Shot 10/9/16. Montgomery Kone = Montgomery modernized by Kone. Anyways, these elevators had messed up floor indicators. They always skipped one floor when the elevators started moving. Not the worst elevators in the world but definently not the best. I'll be honest all of these elevators here are nice but they aren't the best. Follow me on Instagram:
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Shot 4/5/19. Unfortunately this old Dover elevator has been modernized. However Thyssenkrupp still did a good job modernizing this elevator though. No complaints about the mod, im just disappointed we no longer have an old Dover elevator to ride in Yorktown that's all. Thyssenkrupp is still a great conpany and still does great modernizations! Correction: Only the floor is original to this elevator. Everything else was modernized.

Shot 11/24/17. Enjoy this hotel tour of a Hampton Inn!

Shot 10/14/17. Here is a quick ride on a Metro North train entirely filmed in Manhattan. This video was never uploaded to my YouTube channel so this is a never before seen for this BitChute channel. Enjoy!

Shot 4/13/13. These are some very nice elevators they have here at Yankee Stadium but they were super busy! Luckly we went up to get a spot and a little time in the elevator to ourselves and the operator didn't seem to mind which was very cool.

Bronx NY. Anyway Here Is The Start Of Yankee Stadium. Sadly due to low battery on phone the death trap part was not shown. After I got off this elevator broke! The other elevators in this garage were MUCH BETTER!! But this whole garage/park was an ADA Compliance fail. On the bank of two elevators, the third floor was locked off which the third floor is public so no wheelchairs can go up. And on this elevator, the third floor was open on the elevator but the door to the elevator on the third floor was locked so someone had to go up on this elevator to open the door for a person who needed this elevator (seen in video). However, the horrible quality of this elevator is clearly from the owners of this parking garage not maintaining their elevator well and not Kone. This is clearly the case since it's a back elevator and the main elevators run much better than this one.

Shot 8/16/18. While having two hours to kill between work and picking my dad up from the airport, I decided to go a little bit out of the way and do some railfanning on the northeast corridor while waiting for my dad. It was a lot of fun! I saw a lot of trains including an Amtrak train that was only going as far as New York Pennsylvania Station instead of Washington Union Station. Of course I saw a cat crossing the tracks while I was here to. I was very happy to make it back to the Northeast Corridor. Anyways, enjoy the video! :)

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Shot 12/28/16. After walking between 42nd Street and 60th looking at Christmas windows, half of our family group wanted to ride the subway on the return trip to 42nd so we can see the Christmas windows at Macy's. We were at 48th Street at the time so we walked 47th - 50th streets Rockefeller Center station to catch a downtown 6th ave subway train to Herald Square. The first train that arrived was the F train so we rode it again. Enjoy the video

Shot 3/31/18. This elevator is also filmed by dieselducy. I like the red cab since red is my favorite elevator. Surprisingly this elevator was busy on a Saturday but we got a good video of it. I always lived around this area and I found it weird how I haven't checked out this elevator before. This elevator not only has Thyssenkrupp laterns but also has a Thyssenkrupp controller as well. Enjoy!

Shot 4/19/19. Here is part two of the Botanical garden Railfanning video. Enjoy! :)

Shot 10/9/16. This elevator got modernized with Innovation fixtures. Sorry about my sister.

Shot 7/10/15. I got lost on the skybridges to the Hilton hotel and ran into these elevators. These were the low rise elevators in the building. I did not film the high rise to avoid any inconvenience. I didn't want to risk running into security if this building had security guards in the lobby which the chance of that was rather high. Also there is not a lot of videos in Kentucky since I was super crushed on time.

Shot 8/27/19. After starting my summer break at Scarsdale station, it has already came to a close. So I finally got to visit the Crestwood station during the PM rush hour which was something I wanted to do a long time and before school began in September. Boy was railfanning here worth it! So much action going on here during the PM rush hour. We even got to see a BL220 Equipment move to! William joins us in this video to so enjoy a fun action packed railfanning video here at Crestwood! :)

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Shot 4/19/19. Alright! Here we are at the Botanical Garden Station in New York City! I filmed 61 trains at this station in just 2 hours! It was an amazing day! There was plenty of great action from M3 - M8 including quite a few diesel trains. Enjoy this special presentation of a major two part railfanning video! :D

Shot 10/12/16. This train ride was filmed on the way home from Washington DC 2016 trip. This is WMATA's newest train. My favorite train on the whole WMATA system. WMATA was defiantly a great journey while in Washington DC. I recommend riding it! Follow me on Instagram:
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Shot 10/14/17. Here is a ride on the 42nd Street shuttle! Enjoy!

Shot 10/4/16. In this video we see M7A's, M3's and a P32! Follow me on Instagram:

Shot 3/23/16. Installed in 2015. Yesterday I rode 6 elevators in Pennsylvania and this was one of them. This was my first Schindler 3300 Elevator! The elevators were awesome and ran very well. This is also Stroudsburg's first Marriott hotel property. Don't forget to follow me on Instagram:

Shot 7/26/19. Here is the best elevator in this hotel! This Otis lexan elevator is still original! This elevator runs well and is in good condition. I was very happy to find out that this elevator was still original. :)

Shot 5/15/19. While on the second day of my summer break from school I wanted to venture out somewhere. I decided to drive to Mount Kisco and film trains at Scarsdale. I filmed a few elevators in downtown Scarsdale as well. I went around through most of this station to try out some cinematography shots for this video. A lot of action is seen in this video to. Enjoy!

Rolling Stock:
Bombardier M7A EMU Train
Budd M3 EMU Train
General Electric P32 Genesis Diesel Train

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Shot 2/2/18. Here is a video of railfanning from the Northern Hudson line (Northern Hudson line for this channel means any station north of Croton-Harmon since electrification ends at Croton-Harmon which is why no EMU trains are in this video). I was here from 3:40PM - 4:50PM. I was going to stay longer but I was getting very cold. But we do see a good amount of trains and trains on the express track which doesn't get used often. You will also see Amtrak trains with both the new livery and old livery as well. Enjoy the start of the 2018 railfanning series!

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Shot 7/20/17. Here is the first video of riding the Chicago Transit Authority! We ride the CTA Blue line from Chicago O Hare International Airport to Jackson Avenue Station. This is how we went to our hotel in Chicago. It was a nice ride. Enjoy the video!

Shot 1/3/19. Here are a few A & E trains at the 14th Street Station on the 8th Avenue line in New York City.

Shot 7/21/17. The Chicago Railfanning series! Here is my first video which a whole hour of trains at the State Lake Station in Chicago, Illinois. There was a tremendous amount of trains we saw!! It was awesome! Don't worry we have lot's of train ride videos to come since I rode the CTA Red, Blue, Pink and Orange lines while I was in Chicago. I also rode the METRA to Lake Forest. Enjoy this first railfanning video of the Chicago series and stay tuned for more!

Rolling Stock:

Budd 2600 Series Railcars (Rebuilt by Alstom)
Morrison Knudsen 3200 Series Railcars
Bombardier 5000 Series Railcars

Shot 3/13/19. After doing my assignment for one of my classes, I decided to do some railfanning here. I only stayed for 45 minutes and there was so much action! I originally wanted to stay for the Danbury train since that was a diesel but while I was here I saw some diesel trains! After I saw all the rolling stock I wanted to see I went home after the 45 minutes. It was worth it! Also the last M8 of the video went to New Haven and not Boston, lol! Enjoy! :)


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