Furious Frank

The Australian government has admitted that no one has died from Covid. No one. Not one single person. Here is one mans reaction.

The aviation industry steals hundreds of millions every year. How? By making you pay for fuel that does not exist.

A short animation by Steve Cutts.

French paramedic explains many people are suffering massive strokes and dying shortly after receiving the almost obligatory 'vaccine'. English subtitles.

A freelance journalist explains to hospital staff they are served with a notice of liability for medical fraud and crimes against humanity.

The MSM is full of Satanic symbols and video games are no exception. Take a look.

Fake astronaut drops a screw while supposedly floating around in zero gravity.

The moon, is a disc in the sky, just like the sun. No one has been there, no one can go there. Wake up guys.

A doctor gives his opinion of the injectable death sentence.

Gates and his vaccines, not at all nice but I think we should be aware of this.

Worlds (slandered) leading microbiologist patiently explains how the vaccine will kill you.

The latest psyop from these two perverts. Source Mag bitter truth channel.

Former Pfizer vice president explains the Convid 19 vaccine hoax and why you should not, under any circumstances, accept the jab.

Doctor Sucharit Bhakdi explains the blood clots and other dangers.

Nowhere to hide.

If you are vaccinated you might not be around for much longer.

A detailed list of the nonhumans.

A close look at Chemtrails

We were repeatedly warned, or should I say softened up. See for yourself.

You enjoyed the music of the sixties and seventies? Well, you're not going to like this. This is not what you want to hear.

Will the MSM now describe the Dalai Lama as an 'evil Nazi'?

Here is part two, enjoy.

Excellent presentation, it doesn't get much better than this.

I doubt this will be seen on TV

Video book by Eric Dubay. Enjoy


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