Shot 4/7/12. I figured this is would be a good time to upload some pre Fantech0104 videos. And no this is not a death trap elevator, lol! Original video link here:

Shot 3/15/20. We were shopping for our normal everyday groceries and couldn't find so much of what we were looking for since the people who were panicking took everything away. So many empty shelf's and freezers! What I saw here is worse then what I saw in the stores after Hurricane Sandy. And the worst part about it is that this isn't even a natural disaster and the supply chains are still running! Seriously! People need to chill! We are going to be ok. Hopefully this is just the worst of what we are seeing in this coronavirus outbreak. If you think about, the panicking people will probably waste a ton of food since those people bought to much food and won't be able to eat all of it before the food goes bad. Plus this makes it harder for the people who just want to do their normal everyday shopping. The medicine part really bugged me because everyone who was panicking took all the medicine they didn't need. When the people who actually need to get medicine go out, they can't get the medicine because everyone who panicked took out all of the medicine. Everyone just needs to chill.

Epic Unease by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

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Shot 2/10/20. Yes this entire episode was filmed in one single day! Unlike my previous bad driver videos with jay walkers, this video is a pure bad driver only episode! Enjoy!

Recorded on 12/15/19. Here are some modernized elevators at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York City. This is a really nice modernization! Nouveau used the same Galaxy equipment for this modernization just like at Macy's in Cross County Mall. Enjoy!

Here is the third episode of Bad Drivers of the Hudson Valley.

Blank description

Recorded on 12/3/19. Here is one of the older elevators in this mall. This elevator is an original Otis lexan. All of the lights inside the fixtures and floor indicator are burnt out. However, this elevator runs well. Got to love the Lexan though :)

Recorded on 12/3/19. Here is the other elevator in Sears. This one is by the mall entrance.

On my way to school from the North White Plains Stop & Shop, I caught this train going through Virginia Road on my dashcam. This was a very exciting moment since I always wanted to get a train video on my dashcam. Enjoy!

Here we are begining the first episode of Bad Drivers in the Hudson Valley. I began this video series when I got a dash camera for Christmas and decided to start making bad driver videos with it. I hope you enjoy this first episode! :)

Music by Kevin MacLeod. Available under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license. Download link:

Second music track is Toe Jam by Diamond Ortiz

Shot 11/8/19. Here is the National Elevator at the Doubletree Hotel. This elevator runs rather rough. The bells sound like they have had better days. The cab is good shape though.

Shot 11/8/19. I normally don't film in hotels anymore unless i'm staying in them. However, I was attending the PTA Convention at this hotel so I rode all the elevators here while I had an opportunity to. This is the ballroom elevator. This elevator is honestly in the same shape as in 2013. Runs decently though.

Shot 11/6/19. This is an elevator I spotted from the street when driving home from Rye back in April 2019. When I was on the way to the Rye train station to do some railfanning, I stopped by this building to check out this elevator. This building is honestly pretty cool. The main entrance is actually the second floor of the building. You would of never guessed that this place has an elevator. There is also a back entrance with more parking that is the first floor. This elevator services both entrances. I really liked the design of this building! This elevator is pretty nice to. This elevator runs well and is in good shape. It was nice to see another Dover classic elevator as well. I had a confrontation with the building manager on the way (not included in this video). I honestly thought I was going to be asked to leave but he asked me what I was doing. He was a very nice guy and I told him I was doing a blog on elevators and thought it was cool. I ended up having a nice conversation with him.

As a reminder: Always respect building owners, managers and employees in the event a confrontation occurs when filming elevators. Always be honest as well!

Anyways, enjoy!

Here is a ride on the AirTrain at John Fitzgerald Kennedy International Airport in New York City. We are riding the Jamaica loop in this video. Enjoy!

Shot 4/3/18. Here is another trip report video! This time we are taveling on American airlines from Westchester County Airport (HPN) New York to Raleigh Durham (RDU) North Carolina. We start off on a Bombardier CRJ 700 aircraft. We fly this aircraft from White Plains, New York to Charlotte, North Carolina. We than hop on a Boeing 737-823 aircraft from Charlotte to Raleigh. Now you may be wondering, why such a big aircraft on a short flight route. The answer is in this video. Sorry the typos again, trying to get better at making less typos. And espcially sorry for spelling Raleigh wrong cause I thought it was spelt "Raliegh" for a long time. Enjoy! :)

Royalty free music at:

Shot 8/25/19. Here is the flight to San Francisco. Since there isn't a whole lot to see, this will be marked a flight synopsis video. The flight back to Atlanta will be the trip report for this trip. Enjoy a nice nighttime flight from Atlanta to San Francisco :)

This clip is going to be in the trip report back to White Plains. However, this individual clip will not be uploaded to YouTube by itself. No the title is not wrong, this is an Otis elevator that got modernized by Kone when this terminal was renovated.

Shot 8/25/19. This week I will be presenting you all the footage my dad got for me from his trip to San Francisco, CA. We start with a full ride on the plane train in Atlanta Airport. Enjoy!

Shot 1/9/20. Here is my bad drivers of Dallas/Fort Worth from when I was in Texas this past week. This isn't a super extensive video but this video still contains a decent amount of bad driver action. Enjoy!

Shot 10/9/16. Here is a throw back video that goes all the way back the year of 2016. This is a synopsis of most of the elevators here at the American History Museum. We have Schindler elevators to see here as well as some Otis elevators to see her as well. This was probably my favorite museum we visited when we came to Washington DC. I highly recommend checking this Museum out! Anyways, enjoy! :)

Shot 5/15/16. I was very impressed with what I saw here. A train broke down at Croton-Harmon, and the result was a lot of the trains I saw were wrong railed! In this video, You will see southbound trains on the northbound tracks and northbound trains on the southbound tracks. The first Amtrak train was my favorite since it was right next to a southbound train on Track 3. Quite a bit of trains going wrong railed in this video. It was so cool to see! Unfortunately just like last time I was here (AKA 2014), delays occurred again. But I still caught some unique footage today. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this special edition of railfanning! Follow me on Instagram:

Shot 10/5/19. Featuring Bat- Family Fun. Here are the set of elevators I haven't been on since 2011. These elevators are from the 1930's.

Shot 2/4/19. This is actually a pretty neat Dover Impulse elevator they have here. The brail and hall latern set up is older but it has newer impulse fixtures on the inside. I think that means this elevator was installed around 1995. Unfortunately this elevator did not run very good as it made a lot of noises and shook a lot. Not a smooth elevator and it does need some maintance. That's to bad cause this seems like a neat elevator. I pass by this building all of the time and was always debating if there was an elevator here or not. At first I saw Tompkins Mahopac Bank on the second floor and then I was like ok forget it no elevator. But when I looked at the building on Google maps I saw a entrance to the building on the second floor and realized the first floor had no parking. So I took the 50 50 chance to see if this building had an elevator and it did. Yay!


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