Over an hour of tapping rain on the camera at the hummingbird feeder.
Hummingbirds visit at the times below.

Humming birds stopping by the feeder for a drink.

A dove and blue jay stop at the rock bath for a drink and a bath.

Enjoy the frosty sunrise with cow birds and special guest cardinal.

Squirrels and birds

First ever rabbit caught on camera at 2 minutes.

A couple of cardinals stop by the deer feeder. Warning the male Cardinal is chirping in to the camera mic early on.

Cardinals, house finches, gold finches and sparrows eating some peanut chips.

Yellow-rumped warbler are also known as Butterbutt because of the yellow spot on their rear above their tail feathers.

Grackle's will eat just about anything. Most of them stop by the worm tray. The Yellow eyes make the Grackle easy to id up close.

The Gold Finch gang is cautious of the gopro but they risk it for some seed.

This video consists of an entire trailcam dumped in to a single long video. Foxes, Opossum, Deer, cardinal and a coyote? or dog? or wolf? stop by. Thank you for watching.

Blue birds love a good bath. They stop by around the same time each day to fight over the bird bath and splash all of the water out.

This video was filmed with a Gopro Hero 4

This video consists of an entire trailcam dumped in to a single long video. Doves, Bluejay, Foxes, Opossum, Deer and a male and female cardinal stop by. Thank you for watching.

This video was recorded with a GoPro Hero4 - Summer 2017
When the mockingbirds are not chasing each other around fighting and keeping up their territory they like to keep an eye out for the fresh offerings. Whether is it meal worms or peanut butter they like to get to it first and they are not fond of sharing. When you start hearing their randomly ordered songs stolen from many different birds you know they are around. They also seem to like to make nests in some strange places like very small bushes or well established vines. I wonder if it is a distraction to protect their real nest somewhere else?

This video was Recorded on a Bushnell HD - Fall 2017
Maybe it was a bad molt or maybe he was in a fight. Do birds go bald with age?

This video was Recorded on a Bushnell HD - Spring 2017
Canada goose eating from some cracked corn and bread when some turtles stop by for a bite.

A male Rose-breasted Grosbeak stopped by for some seed. This is the first time I have seen this bird. It seems like he is most likely making an unusual stop in Florida on his way north for breeding season. He was nice enough to turn and face the camera. Another welcome bird guest.

There was a lot of Crow activity by the cracked corn and a circling Turkey Vulture decided to check it out and see what everyone was so interested in. Near the end a Crow walks by and you can see just how large the Turkey Vulture is. Crows are not small birds but the Turkey Vulture towers above the Crow.

This video was Recorded on a Bushnell HD - Fall 2017
The Grackles eat their fill of meal worms then grab as many as they can carry and fly off. Such a greedy bird, or is it? Also note the puppet like "I'm outta here" head yoink just before it exits to the right and flies off.

This video was Recorded on a Bushnell HD - March 20 2018
These Cowbirds will eat until there is nothing left. The only breaks happen when they are spooked and fly off in a group as you see at the end. The black birds with the brown heads are male. The brown birds are female cowbirds. Keep an eye out for the confused Dove in the background and another that gets chased across the camera close up.

This video consists of an entire trailcam dumped in to a single long video. Let me know what you think about dumping the entire camera or if you prefer highlights. Doves, Foxes, Opossum, Deer and a turtle stop by. If you see any bigfoots please do let me know. Thank you for watching.

The Grackles seem to load up on as much as they can carry in their beaks.

Starts out with Doves and sparrows, then a fox harassed by a goose then geese take their turn to eat.

1139 for fox
1440 two foxes
1956 goose

Small deer and mom eating some corn.


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