Recorded on 9/16/22. It's been a very long time since we last rode these elevators. They seem to be doing well and run nicely. Enjoy!

Recorded on 9/6/22. After bringing my sister to a Doctors appointment, I decided to come out for a bit to try to make another video at the Southeast Metro North Station. This still isn't one of my favorite stations to railfan at cause there isn't a lot to see, and getting shots can be difficult since the EMU trains don't go north of this station. However, unlike the past two railfanning videos, I think I did much better this time. I felt like I got more action and better angles compared to the past. Enjoy!

Recorded on 8/5/22. Here are the elevators at a brand new Target that I didn't even know existed until William told me about it. These are some more hidden elevators at the same shopping center as Kohls. I have no clue what brand of elevators these are but they do have epic motors. Enjoy!

Recorded on 7/29/22. This is the last building of the Centre at Purchase 4 Campus that me and William explored. This building is a little bit newer because this building has Dover Impulse elevators. They are very nice! There is only have one elevator that services the garage. Enjoy!

Recorded on 7/23/22. This hotel used to be the Holiday Inn Express but this hotel lost the franchising at some point.

Recorded on 6/30/22. Here is the elevator at what I thought was the Crusader Hotel. This Hotel is back to back with the Crusader so I ended up in a totally different hotel. This is an elevator that was installed later on in this Hotel. This elevator was installed probably around the same time the Matador Hotel elevator was installed. This is not a modernization or a replacement.

Recorded on 7/5/22. Here is another elevator that I haven't ridden in over 10 years. This is the ESSA Bank in downtown Stroudsburg. They have this nice older Otis Series 1 elevator here. The third floor is now locked off. That floor used to be unlocked but I guess either that floor is vacant or there is now something with restricted access on that floor. Enjoy!

Recorded on 7/5/22. Here is an elevator I haven't ridden in over 10 years! I stayed in this hotel in 2011 when my aunt got married. This hotel got renovated in 2020 and the renovations are very nice! These elevator cabs got renovated too. These are Dovers from the late 1990's so these are likely considered ThyssenDovers. Enjoy!

Recorded on 6/30/22. Wildwood appears to be notorious for installing very tall hydraulic elevators. This Hotel and the Bolero are some of the tallest buildings in Wildwood and they both have 8-floor hydraulic elevators. I believe these elevators were modernized at some point since the floor indicators in the lobby are much older than the indicators inside these elevators. I want to say these were originally Armor but I could be wrong. Enjoy!

Recorded on 6/30/22. Here is the elevator at what used to be Wildwood's second tallest building. Somehow they managed to install an 8 story hydraulic elevator here! And this appears to also be the only passenger elevator in this building as well. This elevator isn't that great either. The second floor button was broken since I pushed it and the elevator went all the way down to the first floor instead. No there is no keycard reader on this elevator. Enjoy!

Recorded on 6/10/22. These are some very nice elevators at this very nice office building. These reminded me of Northern Westchester Hospital in a way since this is a similar Series 2 Modernization. The cabs are neat too. I believe this is a modernization but I am not 100% sure.

Recorded on 6/3/22. Me and Lisa took a trip out to see the Mystic Aquarium since she wanted to show me this amazing aquarium. I loved everything aquarium and highly recommend coming here! This elevator goes up to the Sea Lion Show theater as well as a couple of other smaller exhibits. This is a standard Otis elevator that gets the job done.

Recorded on 6/1/22. I came here to do some shopping and noticed this elevator. This is the Croton-On-Hudson location which is very close to the Croton-Harmon Train Station. Unlike the ShopRite on Route 6 in Corltandt, this is an older ShopRite and this location has a public elevator! The route 6 location goes into an employees only area and has a Schindler HT Elevator. This elevator also goes up into an employees only area, however the only restrooms in the store are also on the second floor making this a public elevator. So I was very happy to actually ride this elevator. This elevator is not original to this store as this is an older ShopRite store from what I believe to be the 1990s. This is a very nice elevator and it has Red Atole Buttons. This elevator did jolt both times going upstairs so I don't think this elevator get's used a lot. Enjoy!

