Not bigfoot related but its a pretty place :)
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A different perspective of what is going on. Thumbnail picture is real.

It takes hard work to find the best places! I am glad Marc is joining and Tim from Georgia Bigfoot bought the plane tickets. :)
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CAMERA FINALLY WORKED and this time it was on. I kept hearing knocks and sounds really close and I knew if I kept the tape rolling enough I would get them on camera. #bigfoot #followedbybigfoot #bigfootknocks

Why this is still one of my favorite dig? I was fired up you might have to slow the speed of this video down. haha

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Tune in for #mondaynightbigfoot tonight at 6pm on Marc's channel COLORADO BIGFOOT and 8:15pm on my channel Colorado Forest Beings

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This needs much more testing and I encourage all of you to try for yourself and see what you come up with.
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Videos coming up :)

How do I overcome this? How can I grow when these things keep happening? Thumbs up taken away, comments ghosted (even my own comments on my own channel), views retracted, small percentage being notified etc.... I have done what many of you have asked me to do "keep posting" but 20 videos later here I am kicking myself in the foot as my channel continues to remain dead to anyone outside of a small percentage of my subs that are checking in and getting notified. I need you to share, like, comment and subscribe if you have not done so already. I keep asking but its only a small percentage of you doing so and I obviously cannot do it on my own specially when the platform soulless commies are hindering my abilities to grow as a content creator and spread my videos as you can see. Please go back and catch up on all the recent videos I have posted. Thank you to those of you that watch, comment and like all my videos consistently but please understand it ripping me apart to see such unfairness against me while the idiots, hoaxers and time wasters are doing much better than fine.

Join Marc and I Tonight at 8:00pm and 9:30pm starting on Marc’s channel and then here.
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Tell me which beings spend energy into doing something without a return? Intelligent Beings in the forest are not doing this simply for no reason. More to come

Think twice before you drink LOL

Compilation of this Intelligently designed Stone Garden will open your eyes and you will never see life the same as I show you for the first time in history an entire area decorated with intelligent stone monuments, statues, carvings, stone piles and more. Never before has anyone broken down an entire area and compiled so many amazing findings in a Bigfoot are like this. At this time your thumbs up and comments give me strength to keep going while my channel is being being held back.

What are the odds you find a giant head and foot on the same giant rock? At this time your thumbs up and comments let me know you want more exploration videos. Sharing helps me spread this info. Thank you!

There is more...comments and thumbs up below help to let me know you want more videos of explorations. Thank you!

Help Marc from Colorado Bigfoot out please...he is the only full time guy in the woods putting in the hard work at the moment. Thank you!


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Explorations into the forest in search for signs of intelligent beings of our present and past not widely known to modern Humans.