Furious Frank

The effects of 5G. Which was never intended for communication.

This is a real deathbed message from someone who knew exactly what he was talking about.

All prominent anti vaxx doctors are being murdered. If you're not already aware of this it's time to wake up.

As you will plainly see, Satan rules the material world.

Who, or what, is Bill Gates?

Wake up and set yourself free from the lies you have been fed.

The world that we know, or think we know, is not going to be around much longer. It's time to wake up and decide which side of the fence you want to be.

MTF trannys do not age well.

A British funeral director fully aware of what is going on tells all. So listen. Or don't.

Every culture, not just the Bible, mentions truly gigantic trees, so where were they? Right in front of our eyes.

There is a very real possibility that you are, unknowingly, a cannibal.

Yuval Noah Harari chief advisor to the World Economic Forum intends to literally hack human consciousness.

Can humans be cloned? Are they being cloned? Who is behind it all?

It certainly looks like a new wave of lockdowns are on the way. It's all bullshit, wake up.

Pedophiles are the most evil creatures ever spawned.

Some of the fools who literally sold their souls for so called fame and fortune upon Earth.

The Earth is flat, inside an impenetrable dome. So what exactly is going on at CERN? Are they opening a portal to Hell? Is it already open?

Vile subhuman filth has wormed its way into positions of influence and is literally feasting upon our children.

Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, the man who exposed the popes pedophilia, has a message for all decent human beings regardless of their faith.

This insane perversion has been going on for centuries at least. Recently the madness has increased by orders of magnitude.

In spite of the temperature being minus 55 at that altitude, the brain dead sheeple continue to believe that the trails are steam.

Be careful what you eat. Be very, very careful.

Tranny's pushing the NWO agenda. What else could this filth possibly do?

Ruined remains of human beings.

This vile horrific war crime committed by the Anglo American air forces is the only holocaust known to have existed. And needless to say it has gone unpunished.


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The globe Earth is fake. Space is fake. Money is fake. Education is indoctrination. TV is mind control. Co(n)vid is being used to push a vaks that will kill you. Subscribe Or don't.