Our regular monthly meetings begin with updates from our teams and sister groups for the first half hour, then the presentation or working meeting begins. This month we were blessed to have four veteran anti-Telecom attorneys form a panel to take questions from everyone. Many questions were emailed in advance, and we were able to sort and group them, and many more were sent in via chat and Q&A windows during the call, so we could pass them to our lovely Julie Levine, who chaired the meeting and read out the questions for our panel of experts:
-- Scott McCollough, winning Attorney on The Irregulators lawsuit against the FCC, and co-counsel, with Robert F Kennedy Jr and Dafna Tachover, on Children’s Health Defense vs the FCC
-- Andrew Campanelli, winning Attorney against big Telecom companies, stopping deployment of many cell towers
-- Mark Pollock, Attorney, Telecom plus
-- Ariel Strauss, Attorney, many Telecom cases


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