Recorded on 12/1/22. Here is a ride on the plane train at the Las Vegas McCarren International Airport. This is a train that connects the main terminal to the D gates. Enjoy!

Recorded on 8/31/23. It has been a while since we last rode this elevator. Let's see how this elevator is doing in 2023!

Recorded on 9/1/23. We rode the big elevator this time since we only rode the small elevator last time. Many of the elevators at this campus have this modernization. However, some of the elevators have different personalities to them.

Recorded on 8/4/23. Here is the first-ever elevator drag race at Grand Central Terminal! We have William and Nick do two rounds of elevator racing. Who will win each round?!

Recorded on 8/19/23. After 10 years I finally made it back to this elevator! This elevator hasn't changed much since 2013. It seems like when I was here in 2012 this elevator was starting to formulate temporary problems that got fixed later on as this elevator ran fine in 2013 and during this visit. The door is still the same old lousy loud door though but everything else is fine. I am surprised Kone hasn't modernized this elevator yet as Boscov's has been modernizing elevators and Kone is the current contract.

Recorded on 7/28/23. Featuring William Scoufaras. This is the first elevator I have ever filmed and it always seems to get worse and worse as time goes on. This elevator has no working lights! According to William, this elevator was like this for a couple of weeks before we came here since he came here a few weeks before this visit. Borders took very good care of this elevator before they ran out of business. The Mount Kisco landlords that currently own this building are doing a terrible job at maintaining this elevator! This town also has some insane landlords to begin with as there are always empty business spaces across this town and businesses often do not last long because of the Mount Kisco landlords. So it is no surprise that the landlords are neglecting this elevator. I used to love this elevator and was excited to return to service in 2016 after a 5-year absence, but it has become such a sad elevator. If this elevator was not a Dover elevator then it would be totally falling apart at this point. I even got stuck in this elevator for a very long time too!

Recorded on 7/11/23. Every year, out at the Pocono Raceway in Long Pond, Pennsylvania, the American Red Cross of the Poconos does a major blood drive at this NASCAR raceway where you can donate blood and drive your car around the actual racetrack! Money donations to the American Red Cross are also taken during this blood drive too when you bring your car to the racetrack. I was volunteering at the blood drive this year, and we had 116 donations of blood that can be used to save many lives, especially with blood shortages currently going on. Enjoy the ride on the raceway from a perspective that you normally do not get to see every day! This was the perfect opportunity to zip my Honda Civic around too.

Recorded on 7/12/23. I stopped at this mall on my way home from Short Hills because why not despite this mall having boring elevators. However, this elevator is an exception. This is an old Haughton elevator that appears to have only received a slap on modernization. The motor is pretty cool too. I am not 100% sure if it is original or not. The big cab and dual door set up is neat too.

Recorded on 7/12/23. This is easily the most hilarious elevator in this mall. This elevator has a rapid start up going up as soon as the doors close. What's up with the double up buttons on the bottom floor? The buttons are in reverse order on the inside of the elevator too. Easily the most quirky elevator in this mall lol!

Recorded on 7/12/23. This elevator has a great Canton hydraulic motor! I wonder if this elevator used to be a Payne or a General based on the braille on the third floor.

Recorded on 6/28/23. The old Regal Plaza Motel owners retired in 2021 and sold off this property to ICONA who turned it into the Mahalo Diamond Beach Hotel. This elevator modernization was expected with the remodeling of the hotel. This modernization is by no means bad! This is a very nice new elevator. However, they kept the original motor on this elevator and you can actually hear it better with the modernization so I call that a win! The new elevator is more smooth too. This a very nice new hotel and the staff is awesome here too. Enjoy!

Recorded 6/27/23. I passed this motel many times and never realized there was an elevator here until I took a closer look on Google maps at the property. This elevator is interesting since this elevator has no directional lanterns or Dover buzzes. Runs very smoothly though.

