said Nieman Marcus currently has a contract with Excel.

Shot 1/9/21. I have somehow never rode this elevator before even though I have been to this mall plenty of times before. This elevator runs smooth however there are some parts of this elevator that need help. This elevator does make some strange noises.

Shot 1/9/21. Featuring Chris Cronin. These elevators still run well. These elevators ran horribly before the modernization.

Shot 12/30/20. This is officially the final video from the year of 2020! What a year that was, lol!
On the way to Stew Leonards after visiting the Noroton Heights train station for railfanning we stopped here because this store was on the way to Stew Leonards. TechNerdNolan has told me about these elevators and that they were going to be modernized as soon as the new year hit. We passed this store a couple of times and we would of never guessed this store had an elevator! These elevators aren't inside the store so you don't need a membership to ride these. I'm really happy I got to ride these before they got modernized. Kone is also doing the modernization. The right elevator had a super short door timer while the left elevator had a very long door time. Total opposites here! Despite being a little bumpy these elevators ran fine. These elevators were installed in 2001. Enjoy!

Shot 12/23/20. I decided to come back to this building since it was 5 years since I rode this elevator. The duck tape is off of the call button. This elevator is really nice! Though either somebody smoked in this elevator or someone with second hand smoke came through this elevator so it smelled bad. Enjoy!

Shot 12/23/20. This was the main building I wanted to check out in Peekskill. I didn't make it to the one across the street during this trip. This elevator appeared to be modernized since all of the call buttons were replaced by PTL. Everything else is still original to this elevator. The elevator itself is quite nice. Sadly padded though. Enjoy! :)

Shot 12/9/20. When on my way to conduct some business I decided to make this quick pitstop just to check out these elevators again. I'm glad I came here when I did because I discovered that these elevators were being modernized! I got to ride the right elevator one last time before it got modernized. Schindler is modernizing these elevators. Enjoy this final ride on a fairly famous elevator!

Shot 11/7/20. It was a very warm day in November so me and my Dad had to go out and do some railfanning. We ventured out to Cortlandt to see some trains. This video contains the usual action of Metro North and Amtrak trains. Enjoy!

Here is something different for you all! We recently got a smoker and we wanted to show you all a cooking video on it. We make some Wood Fired Pizza in this video! This video also shows a slight preview of the Pulled Pork we are going as well. And your host Big Butt Bear is present in this video. For all you PitBoss BBQ Smoker people, I hope you enjoy this! And of course I hope everyone else who watches this video enjoys as well!

Shot 4/30/21. Me and my dad made a quick pitstop to see a few trains. We chose this station since we haven't done a video of this station before. Enjoy a nice short and simple video of some trains on the Harlem Line!
A huge thank you to the YouTube Members of this channel:
Metro Elevators

Shot 10/31/20. This elevator was installed in 2012 during the very beginning of the aquarium renovation. Can't believe this elevator is already eight years old! This elevator is basic but runs well.

Shot 10/31/20. This is probably the most basic elevator in the entire aquarium. This elevator is near the gift shop and cafeteria.

Shot 10/31/20. This past Halloween me and Lisa visited the Maritime Aquarium. While we were here we got an update on all of the elevators inside the Aquarium. This elevator has been renovated and the renovation is quite nice! This was part of the Aquarium Renovation. I'll be honest i'm surprised the vector equipment survived the renovation! Normally Vectors get modernized during renovations but this one survived. Anyways, enjoy! :)

Shot 10/28/20. While returning home from the SoNo Collection I decided to stop here and see this elevator. This is a old elevator that was modernized by Kone. This elevator appears to be open everyday since this elevator serves the garage for the shops at this complex. This elevator has an epic motor! The cab is kind of shady but this is still a neat elevator. Enjoy!

Shot 10/28/20. This elevator was installed in 2019. This is a Schindler 5500 elevator. The elevators I rode at the Hilton Garden Inn in Dobbs Ferry had these buttons but those were newer 3300. Enjoy!

Shot 3/3/21. Back in March I ventured out to Mamaroneck for a street art assignment. After I was done collecting what I needed for the assignment I went to Larchmont to film a few elevators and do a little bit of railfanning. I only stayed for about 45 minutes due to my studies but I still got some good action here. The Danbury Express is also featured in this video. Enjoy the action here at Larchmont Station!

Shot 10/28/20. According to TechNerdNolan this is currently the shortest known Schindler 5500 elevator in the United States. Very short distance for 3 floors! Enjoy!

Shot 10/28/20. Shot 10/28/20. These elevators were installed in 2019.
These are the scenic elevators in this mall. Honestly the coolest elevators this mall has to offer. They are really nice and fairly fast to. Enjoy!


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