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Jerry Liu with guest stars Rob Watt, Wolfgang Weber and Trevor Smith as commentators. We try our best to bring some insightful commentary to matches and fights that happen every day. Fighting is so dangerous but also an amazing demonstration of human agility and skill. We seek to break down what works and what doesn't work.

Jerry Liu - Journalist and comedian, former Kung Fu practitioner; dabbles in other striking and grappling arts. Actively training in BJJ.
Trevor Smith - Active Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioner. Currently a Purple Belt.
Rob Watt - MMA practitioner, making documentary on Fabricio Werdum.
Wolfgang Weber - Bouncer and former Olympic-level discus thrower; dabbled in Greco-Roman wresting. Special Guests Hank Watt - Kajukenbo fighter. Rustic - Judo champion.

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Disclaimer: this channel is not meant to replace actual instruction. Please go train with a school or gym. We DO NOT accept any responsibility for whatever happens to you in a fight.