Israel supported the Iranian Republic against Ba'athist Iraq in the 1980's

My defense of Keith Woods!
My reply to: https://alt-right.com/2020/07/06/neo-bolshevik-islamic-activist-keith-woods-mocks-the-holodomor/
Subjects: -Keith Woods, Martinez Perspective, Holodomor, Holocaust,
-two-state solution to end Ukraine conflict,
-a cause/movement is not automatically good or bad because of its sponsor or donor,
-Dugin, Dogu Perincek, PKK, Avidgor Eskin, Golden Dawn, United for Macedonia
-Wall Street backing Bolsheviks & Nazis
-Nazi-backed Anticomms, Bolshevik-backed Antifas
-Fitzpatrick Informer, Michael Kingsbury, Holodomor
-Russophobes vs. Russophiles in the Alt-Right
-Question of Holodomor vs. Holocaust Revisionism
-Myth of Jewish victimhood in Czarist Russian Empire
-Douglas Tottle and Fraud, Famine, & Fascism book

Holocaust Deception by Harun Yahya-The Secret History of the Zionist-Nazi Collaboration


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