The Grackles seem to load up on as much as they can carry in their beaks.

Starts out with Doves and sparrows, then a fox harassed by a goose then geese take their turn to eat.

1139 for fox
1440 two foxes
1956 goose

Small deer and mom eating some corn.

Fox caught on trail cam having a sniff around.

Cardinals and a single White crowned Sparrow

Raccoon braves thunderstorm for corn and pecans.

Raccoon checks out the area before approaching the pecans.

The red cardinal is the male the brown cardinal is female. Watch for a third male that attempts to start a fight.

Three squirrels at once.

Raccoon and Opossum eating

Finally caught a fox on the trail cam!

Raccoons playing

Trail camera highlights.

Squirrel goes to town on a salt lick

Trail camera highlights.

Setup my trail camera at the deer feeder and a helpful raccoon stopped by to straighten the camera out.

This video was recorded with a GoPro Hero4 - September 11 2018
Hummingbirds arrive at the feeder for some early syrup before the battles for control over the feeders begin.

Nice close up of a female Ruby Throated hummingbird. Everyone is fighting over sugar water this time of year. The Syrup wars begin again.

This video was recorded with a GoPro Hero4 - 08/11/2018

Spotted a stick floating in the pond only to discover it was a small three foot alligator.

The one time I catch the redwing on camera he refuses to scream.

There was a lot of Crow activity by the cracked corn and a circling Turkey Vulture decided to check it out and see what everyone was so interested in. Near the end a Crow walks by and you can see just how large the Turkey Vulture is. Crows are not small birds but the Turkey Vulture towers above the Crow.

This video was Recorded on a Bushnell HD - April 16 2018
Canada Geese bring out their Goslings for some cracked corn and bread crumbs. After they stumble in to frame they are joined by their parents.

A male Rose-breasted Grosbeak stopped by for some seed. This is the first time I have seen this bird. It seems like he is most likely making an unusual stop in Florida on his way north for breeding season. He was nice enough to turn and face the camera. Another welcome bird guest.

This video was recorded with a GoPro Hero4 - Spring 2017
These humming birds arrive so tiny and work hard to build their little nests near the end of March.

This video was Recorded on a Bushnell HD - Spring 2017
Canada goose eating from some cracked corn and bread when some turtles stop by for a bite.


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