Recorded on 6/22/23. Last week, I met up with Eli, who is another fan of my channel, to go watch some trains together! This is a synopsis of what I recorded at this station. This video includes a rare Amtrak equipment move with a P42 locomotive leading. I have been catching P42s lately on the Hudson Line, so I wonder if this is still considered rare or if I am just that lucky. Lol! Enjoy!

Recorded on 11/19/21. I realized this video never made it onto the channel, which was ironic because this is the first video I recorded in Syracuse! You can tell how times have changed since the closures were still happening with the sights you see in the video. Glad those days are over. Anyway, this is a standard Dover Impulse Elevator. Though, what's up with the panic button in the elevator?! Never seen that before!

Recorded on 6/9/23. I don't know how I missed the fact that a brand new station was being for the Merritt 7 station but once I found out about this new station, I just had to go check it out! This video includes a tour of the brand new station and a few trains on the Danbury trains. And it's a few because we were here on a weekend so not much goes through this branch. Despite the stations opening, the station has still not fully completed construction. You will see what is left to go in this video. Hopefully this station does well. It should during the weekdays with the corporations in the office complex commute to the city from their offices. Enjoy the tour!

Recorded on 6/9/23. Here we have an interesting elevator at the Danbury Public Library. This elevator is part of an add on extension to this library so this elevator is not in the original portion of the library. I normally find newer Otis Series 1 Hydraulic Elevators boring but this one is actually interesting. This elevator has the big panel which is normally used on Otis Series 1 Traction Elevators. So this was interesting to see on a hydraulic elevator. Enjoy!

It is strange how there is no second floor in this building. Any comments revealing the name of this building will be deleted!

Recorded on 5/11/23. These are two of the platform elevators in the Madison Concourse of Grand Central Terminal. These elevators are quite awesome! These elevators have epic motors and give a great view of the epic new concourse.

Recorded on 5/11/23. I made a brief stop at Roosevelt Field Mall to check out the new modernization of these elevators. These elevators used to be Montgomery Kone and they were modernized at the beginning of last year. This is a fantastic modernization! The right car did a glitch that I tried to demonstrate but of course, it only occurred whenever I was not recording lol. Enjoy!

Recorded on 3/30/23. Here is a preview of one of the Green Line trains on the Boston T system. We were originally going to go to Park Street to connect to a Red Line train back to William's college but there was a service change that resulted in this train to terminate at Government Center. We had to connect to another Green Line train to continue to Park Street. These trains are very neat because they sound exactly like an R142A subway car in New York City. Enjoy the ride!

Recorded on 4/1/23. This elevator looks very similar to a Lord & Taylor Schindler MT Elevator that was installed in the 90's. Though this elevator was installed in 1995. This is a standard elevator though it's a rocket compared to the Wonderland T Station elevators. Ha!

Recorded on 4/1/23. This elevator is from 2008. This elevator vibrates a lot but serves short distances in between floors.

Recorded on 3/30/23. Here is a preview of the spring 2023 Boston trip series! I will try to upload 3 of the videos onto BitChute since I got a TON of content from this trip!

After having an amazing meal at Guy Fieri's Restaurant, we made a quick pit stop at North Station. You all might remember seeing this elevator from the livestream I did in Boston. This is actually a pretty neat elevator. This elevator serves a short distance but travels at 200 feet per minute making it a quick ride. This elevator is pretty smooth too. Enjoy!

Recorded on 2/9/23. I am pretty sure Globe is a third party distributor of General elevator. The logo looks exactly like a General Elevator logo and the design of the fixtures and cab scream General too. Very small elevator but it runs well.

I was not expecting to find something this cool when I was here! The cabs are absolutely beautiful! And even though these Armor elevators were modernized, Otis did a good job preserving the historic elevator cabs. Otis even put in Amber buttons, which is even better! I only filmed one elevator since I was low on time.
Notice! This is in a private building. Any comments revealing the name of the building will be deleted!


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