As the old saying goes - nothing hurts worse than the truth. No fake news here and the haters can't stand it! since 1998!

I disagree with YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki's interview with CBS Lesley Stahl about those deleted Donald Trump Campaign Videos. YouTube does censor conservatives and Trump supporters. Please take me out of Googles bad boy database!

Just happy Thanksgiving wishes to my friends and followers. Along with my two cents worth about the #impeachment #coup and fake news networks downplaying the up and coming #FISAreport. Keep your spirits up and pray punishment is in-store for those who abused their government power!

My two cents worth for today as the FISA Report release will ruin many leftists holiday season. Electronic voting machine flipping votes. And my two cents worth on Google!

There's a coup ongoing by dirty Dems trying to unseat our duly elected president Donald J. Trump. Lord we pray that you protect him from this evil force that's trying to destroy him. Visit my Facebook page for more info:

Screen video reveals the damage a Facebook shadowban did to my domain. The damage included scraping all site data and being de-indexed by Bing and Google for several days. This situation adds a whole new definition to the term "Getting Zucked!"

Don't let GOOGLE choose who Americas next president will be! This channel is obviously shadowbanned. Look at these lack of views. Will Google be paying Mark Zuckerberg to use his patented shadowban application? Tired of political bias censorship!

Conservatives and president Trump supporters are being silenced at an alarming rate. Facebook was recently granted a patent on it's shadowban technology, but Mark Zuckerberg testified on capital hill Facebook does not shadowban it's members. Obvious he lied to congress. Team Trump has a serious war on it's hands as we know Democrats will cheat during the 2020 election. Electronic voting machines connected to the internet will be manipulated, which is a Google specialty. I could go on but y'all know it too!

Here is what triggered political bias censorship shadowbanning my FidoSysop Facebook page. They also flagged my domain that I've owned since 1998 as containing dangerous content. This video is excellent documentation how political bias censorship is sticking it to Conservative and Donald J. Trump supporters with little recourse. Please help spread the message by sharing this video.

Lookout Team Trump Zucks on the warpath. Having my FidoSysop page shadowbanned in one thing, blacklisting my blog and forums domain is another. It had lots of tech articles and other posts since 2013 Instantly stripped from search. Nothing inappropriate or immoral on it. As Al Pachino said in Scarface every fing dog has it's day!

Facebook has shadowbanned my popular FidoSysop page. This narrated screen video documents day two. No warnings or messages from Facebook support. For months it's been really active then someone turned the switch off! Blog post:

That old saying, nothing hurts worse than the truth must be getting to the Facebook thought police. Even though I walk through the valley of liberalism, I fear no evil, for president Trump is with me!

The Facebook comment in question was the truth. Pocahontas did fail the DNA test, and still lied about her Indian heritage!

Did a Bing search for Al Sharpton Dirty Laundry and his Mistress and 500k Rolls Royce popped up on the 1st page. At one time the reverend lived in a shanty and styling in a Roller.

Running a search for "Baltimore Slums 2019" Here are the results from Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo. Google is leaning very left targeting Jared Kushner, president Trump's son-in-law. Don't trust Google - Use BING or DuckDuckGo and avoid the twisted algorithm.

Stop botnet attacks before they hit your server or hosting account. CloudFlare makes blocking problem country's as a whole a cinch!

FidoSysop talks about this and that going on in cyberspace, Sunday 07/28/19. Visit my blog and forum

This FidoSysop blog post was shared to Facebook but is hidden. I can see the facebookexternalhits in my WordPress logs but the post is not visible, not even to me. My domain is Facebook verified so they know who I am. I also use two-factor authentication when accessing the site. Covering Googles Butt?

It's true.. Nothing hurts worse than the truth.. Shame on you!

It's past time to #Declassify the #Dossier and everything else! Enough of the stalling and game playing. We the #people deserve to see the lies and dirty deeds: #MuellerHearing #Trump2020 #MAGA

This consumer protection used car fraud awareness video was produced by FidoSysop. Shocking revelations of new seller high-line (audi bmw porsche) used car scams. Read my informative used car buying and selling guide:

This company is blacklisting domains and hijacking your websites metadata. They steal Your CLIENTS / SHOPPERS by sending YOUR Intended Searchers to competitors with embedded ppc ads

Earlier i was told the URL did not meet Google submission guidelines, possibly because it was about Alex Jones. 5 hours later it was successfully indexed, but is said to be non-mobile friendly which is bs!

Epic moment in American history as president #Trump walks into NK and shakes hands with smiling #KimJongUn.

Narrated screen video of my YouTube channel showing the lack of views on my Trump political videos. Tech videos I've created get decent views but anything where i talk positive about Donald J. Trump has hardly any views. Many of the videos documented are from the Trump 2016 campaign.


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