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Satanic piece of shit kalergi plan to destroy all things white.

Open borders

Right will always triumph over might.

You'd better believe it, and you'd better do something about it. If you don't, your kids are as good as dead

Ever wondered how many times the jews have, quite rightly, been thrown out of countries? Here's the answer.

This video explains patiently in simple terms how to shake off the chains and wake up.

Mind control and where it's taking us. Wake up guys. Or don't...

DEWs have been around for a lot longer than you might think. In fact, they have been around for centuries.

The official yarn, that is taught in school and even university, is hilariously funny. How sheeple can be convinced to believe it, is one of lifes great mysteries.

Buy an electric car, what could possibly go wrong?

The final solution, the jews want every single white Christian dead and gone. This is not fantasy, this is fact.

The worldwide mud flood only two centuries ago. All history taught in schools is a lie. Sorry if you're a historian, you're full of shit. Literally.

Take a look. Or don't.

Or, more precisely, Is ray hell.

Nintendo does it again.

The holohoax totally exposed in front of a Canadian court of law. Don't expect your children to learn this in school.

Who was he really?

Why? That's always the first question. Why would they lie?

Instead of blindly accepting every fairy tale you're told, have a closer look, you might be very surprised.

Do not enjoy.

Tolkien claimed to detest allegory but was happy with the readers applicability. See how well this can be applied.

Another scam carefully exposed.

This is what we are importing. I wonder if you can spot the mistake?

Food for thought if you're into cryptos, Bitcoin in particular.

You like meat? I'm sure you do. Enjoy your meal.


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On Gab as FrankGoneMad 15.200 followers and zero reaction to my posts. Totally shadow banned, so enjoy the videos while you still can. The globe Earth is fake. Space is fake. Money is fake. Education is indoctrination. History is a lie. Religion is mind control. TV is brainwashing. Co(n)vid is being used to push a vaks that will kill you. Subscribe Or don't.