No audio. Just video.

The Classy side of town.

Which is worse? Oil pipeline spills or oil rail tankers derailing?

I was just messing around with images and thought I would throw this together. Would someone mind finishing this for me?

Every single time.

A quick glance at InDesign Object boxes.

A quick look at building Adobe Photoshop Work spaces.
Sorry about the noise. My microphone is terrible.

A quick look at the Photoshop Pen Tool

A new dimension of text in Photoshop, maybe? Turn text into a Brush. Be patient. There are a few mistakes along the way.

A high speed bicycle ride on the trail that starts at IDOT Springfield and ends in Rochester, Illinois.
Music available at YouTube

A Prediction from the year 2010

Using Google Sheets to figure out how to negotiate your salary at a job interview.

A ride through Washington Park in Springfield, Illinois. Approximately two miles long.
Music: Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries. Available from YouTube.

Leland Grove, Illinois (Springfield). A quick bicycle ride through some of the neighborhood.

From Thursday, May 10, 2018. PBS News Hour's Paul Solomon does a piece called "Making Sen$e" This was edited to show the subversive, semi-subliminal messages that are normally couched in more salient emotional noise. The message here is "Populist Rhetoric is hazardous to your health," "Economic inequality is really a myth" and "Americans are actually doing okay."" (Like the frog on slowly heating water.)

Episode 1: Job Seekers Choice Warning

Just a short series of photos taken by me at New Salem, Illinois.
Music created using Magix Music Maker.

In this edit, I decided to feature the aftermath before the act, but instead of reversing some of the clips, I split then and shuffled them, except for the very last clip which is quite spectacular in reverse.

This technique only works well when the camera keeps recording after the incident.

This is free raw for your use with political candidates who are terrified of trans-gender people and who propose anti-trans-gender legislation.

In this edit I explore the continuity of multiple story montages, but not until after the boat incident. There are two beach sequences that intercut, followed by three intercutting sequences. It seems having more than two separate stories intercutting seems to complicate things because the characters were completely undeveloped. Character development is tricky as it can be too short or too long and tedious. When editing these kinds of sequences together, it's probably best to only do two at a time. Maybe. It could all depend on the circumstances.

Sorry, more potato quality video. More motion tracking practice using "Linear" motion tracking. I'm looking forward to seeing what other motion tracking options MAGIX Movie Studio has to offer.

I have a very, very small sound effects library. This edit practice employs sound effects to see the difference added sounds make in a production.

Reddit's WCGW Best of 2017 contest is about to end. Look for subreddit "whatcouldgowrong" and vote before it's too late.

This edit was meant only to show the aftermath, but I'm not sure how viable the concept is.

Practice Using Motion Tracking as a means of filling the screen with vertically challenged videos, allowing for focusing on the important action within the shot. Unfortunately the downside is a terrible loss of resolution, but these were screen-captured using Camtasia Studio, then edited using the MAGIX movie studio.

With MAGIX Movie Studio, motion tracking is limited to whole tracks instead of individual clips. For best results I recommend each clip have its own track.

Important: Before rendering your final video, you must move the timeline cursor to the beginning, because motion tracking variables will start from where they were last set, instead of resetting to their beginning positions before each render. This might be useful, but kind of annoying.

An experiment in the use of creative montage editing to imply a different outcome. Here we insert food handling as a visual metaphor.


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