The General joins us to discuss how the US government’s PED/steroid witch hunt helped screw up the “Attitude Era” for wrestling fans and wrestlers alike.

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#Swalwell2020 #TomSteyer #gunrights #2A
I take a midweek moment to discuss Swalwell calling it quits without nuking people and how Tom Steyer missed the bus even though he has more money than sense. H. Ross Perot and Meg Whitman are calling for Steyer to fail. Enjoy the midweek bump.

The General joins me in asking libertarians 3 questions. We hope to break through Appalachian-Americans and liberals. Libertarian Jesus tells a parable on how the Bad Samaritan builds “muh roads”.
Your actions are governed by your interactions with others. Slayer takes us South of Heaven.
Antifa hates St. Anger from Metallica, too. Veterans should love veterans. Weed and windowless vans. Tulsi loves the ‘shoe and aviator sunglasses.
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In this video I suggest that we “sacrifice” evil like Jeffrey Epstein to balance the difference between good and evil. I sample some single malt whiskey and complain about how heroes die.
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#snowflakes #socialjustice #anxiety #millenial

Back to the Future: Snowflake Edition
In this extra special addition of the FreeMatt Podcast; I am joined by Gen. Patrick Flynn to discuss an article from on how we are creating paranoid snowflakes seeking safe spaces. The article goes on to mention that no letting our kids learn to become adults prevents them from having a good life and making friends. No wonder they can’t get laid! And yes; some how I delve into why Marty McFly should have went on a killing spree in Back to the Future III.
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#Adpocalypse #mugclub #tullamoredew
We return from a short hiatus to talk about Steven Crowder, whiskey, Carlos Maza, and why Bernie Sanders doesn’t pay my bills. Ernie the Flasher is the ultimate capitalist.

Matt FreeMatt explains why someone has called him a “fag” and why it was justified. We have never been monetized and hope that no one ever “demonetizes” us.

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I give you a quick update about our absense, I crow about Memorial Day and losing people (in peace time and war). For once; I don't joke about DJ Trump. I started feeling inspired about Memorial Day when I noticed car lots and mattresses sales being hawked when I was a kid.
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The General and I get down to brass tacks about the Marvel Comic Universe, morons watching explosions, and why I have no faith in movie studios. We take a break from making fun of libertarians for once but I crack jokes about Brie Larson and anyone else that sucks.
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#Honkler #DonaldJTrump #Vets4Trump
A quick note telling you my opinion about the McCains and Oven Mitten Romney not supporting Trump. DJT needs your support because he has plenty of people not supporting him that work in Washington DC.
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(parody). We join General Patrick Flynn where he shills for hat stores. We go over why AoC might be a good lay but we still have to kick her out. Justin Amash 2020 might be a thing for the Libertarian Party. This podcast goes off the rails quick when we look into the ethics of Taylor Swift screwing, throwing people out of helicopters, and what other insanity may come along.
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I return from a weekend absence to encourage you to recognize that narcissism creates a religion where you are god. Buck back against this backward vision and carry on with purpose. Do great things. Be great for the world that you want.Love others as you would want to be loved. Spread blessings to others as you should.
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I take a mid-day break to record a video. I cover a few quick segments including getting inspired, running like a mad fool, evolution of idiocy, and various other subjects. Props to Abby Johnson. Get on with your lives and start kicking some wholesale tail.

We delve into another interesting article from the Libertarian Republic, discuss reaching across the isle and asking libertarians for a solid. We also pigeonhole to nowhere and accidently diss the reminants of Japan's military. "Keep'er Sleezy"!!!

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We ask serious questions about nuns and Prince Albert piercings. I also crow about "dope ass" chicks w/ scars and bareknuckle boxing. The serious part of this is when talk we about basic guaranteed income, something that isn't popular with libertarians. (But it is worth talking about anyway).

Hey, faithful followers! The weeks video discussion focuses on work/life balance. Ernie stops in to gloat about his money from his lawsuit against Flynnco Grocers. (Apparently his website has taken off and he has made a ton of money as an online adult entertainer!). Bear with our sound difficulties around the 14:00 minute mark, we had printer issues that cascaded into further technical difficulties.
Article referenced:
Book referenced: Bring Work to Life by Bringing Life to Work: A Guide for Leaders and Organizations by Tracy Brower.
Fair use, Ferguson!

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We enjoy mead and discussing government agencies to get rid of. We also delve into why libertarians won't win elections. It often goes south like a zeppelin. Robert Downey Jr. jokes make a showing.
Only thirteen people were hurt during the filiming of this video. #Blessed
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