Recorded on 5/19/22. These are some Armor elevators that were modernized by Midland. The modernization is pretty generic. However, these elevators are fairly quick and they have an instant door close feature.

Recorded on 5/19/22. These are considered the low rise elevators of the Corporate Towers. This section is part of the Corporate Towers. All of the lower floors are all for the Radison Hotel. What is strange is that only one car back in the Corporate Tower services the Hotel's Ballroom. While one of these elevators does serve the basement, this section of the basement is an employee only section. So are the Corporate Tower elevators unlocked between B & L on weekends or when events in the Ballroom take place? Seems like a strange setup. Though this proves the Radisson Hotel is not original to this building.

Recorded on 4/20/22. These elevators have epic motors! The left elevator for some reason opens a little bit and revels before opening fully on the bottom floor. Interesting to see Floors 01 and 02 as well. I liked these elevators a lot!

Recorded on 7/2/21. I finally got to see this bridge in action when a boat needed to get through. This is something I wanted to see for a long time during my Wildwood Vacations and I finally got to see it in action. Enjoy!

Recorded on 4/14/22. While 500A elevators are awesome, these have been getting neglected lately. The left elevator has been broken since January 2022 and the car I rode is vandalized.

This was something I wanted to catch for a long time but never had an opportunity to do so. Yesterday when I got out of church I noticed a Harlem Line train that was making it's way to Yankees East 153rd Street Station for a Yankee Game instead of Grand Central Terminal. Sometimes trains on the Harlem and New Haven Lines will operate to Yankee Stadium for special game day service. Yesterday I finally had an opportunity to catch this game day special and what luck it was an M3 train! I was happy to finally catch a game day train and even happier that it was an M3. This game made all local stops from Southeast to Bronxville (Excluding Bedford Hills, Valhalla and Tuckahoe) and then express right to Yankees East 153rd Street Station. Enjoy the video!

Recorded on 6/28/21. Unlike the other two hotels I visited earlier, this place actually has a fifth floor. The fifth floor is a condominium so it's locked off. This place appears to be a mix of motel guest rooms and condos. This elevator is pretty nice.

Recorded on 10/27/21. I am very happy to see that is garage is being used for both Metro North and the Avalon Apartments. So we got to check out the new elevators in this new garage! These elevators were installed in 2021. These are standard but nice running elevator. The cabs are very tall which is cool. The left elevator had the famous Metro North Petting Zoo Smell to it which I don't understand how that works, lol! A few trains are seen in this video as well. Enjoy!

Recorded on 7/2/21. This was the final set of elevators I filmed during my 2021 Summer Vacation Trip. I was going to do a round trip on both elevators but I was running low on time so I rode elevator one up and rode down elevator two. Just like the ICONA Diamond Beach Hotel, only one of the elevators was very busy which was elevator one in this case. This appears to be a newer Hotel in Wildwood since a lot of these Hotels/Motels are older. Enjoy!

Recorded on 3/15/22. After some more phased reopening, I was finally able to visit the library here. These elevators are basically similar to most of the elevators here. Half of the elevators on the campus are locked off so I was glad these elevators were not. I still do not know what brand of elevators these are. I believe these elevators were modernized at some point.

Recorded on 3/10/22. This is a very interesting Hotel. This elevator is located in the new lobby which was built onto the Hotel in the 2000s. The rest of the Hotel is from the 1970s and this elevator connects the new lobby to the rest of the hotel. This hotel did get renovated and the cab in this elevator was renovated too. Which was strange since this is a newer elevator. Enjoy!

Recorded on 2/24/22. I actually found this building completely by accident. This is a Vintage Building in this Vintage Building. I did forget to look on the Door Track for a brand that this elevator could be. It appears to have been modernized twice based on the Epco and Monitor Buttons. Despite that this elevator still has qutie a bit of character to it. I believe the motor is original to this elevator. I still found this elevator to be neat. Enjoy!


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