What have you been up to Robby. We haven't seen you race in five years. It seems Robby Brown has been hard at work in his Dad's garage upgrading his wheels. The new setup sports a blown 572 cubic inch Chevy motor with a thirst for alcohol. We had Sacramento Raceway Park to thank for providing a day to ourselves on the track.

From the moment I touch the frisbee, Akira's focus begins to narrow. His focus turns into a laser beam once my body is in the coiled position just before release. Slowly, I turn my torso looking for a direction to release the disk. As I move back and forth, Akira's center of gravity shifts. I've heard and read quotes about living in the present. A Border Collie is the perfect therapy for living in the present. In those few seconds, nothing else exists but a frisbee, a dog and a man.

One year old Akira is having fun in the sprinklers.

Akira is discovering a blueberry for the first time.


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I am a former secret agent code named 00Negative. Did I mention I am from the future? And outer space? Yep! It is incredibly cool to be me.

Hi I'm Jeffrey Frank Fukushima and welcome fo my unusual and often boring world. I was born in 1961, half Japanese & half white "HAFU." I have three children (Christina, Brittany & Wayne). If it is true that talent skips a generation, then this is the channel to skip. My kids have the talent.

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You see my last name? I am seeking anyone with the name Chernobyl.