* Their CV Narrative is Falling Apart - M. Egan -

“General Flynn knows where every body is buried. The 9-11 inside attack by HW Bush, the Clinton's, Mossad, CIA. The cover-up by Robert Mueller's FBI … Uranium One … Benghazi … Hillary Clinton emails. ... He is the most lethal threat to this power structure … This is a Military Operation. … a 30-year Army Intelligence Officer, a General, the DNI … What is the likelihood that this guy is going to be caught on a phone call on an unsecured line …? Zero. It's absurd. … When Mike Flynn plead guilty … he is put in a deposition room … he's required to divulge … every single crime that he has any knowledge of … that is admissible in a court of law. … they walked right into the trap.” - Scott McKay, Host of Tipping Point


Trauma-based mind control victims suffering from DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder, or programmable alters). This phenomenon is colloquially known as "glitching out."


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